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"Landslide" is the twenty-second and penultimate episode of the first season of the NBC science fiction drama series Heroes. It is the second episode of the three-part finale for season one.[1]

Heroes episode
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Episode no.Season 1
Episode 22
Directed byGreg Beeman
Written byJesse Alexander
Production code122
Original air dateMay 14, 2007
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
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"The Hard Part"
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"How to Stop an Exploding Man"
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Claire and Mr. Bennet's reunion is cut short by Peter who has reached a dangerous instability after absorbing Ted's ability. Peter tells Claire to be prepared for what she must do to stop him, but just as Claire draws the gun from her bag, Peter gains control over his new ability and prevents himself from exploding.

As a dejected Hiro mourns his own lack of conviction and his broken sword, Ando continues to try to restore Hiro's spirits. Ando searches the Yellow Pages to have the sword repaired. Hiro teases Ando about whom he expects to find in the directory to mend a centuries-old katana, but Ando chances upon a sword-smith advertising with the mysterious symbol.

Back on the street, Mr. Bennet and Claire finally get a chance to catch up. Mr. Bennet is surprised to discover the relationship between Peter and Claire and tells her of his plan to take out the tracking system so that they will finally live a normal life again; Claire deems a normal life nearly impossible, broaching the abnormality of their situation, and tells Bennet that Peter may be on to something with this "save the world" thing. As Peter convinces Ted that the two of them need to leave New York City before either causes the explosion, Mr. Bennet and Parkman continue their search for the tracking system. Claire, believing that it may be her destiny, decides to accompany Peter and Ted. Around the corner however is an unexpected eavesdropper with superhuman hearing: Sylar, who learns of Peter's plans to leave the city, and sees an opportunity to further his own agenda.

As Nathan Petrelli worries about his trailing poll numbers, he also struggles with what he is being asked to do by Linderman. Linderman reveals to Nathan that Nathan's father was once a part of Linderman's cabal, although he left after disagreements with the group. Linderman attempts to consolidate Nathan's conviction by imparting a surprising gift: he heals Heidi's paralysis.

As Peter, Ted and Claire walk the streets of New York on their way out of the city, Peter hears Sylar's thought, and realizes that they are being tailed and that Sylar has learned of Ted's powers. But before they can formulate a plan on what to do, FBI agents, led by Audrey Hanson, arrive on scene and arrest Ted. Peter grabs Claire, turning them both invisible, and escapes. Audrey thanks Sylar, who identifies himself as Isaac Mendez, for the tip about Ted.

As Hiro and Ando race across the city, Hiro runs into Nathan. Hiro tells Nathan that in the future, Nathan is a villain. Hiro, convinced that the present Nathan is still a good man, tries to tell Nathan that he must help them try to stop the bomb. Nathan disappoints Hiro, and Hiro realizes that Nathan is already on a possible dark path.

Hiro and Ando continue to Jittetsu Arms, the shop of the sword-smith. There they meet a Mr. Claremont, who is amazed by Hiro's possession of the centuries-old Kensei sword. Hiro asks if the sword can be repaired, and the repairman replies that it depends on the decision of a third party who is also in the shop: Hiro's father Kaito, who steps out from the backroom of the shop. Hiro's father asks for a private word with his son, but Ando is wary that Mr. Nakamura may be trying to persuade Hiro to return home to Japan. Hiro tells Ando that he must hear what his father has to say out of respect, but Ando is unconvinced.

Up in the Company facility at Kirby Plaza, Candice still holds Micah prisoner. When Candice gives Micah several rare comics, he admits she seems like a nice person. Micah asks why Candice doesn't use her powers to become a hero, but a jaded Candice dismisses Micah's youthful innocence and implies that her current appearance isn't what she really looks like. Mr. Linderman arrives and asks for Micah's help. He tells Micah he will ensure that Micah's family will be able to live happily ever after if Micah will help him "talk to machines".

