X is a science fiction space trading and combat simulator series created by German developer Egosoft. The series is set in the X-Universe where several races populate a number of worlds connected by jumpgates.

Genre(s)Space trading and combat simulator
Platform(s)Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows
First releaseX: Beyond the Frontier
Latest releaseX4: Foundations
  • WW: November 30, 2018

The X series edit

The series, which was launched in 1999 on the Windows platform, consists of five base games: X: Beyond the Frontier, X2: The Threat, X3: Reunion, X Rebirth and X4: Foundations. The series games are expanded by sequels that both add features and extend the plot. A plot can be undertaken in all games except X-Tension where the player takes part in missions to unfold events.

Title Date released Platform(s)
X: Beyond the Frontier 1 July 1999 Windows
X-Tension 1 June 2000 Windows
X2: The Threat 3 December 2003 Linux, macOS, Windows
X3: Reunion 28 October 2005 Linux, macOS, Windows
X3: Terran Conflict 16 October 2008 Linux, macOS, Windows
X3: Albion Prelude 15 December 2011 Linux, macOS, Windows
X Rebirth 15 November 2013 Linux, macOS, Windows
X Rebirth: The Teladi Outpost 11 December 2014 Linux, macOS, Windows
X Rebirth: Home of Light 25 February 2016 Linux, macOS, Windows
X Rebirth VR Edition 15 July 2017 Windows
X4: Foundations 30 November 2018 Linux, Windows
X4: Split Vendetta 31 March 2020 Linux, Windows
X3: Farnham's Legacy 4 May 2021 Linux, macOS, Windows
X4: Cradle of Humanity 16 March 2021 Linux, Windows
X4: Tides of Avarice 14 March 2022 Linux, Windows
X4: Kingdom End 12 April 2023 Linux, Windows

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