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Color icon red.svg About WP:LGBTEdit

Welcome to WikiProject LGBT studies! We're a group of editors who aim to improve Wikipedia's coverage of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) and queer studies topics. WP:LGBT brings together Wikipedians of all sexual orientations, gender identities, geographic locations, and personal backgrounds to collaborate on expanding and improving LGBT content across Wikipedia.

The scope of WP:LGBT includes:

  1. Identifying and categorizing LGBT and queer studies articles on Wikipedia
  2. Developing and applying standards for assessing LGBT and queer studies articles
  3. Improving existing LGBT and queer studies articles and ensuring they are in-line with Wikipedia's standards and policies
  4. Identifying notable LGBT and queer studies topics not yet included in Wikipedia and creating articles for them
  5. Identifying and developing standardized tables, templates and categorization schemes for LGBT and queer studies articles
  6. Identifying potential material that may be transwikied — (i.e. collect information for possible high-quality LGBT/Queer studies textbooks for Wikibooks)
  7. Maintaining Portal:LGBT and Portal:Transgender

This project does not extol any point of view, political or otherwise, other than that of a neutral documentarian.

Color icon orange v2.svg TalkEdit

Joining the discussion at WT:LGBT is a great way to get started. Ask questions, suggest articles for creation or improvement, and connect with other WP:LGBT members. You do not need to be a project member to post a message.

Color icon yellow.svg CollaborationEdit

At Collaboration, you can find the membership list and task groups.

  • Anyone with a Wikipedia user account—regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity—is free to join. Sign up at the members list.
  • If you know another language besides English, please consider adding your name to our List of Translators.
  • The Person Task Force is a working group dedicated to ensuring quality and coverage of biography articles of LGBT persons.

Color icon green.svg EditingEdit

Visit Editing for tools to help create, assess, and improve LGBT-related articles.

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Color icon blue.svg ResourcesEdit

Resources has style guides, external links, templates, and other tools that support researching and writing articles on LGBT topics.

Color icon purple.svg ShowcaseEdit

The Showcase highlights great LGBT content on Wikipedia and celebrates WP:LGBT achievements.

Current milestones
400 good articles85.8% complete
100 featured articles89% complete
10% of all articles rated B-Class or better82.1% complete