Steve Kramer (actor)

Steve Kramer is an American voice actor for many anime titles. He has also done voice acting for various Power Rangers series in the past, with the best-known of those roles being the voice of Darkonda in Power Rangers in Space. His wife, Melora Harte, is a voice actress. Kramer has also been credited as Steve Kraemer, Steven Kramer, Drew Levi Thomas, Drew Lexi Thomas, and Drew Thomas. Kramer is usually cast in the role of wise old men. He is also a voice director and script writer, adapting many anime and video games.

Steve Kramer
Other namesSteve Kraemer, Steven Kramer, Drew Levi Thomas, Drew Lexi Thomas, Drew Thomas
OccupationVoice actor, script writer, voice director
Years active1972–present
Notable credit(s)
as Shunsui Kyōraku
Eureka Seven
as Axel Thurston
as Shigekuni Nandaba
as Hiruzen Sarutobi
Power Rangers in Space
as Darkonda
Samurai Champloo
as Kariya Kagetoki
Transformers: Robots in Disguise
as Cerebros/Fortress Maximus
Spouse(s)Melora Harte
RelativesMackenzie White

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List of English-language dubbings of foreign language shows
Year Title Country Dubbed from Role Live Actor Source
2016 Marseille France French Pharamond Eric Savin [1]

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