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Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids (or Grizzly Tales) is a series of books by Jamie Rix and a TV series produced for ITV. The original TV series was based on the award winning collections of cautionary tales by Jamie Rix. Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids, Ghostly Tales for Ghastly Kids, Fearsome Tales for Fiendish Kids and More Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids. The series was narrated by Nigel Planer and animated by Sara and Simon Bor of Wolves Witches & Giants fame.

Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids
GenreChildren, Animation, Horror, Comedy
Created byJamie Rix
Written byJamie Rix
Directed bySara Bor
Simon Bor
Jamie Rix
Narrated byNigel Planer
Music byEd Welch
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original language(s)English
No. of series8
No. of episodes104 (+ 1 22-minute special)
Producer(s)Sara Bor
Simon Bor
Jamie Rix
Editor(s)Nick Anderson
Keezer Tracy
Original networkCITV (1999-2006)
Nicktoons (UK & Ireland) (2010)
Original release1999 –

In all, six series and a New Year's special ran from 1999 to 2006 on ITV and Grizzly Tales was consistently one of the highest rated children's animation shows on the channel. In 2011, a new 26 re-invention of the show was produced for Nickelodeon UK and NickToons UK. It was awarded Best Children's Programme at the Broadcast Awards 2012.

The BAFTA-nominated show has picked up many other awards including Animated Series and Children's Choice at the British Animation Awards, and Children's Animated series at Cartoons on the Bay.

The show is available for purchase on DVD in the UK and Northern Ireland, Porchlight Entertainment in the USA and Time Life in Australia. Orion Audiobooks have also released full CD recordings of the books, read by Rupert Degas. Audio Go have re-released the original Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids audio book on CD and download.

The series is produced by Grizzly TV.

In 2010 Nickelodeon UK and NickToons UK started broadcasting the original series. The re-invented series has aired since 2011 on Nickelodeon UK and Nicktoons UK.



The series is a collection of morality tales which also has insinuations of a horror story; gruesome punishments happen throughout. The stories mainly focus on naughty or horrible children (for example those that are vain, untidy, lazy, or lying) learning a grim lesson and receiving their comeuppance for their unacceptable behaviors. Examples include "The Bugaboo Bear" (in which a little blond girl, buys a "Bugaboo Bear", and treats it as a person, only after a surprisingly short amount of time she gets bored with it, and starts treating it in a horrid manner), and "William the Conkerer" (in which a young lad, who destroys trees, attempts to steal every conker in the village). The programme also focuses on frightening children into believing their parents (although a few episodes, like Burgerskip, do focus on adults).

Television seriesEdit

First debuting in 1999, the show was broadcast on CITV, commissioned by Carlton Television, now part of ITV plc. It was a co-production between Elephant Productions and Honeycomb Animation, Jamie Rix co directing the series with Simon & Sara Bor. On most of the early series, a stopmotion sequence involving a creepy cinema owner named Uncle Grizzly (On occasion, the CITV presenters referred to him as the 'Storyteller man') and his pet spider, Spindleshanks would be present. The two would be involved in something that would be usually centred around the story, often ending with Spindleshanks getting badly injured, e.g. squashed or splatted. Many of the episodes between Seasons 1-4 were adaptations from the books also written by Rix, although they usually edited out or altered many parts of the stories to fit the time slot.

In 2004, starting with "A Grizzly New Year's Tale: The Crystal Eye", the series underwent a number of changes. A different form of music was used for the theme, and the animation went from hand-drawn to flash. The pre- and post-story sequences are no longer present (and by extension, neither is Spindleshanks) and the show only shows Uncle Grizzly welcoming the viewers. Also, the episodes for Seasons 5 and 6 are all entirely new (with the exception of The Dumb Klutzes, which was based on The Dumb Clucks, a story in Fearsome Tales for Fiendish Kids). The latest seasons of stories were later published in book form, in a new format and known as the Grizzly Tales Series. Each of these books focused on various themes (such as "Nasty Little Beasts", "Gruesome Grown Ups" and "Freaks of Nature") and contained six stories each.

Each tale is normally set in a different location. However, many of the character designs and backgrounds were reused and altered to make different characters and settings.

Nigel Planer was the narrator for this series and played Uncle Grizzly. He also narrated Fearsome Tales for Fiendish Kids on audiobook. Bill Wallis narrated More Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids and Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids and Ghostly Tales for Ghastly Kids were both read by Andrew Sachs.

After Grizzly Tales ended in 2006, it was announced that Grizzly Tales would return for a brand new series for Nicktoons UK in May 2011. The series location moved from the Squeam Screen, to the Hot-Hell Darkness. Uncle Grizzly made way to his half brother, The Night Night Porter, who took over as storyteller, but retained Nigel Planer's voice. The framing animation had also switched from stop-motion to CGI.