In the repair shop backroom, Kaito Nakamura reveals he had known of Hiro's powers all along, but had never been convinced that Hiro would have the right spirit to wield his abilities. Having observed Hiro's progress, he is now convinced that Hiro is of true Nakamura descent. Hiro reveals to his father that he may be wrong about him, recounting his failure to kill Sylar when he had the opportunity. But Hiro's father is not so easily disappointed by this news, and reveals himself to be a master swordsman. He tells Hiro that he will teach him the ways of the sword, and turns Hiro into an able swordsman in only a short time, with the aid of Hiro's time manipulation abilities and memories of his favorite bedtime story, The Tale of Kensei And the Dragon. With renewed conviction of his abilities, Hiro sets off to defeat Sylar, only to find that Ando had already left the shop. A horrified Hiro then learns that Ando, believing that Hiro would be unable to continue his mission to kill Sylar, bought a nagamaki from Mr. Claremont and left to hunt down Sylar himself, to almost certain death.

Back amidst the frenzy of election day, Candice takes Micah to a polling place. She disguises herself as a voter and introduces Micah to a poll worker as her son. In the voting booth, she asks Micah to alter the votes electronically to give Nathan Petrelli a landslide victory. Micah completes his tasks and, exhausted, asks if he can finally go home.

D.L. and Jessica track down Nathan in his office. Jessica confronts Nathan about not killing Mr. Linderman when he had the chance. The pair tells Nathan that Mr. Linderman will only seek to use Nathan as a puppet, and offers to kill Mr. Linderman when Nathan couldn't. Nathan eventually agrees to tell them where Mr. Linderman is, so long as they make sure that they finish the job.

Mr. Bennet and Matt find the building housing the tracking system, and attempt to find a way to the top levels of the building. Encountering some difficulties despite Matt's use of his ability to get past the gate security, they meet D.L. and Jessica, who have also arrived in the building. Knowing they have common objectives in the same building, Mr. Bennet convinces D.L. to use his abilities to get them all through the security doors.

Mr. Bennet and Matt reach the level housing the tracking system, but unknown to them, they are being watched on the security monitors by Thompson, who is waiting to ambush them. Matt reads Thompson's mind and uncovers the ambush, saving Mr. Bennet's life just in time. Mr. Bennet returns the favor by shooting Thompson in the head twice at point blank range. Having taken care of Thompson, they proceed to the room housing the tracking device, and discover that it is the little girl, Molly Walker. Even though he was aware that the tracking device was in fact a person, Mr. Bennet is surprised to learn that it is a young girl. Matt is shocked, unable to comprehend that they are possibly needing to kill a child. In his state of surprise, he is knocked unconscious by Mohinder, who ends up in a Mexican standoff with Mr. Bennet: Mohinder's gun on Bennet, Bennet's gun on Molly.

Ted is being escorted out of the city in an armed police van. Sylar flips the van with his telekinesis, and opens the doors to find an upside-down Ted held in position by his harnesses. Ted screams that he is hurt, and Sylar cuts his head open as Ted screams in pain.

Back in the high-rise, D.L. and Jessica pay Linderman a visit. Linderman confirms that he had arranged for D.L. and Jessica's meeting since the beginning, and had been watching them their whole lives. Then, after revealing the location of Micah, he offers Jessica a large amount of money to kill D.L. and give up Micah. Instead, Jessica realizes that this is not what her other half wants, and reverts to Niki. Disappointed with Jessica's lack of ruthlessness, Linderman pulls a gun to kill Niki, but D.L. jumps in the way and takes the bullet. Linderman moves to kill Niki, but D.L. phases his fist inside Linderman's skull, killing him. Niki collapses, holding an apparently dying D.L. in her arms.

Nathan wins the election and in his official victory address, delivers a poignant speech; "A landslide, that's what they're calling it", he proudly announces. Heidi, hiding her miraculous cure from the public, sits on her wheelchair by his side, with Angela behind.

Sylar stands upon a rooftop, looking down on the city. He tests his newly acquired ability by creating small radiation bursts within the palms of his hands. With a satisfied smile on his face, he mutters to himself: "Boom."


In the 18-49 demographic, "Landslide" earned a 5.2/13 ratings share. This episode was watched by 11.54 million people.[citation needed]


George Takei submitted this episode for consideration of his work in the category of "Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series" for the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards.[2]


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