Ninja Cadets

Ninja Cadets, known in Japan as Ninja Mono (Ninja者), is a two-episode original video animation (OVA) anime series produced by AIC and Youmex and created by Eiji Suganuma, who also directed, storyboarded it and designed the characters. It is a comedy about a group of ninja-in-training in feudal Japan.

Ninja Cadets
(Ninja Mono)
GenreComedy, Action
Created byEiji Suganuma
Original video animation
Directed byEiji Suganuma
Produced byHiroshi Tazaki
Kinya Watanabe
Written byMitsuhiro Yamada
Music byTakeo Miratsu
StudioAIC, Youmex
Licensed by
Released March 27, 1996 June 12, 1996
Runtime29 minutes per episode
Light novel
Written byDaisuke Kawaguchi
Illustrated byEiji Suganuma
Published byFujimi Shobo
ImprintFujimi Fantasia Bunko
PublishedMay 25, 1996
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Ninja Cadets was released in two episodes from March 27 to June 12, 1996.[1] It has the distinction of being the first anime DVD ever released.[2] The series is licensed in the United States by Media Blasters under its AnimeWorks label.[3] It is the first English anime dub ever produced by Bang Zoom! Entertainment.[4]




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