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Glass Town is a fictitious world created by siblings of the Brontë family: Charlotte Brontë, Branwell Brontë, Emily Brontë, and Anne Brontë. It first appeared in December 1827.[1]

The Glass Town writings constitute the Brontë Juvenilia.

Further developmentsEdit

Glass Town was initiated by Charlotte Bronte and her brother Branwëll. Emily and Anne Brontë participated in the further developments of this imaginary world.

However, from 1831 onwards, Emily and Anne 'seceded' from the Glass Town Confederacy to create a 'spin-off' called Gondal, which included many of their poems. This occurred at the time when Charlotte left her siblings to go and study at Head Roe.

After 1834, Charlotte and Branwell concentrated on an evolution of the Glass Town Confederacy called Anglria.

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