Adventures in Voice Acting

Adventures in Voice Acting is a 2008 documentary DVD produced by Bang Zoom! Entertainment, featuring interviews from actors and crew members on the craft of voice acting. It was initially released as a set of DVDs, and has since been adapted into workshops and classes around the U.S.

Adventures in Voice Acting
Adventures in Voice Acting.jpg
DVD cover
Directed byEric P. Sherman
Produced byKristi Reed
Edited byKatie Esposito
Release date
  • July 3, 2008 (2008-07-03) (United States DVD)
Running time
90 minutes
CountryUnited States


Adventures in Voice Acting contains interviews up to 100 voice actors, producers, and casting directors that are in anime dubs and video games. The DVD was released on July 3, 2008, after first of three volumes were released at Anime Expo. It took three years to complete, from concept to release,[1] and was created by Bang Zoom to answer many questions they received from people wanted to know how to become a voice actor.[2] Each episode is introduced by the animated character Mr. Mic, which was designed specifically for the documentary.

Featured voice actorsEdit

Voice actors interviewed in this DVD are:

Voice actors featured in sample clips, except:

Casting directors and producersEdit

Producers and casting directors interviewed are:


Since the release of the video documentary, Bang Zoom has provided multi-day workshops for prospective voice actors. They are taught by some of the industry veterans such as Tony Oliver, Crispin Freeman, Ruth Lambert, and Lex Lang, and some have been taught at various locales around the United States. Some of Bang Zoom's current voice actors / members have been participants in the program, including: Marianne Miller, Lauren Landa, and Cristina Vee.[3]


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