This User is a rational skeptic but abhors skeptical activists who seek to impose an aggressive skeptical POV on articles having to do with religion, folk beliefs, and/or the paranormal. This User's understanding and confidence in evolution as a biological process is not threatened by others' belief in creation and/or intelligent design. This user would like to remind other skeptics to take a deep breath once week and repeat "It is not my job to disavow the entire world of beliefs I find to be silly, stupid and just not true."

This user admits to not being perfect and asks forgiveness of other editors for any offenses both inadvertant and seemingly deliberate.

This User makes a lot of typos.

  1. This User has joined the Wikipedia:Harmonious editing club
  2. This User is from New York City but currently resides in Southern California.
  3. This User shares a birthday with Donald Duck
  4. This User favors Stephen Jay Gould's concept of Non-Overlapping Magisteria as the best approach to the conflicts between science and religion
  5. By reading wikipedia articles, this user was surprised to discover that what she had thought was a mole on her right side, is in fact, a Supernumerary nipple!


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