Episode listEdit


Nearly every story Jamie Rix has written for Grizzly Tales are adaptations from his books:

Grizzly Tales For Gruesome KidsEdit

  1. The New Nanny
  2. The One-Tailed, Two-Footed, Three-Bellied, Four-Headed, Five-Fingered, Six-Chinned, Seven-Winged, Eight-Eyed, Nine-Nosed, Ten-Toothed Monster
  3. The Spaghetti Man
  4. The Princess's Clothes
  5. The Black Knight
  6. Glued To The Telly
  7. The Barber of Civil
  8. The Man With a Chip On His Shoulder
  9. The Giant Who Grew Too Big For His Boots
  10. The Wooden Hill
  11. The Litter Bug
  12. Goblin Mountain
  13. Sweets
  14. The Top Hat
  15. The Childhood Snatcher

Ghostly Tales for Ghastly KidsEdit

  1. Grandmother's Footsteps
  2. Burgerskip
  3. Tag
  4. The Locked Door
  5. A Tangled Web
  6. The Well
  7. An Elephant Never Forgets
  8. School Dinners
  9. The Big Sleep
  10. Bogman
  11. The Broken-Down Cottage
  12. Guilt Ghost
  13. A Lesson From History
  14. The Ghost of Christmas Turkeys Past
  15. Rogues Gallery

Fearsome Tales for Fiendish KidsEdit

  1. The Cat Burglar
  2. Mr. Peeler's Butterflies
  3. Fat Boy With A Trumpet
  4. The Chipper Chums Go Scrumping
  5. Prince Noman
  6. Death By Chocolate
  7. Well'ard Willard
  8. Athlete's Foot
  9. The Matchstick Girl
  10. Simon Sulk
  11. The Dumb Clucks
  12. Doctor Moribundus
  13. The Stick Men
  14. Little Fingers
  15. Bessy O'Messy
  16. Jack In A Box

More Grizzly Tales For Gruesome KidsEdit

  1. Knock Down Ginger
  2. The Upset Stomach
  3. The Gas Man Cometh
  4. The Urban Fox
  5. Spoilsport
  6. Dirty Bertie
  7. The People Potter
  8. It's Only a Game, Sport!
  9. Fast Food
  10. Sock Shock
  11. Revenge Of The Bogeyman
  12. Crocodile Tears
  13. The Pie Man
  14. Bunny Boy
  15. Spit
  16. Superstitious Nonsense
  17. Head in the Clouds
  18. When The Bed Bugs Bite
  19. The Decomposition Of Delia Deathabridge
  20. The Grass Monkey

Nasty Little BeastsEdit

  1. The Grub A Blub Blub
  2. Monty's Python
  3. The Lobster's Scream
  4. Wolf Child
  5. The Fruit Bat
  6. The Clothes Pigs

Gruesome Grown UpsEdit

  1. Jamie's School Dinners
  2. Silence Is Golden
  3. The Old Tailor Of Pelting Moor
  4. Her Majesty's Moley
  5. The Soul Stealer
  6. Nobby's Nightmare

The "Me!" MonstersEdit

  1. The Apostrophic Expositor
  2. Kiss And Make Up
  3. The Kingdom of Wax
  4. The Blood Doctor
  5. The Ugly Prince
  6. Big Head

Freaks of NatureEdit

  1. Frank Einstein's Monster
  2. Recyclops
  3. The Weather Witch
  4. William The Conkerer
  5. Hear No Weevil, See No Weevil
  6. Tom Time

Terror Time ToysEdit

  1. The Butcher Boy
  2. The Bugaboo Bear
  3. Why Boys Make Better Burglars
  4. Puppet On A String
  5. The Death Rattle
  6. eBoy

Blubbers and SickstersEdit

  1. The Piranha Sisters
  2. The Crystal Eye
  3. Cat's Eyes
  4. The Hair Fairies
  5. The Watermelon Babies
  6. The Nuclear Wart

The Naughty Gnomes of NO!Edit

  1. Tinkerbell
  2. The Long face
  3. The Dragon Moth
  4. Sick To Death
  5. Message In A Bottle
  6. Lazybones

Super ZeroesEdit

  1. Fatal Attraction
  2. Little Angel
  3. The Flat-Pack Kid
  4. The Worm
  5. The Little Flower Girl
  6. The Rise And Fall Of The Evil Guff

A Grizzly DozenEdit

  1. The Grub A Blub Blub
  2. Monty's Python
  3. The Lobster's Scream
  4. Wolf Child
  5. The Fruit Bat
  6. The Clothes Pigs
  7. Jamie's School Dinners
  8. Silence Is Golden
  9. The Old Tailor of Pelting Moor
  10. Her Majesty's Moley
  11. The Soul Stealer
  12. Nobby's Nightmare


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