Susan Beth Pfeffer

Susan Beth Pfeffer (born February 17, 1948) is a retired American author best known for young adult science fiction. After writing for 35 years, she received wider notice for her series of post-apocalyptic novels, officially titled "The Life As We Knew It Series", but often called "The Last Survivors" or "Moon Crash" series, some of which have appeared on the New York Times Bestselling List.


Pfeffer was born in New York City, the daughter of Leo Pfeffer, a lawyer and professor, and his wife, Freda nee Plotkin.[1] She began writing stories as a child. She published her first book, Just Morgan, in 1970, when she was a senior at New York University.[2] After college, she moved to Middletown, New York, where she still lives, and continued to write full-time. She has published more than 75 books.[3]

Pfeffer's books cover the range of children's literature from picture books to young-adult novels. They include biographies, like the Portraits of Little Women series for younger readers, and both historical and contemporary fiction. She also wrote a book for adults about how to write for children. About David (1980) and The Year Without Michael (1987) are two of her books that have received critical notice.[2] Pfeffer says that she enjoys writing about family dynamics.[4] Pfeffer achieved wider notice with her 2006 book Life as We Knew It, a best seller. This became the first of her Moon Crash series.[3] Pfeffer cites the film Meteor as inspiration for the Moon Crash series.[citation needed]


Short stories She also wrote some short stories such as As it is with Strangers


Pfeffer's books have won the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award, the Buxtehude Bull prize and been named awarded an American Library Association Best Books for Young Adults (2007) and Teens’ Top Ten Booklist in 2007. She was a finalist for the Andre Norton Award, Quill Awards and Hal Clement Award.


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