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"1961" is the twenty-third episode of the third season of the NBC science fiction drama series Heroes and fifty-seventh episode overall. The episode aired on April 13, 2009.[1]

Heroes episode
Shaw Sisters - Angela and Alice.jpg
Angela (Alexa Nikolas) and Alice (Laura Marano) Shaw at Coyote Sands in 1961.
Episode no.Season 3
Episode 23
Directed byAdam Kane
Written byAron Eli Coleite
Production code323
Original air dateApril 13, 2009
Guest appearance(s)
  • Diana Scarwid as Alice Shaw
  • Ravi Kapoor as Young Chandra Suresh
  • Alexa Nikolas as Young Angela Shaw
  • Edwin Hodge as Young Charles Deveaux
  • Laura Marano as Young Alice Shaw
  • Michael Croner as Young Bob Bishop
  • Casey Kringlen as Young Daniel Linderman
  • Zachary Knower as Mr. Shaw
  • Ginger Pauley as Mrs. Shaw
  • Jon Donahue as Young Jonas Zimmerman
  • Sofie Calderon as Waitress
Episode chronology
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"Turn and Face the Strange"
Next →
"I Am Sylar"
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Angela Petrelli has gathered the family--- sons Nathan and Peter, granddaughter Claire Bennet, and Claire's adoptive father Noah--- at the abandoned settlement of Coyote Sands, and prepares to explain what had happened there.

It is revealed that back in 1961, the site had been a relocation center, sponsored by the government, to study people with abilities. Angela and her sister, Alice Shaw, were two of many individuals that were sent there. The young Angela soon meets the younger Bob Bishop, Daniel Linderman, and Charles Deveaux, who is revealed to have telepathic abilities. Alice, who is revealed to have the ability to control the weather, remains suspicious of the project's intentions, headed by Chandra Suresh, with Dr. Zimmerman also working there. Angela insists they are here to be treated, but Charles and the others convince Angela they have essentially become prisoners. The four soon hatch a plan to escape from the compound, though the boys convince Angela that Alice must remain behind, as it would slow them down. Angela lies to Alice, saying she has had a dream that in order for Alice to be safe, she must remain there. That night, Chandra Suresh calls Alice in for treatment, but she refuses and ends up causing a storm with raging winds and deadly lightning. The ensuing chaos escalates in a riot, resulting in the deaths of most of those in the camp. Later, Angela meets with the three boys at Coyote Sands Cafe (where she had shared a dance with Charles earlier), explaining she has dreamt of their future and that they must form a company, and do terrible things ("It's a necessary evil"), to keep people like them safe from others.

In the present, Angela begins to think that Alice may still be alive after a vicious sandstorm quickly whips up in the area. The group also finds Mohinder Suresh there, investigating what his father had been doing there. At first, Peter thinks what they are doing is wrong (i.e., digging up the graves) and flies off. Nathan tracks him down, and the two reconcile their differences to come back and help. However, they return to find only Claire, who explains that Angela has disappeared after venturing into the storm. Peter and Mohinder search one side of the settlement for her, while Noah, Nathan, and Claire search the other. Claire discovers the cover for the "Alice In Wonderland" book that Alice had with her at the time and laments that everything she's been through has maybe caused her to grow up too fast and become an agent (which she never saw herself doing with her life), as Noah and Nathan try to lift her spirits; Mohinder laments that his generation is doomed to repeat their parents' mistakes, as Peter tries to help him absolve his guilt.

In reality, Angela was knocked out during the storm, and awakens in an old bunker nearby. She finds her sister Alice there, now old like herself, who had been living there ever since Angela had left. Angela apologizes for what she had to go through, and then reveals how she had lied to her by telling her she would be safe by staying there. Enraged, Alice begins whipping up another storm, though Peter and Mohinder come to save Angela. Angela tries to convince Alice to come back with them, to her new family, but Alice refuses and mysteriously disappears outside. The group then decide to leave, though Mohinder declines Peter's offer to go with them, saying he still hasn't found it in him to forgive himself. Later at the Coyote Sands Cafe, Angela looks on at the group, implying she intends to start another company with them. Nathan gives Angela the "Alice In Wonderland" book, reunited with its cover, and helps Angela overcome her guilt over losing Alice again, and they walk back to the table together. Peter states the importance of forgiveness and the strength of family, and Claire asks about their next move. Nathan tells Claire that he will own up to his mistakes and speak with the President in Washington. Claire draws the group's attention to what appears to be Nathan himself giving a press conference on TV; Noah recognizes him as Sylar.

Critical receptionEdit

Josh Modell of The A.V. Club rated this episode a D-.[2]

Robert Canning of IGN gave the episode 8.3 out of 10.[3]


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