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Ben 10 is an American animated superhero action-comedy television series and a reboot of the Cartoon Network series of the same name.[1] The series had its world premiere in Australia, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific on October 1, 2016, and premiered in the United States on April 10, 2017.[2]

Ben 10
Ben 10 reboot logo.png
Created byMan of Action
Based onBen 10
by Man of Action
Directed by
  • Nollan Obena (art)
  • John McIntyre (animation)
  • Colin Willed (supervising)
Voices of
Theme music composerAndy Sturmer
Composer(s)Kevin Manthei
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes110 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)
  • Shareena Carlson
  • John Fang (supervising producer)
Running time11 minutes
22 minutes (specials)
44–55 minutes (season finales)
Production company(s)
DistributorWarner Bros. Television Distribution
Original networkCartoon Network
Picture format1080i (16:9 HDTV)
Audio formatDolby Digital 5.1
First shown inAustralia
Original releaseApril 10, 2017 (2017-04-10) –
present (present)
Preceded byBen 10: Omniverse
Related showsBen 10 (original series)
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On May 22, 2017, the series was renewed for a second season[3][4] which premiered in February 2018.

On March 8, 2018, the series was renewed for a third season.[5]

On January 10, 2019, the series was renewed for a fourth season, slated to debut sometime in 2020.[6]



Building on the highly successful franchise about kid hero Ben Tennyson, Ben 10 introduces a re-imagined Ben, his cousin Gwen, and Grandpa Max, as they travel the country during summer vacation. When Ben finds the Omnitrix, a mysterious watch that transforms him into 10 different friendly aliens, a world of extraterrestrial superpowers opens up to him. The series is produced by Cartoon Network Studios and created and executive produced by Man of Action Entertainment (Big Hero 6, Generator Rex and the original four Ben 10 shows in their shared continuity), with John Fang (Mixels, Generator Rex) on board as supervising producer.

Season 1 (2016–2017)Edit

Ten-year-old Ben Tennyson has spent his summer vacation traveling across the country with his cousin Gwen and Grandpa Max, in an RV nicknamed the Rustbucket. However, after coming across a strange high-tech watch known as the Omnitrix, which enables him to transform into 10 alien heroes, he finds himself in the position of a superhero. At each place his family stops, Ben goes from trying to find a source of entertainment to doing battle against supervillains such as the mad scientist Dr. Animo, the dark sorcerer Hex, the psychotic clown Zombozo, the technology-loathing Steam-Smythe, and the emotionless Weatherheads, amongst other threats both big and small. Despite having lots to learn, he hones his hero skills with Gwen and Max's help.

While battling one of Animo's mutant creations during a trip to Portland, Ben unlocks an 11th Alien he names Gax, a Chimeran with laser vision and great strength. However, unlocking this form seems to have an odd effect on the Omnitrix, leaving him unable to control his transformations. To determine the source of this issue, Max calls in his old friend Phil. Ben finds himself under attack from three alien bounty hunters named Tetrax, Kraab, and Sixsix. While, he's able to fend them off, he meets a mysterious aged Chimeran calling himself "Vil", who trains Ben to use Gax's powers. However, it turns out "Vil" and Gax are the two halves of alien conqueror Vilgax, who tricks Ben into freeing Gax from the Omnitrix. The bounty hunter trio were hired to prevent Vilgax from reforming and thus team up with Ben to prevent the conqueror from destroying the watch. Vilgax wins this battle, dispatching the hunters and leaving Ben rapidly changing, and according to Phil, unable to return to human form.

Vilgax intends to use lava from Mount Megaladon to recharge his ship and restart his conquering spree. Ben, regardless of his current state, engages Vilgax in battle. The tentacle-faced villain becomes interested in possessing the Omnitrix rather than destroying it, after seeing what it can do to a weak human boy like Ben. While at first hampered by his inability to predict which form he'll become next, Ben is able to turn the tides and defeat Vilgax by Upgrading the Omnitrix, supposedly sacrificing the Galvanic Mechamorph.

Season 2 (2017–2018)Edit

The Tennysons continue to visit some of America's greatest tourist spots, as Ben continues to take his hero career to new heights. As his enemies grow stronger, Ben is aided by the appearance of new "Omni-Enhanced" versions of his alien forms, who possess a strange blue energy that packs a major punch in battle. He also has unlocked a new alien hero whom he dubs "Shock Rock", whose form is made up of the same blue energy.

Meanwhile, Vilgax, still seeking a method to escape Earth, forms alliances with some of Ben's enemies to harness the Omnitrix's power. Team Tennyson make it their mission to defeat Vilgax and stop his devious machinations from seeing light.

However, following a battle with Vilgax's war-bot, Ben learns that his new forms are a sign of a bigger threat. Shock Rock is a Fulmini, whose DNA pod replaced Upgrade following his sacrifice. The Fulmini Empire and their leader, the High Override, have been manipulating Ben to invade Earth and use the Omnitrix as a gateway. Ben and Vilgax team up, entering the Omnitrix and allying with a heroic fusion between his DNA and Upgrade's damaged DNA calling itself Glitch. Though the High Override banishes Vilgax to the Null Void, Team Tennyson are able to free Ben from his control and purge the Fulmini from the watch, causing it to reboot. Glitch survives the reboot by escaping the Omnitrix, joining the family.

Season 3 (2019)Edit

After a serious battle with the High Override, Glitch merges with the Rustbuggy and becomes part of the Tennyson family. Ben gets frustrated when the Omnitrix reboots for a week, but it activates just as the Tennyson family is about to do some world traveling. Phil has created a helicopter called the "Omni-Copter" for the Tennyson Trio so they can travel around the world. The reboot reveals three new aliens, Rath, Slapback, and Humungosaur, who replace Grey Matter, Overflow, and Wildvine. With Vilgax in the Null Void, Ben has a new enemy to fight: Kevin Levin, who has an Omnitrix of his own, called the "AntiTrix", which gives him access to altered versions of Ben's aliens. A mysterious villain called the Forever Knight gathers up Ben's villains for a common cause. As revealed in the two-part finale Roundabout, his goal is to go back in time and prevent alien signals from contacting Earth.

Throughout the season, The Forever Knight tests Team Tennyson's enemies to determine those he needs for this goal: the final roster consist of Kevin, Charmcaster, Vin Ethanol, Billy Billions, Simon Sez, and a delusional Ben. While searching for Ben, Phil gifts Gwen with a robot cat suit. After convincing Kevin that there is good in him, they team up to help Ben prevent the Forever Knight from altering history. Luckily, Kevin goes after the Knight, trapping them both time and space.

Ben and Gwen make it back to the present and head back to America aboard the Omni-Copter alongside Grandpa Max, Phil, Vin, and Simon, the latter two had been convinced to join Team Tennyson. Also, Billy and Charmcaster get taken into custody.

Season 4 (2020)Edit

Ben discovers a new function in the Omnitrix called "Omni-Kix". Plus, he gains a new alien, Jetray, who replaces Stinkfly.



  • Benjamin Kirby "Ben" Tennyson (voiced by Tara Strong) – The ten-year-old cousin of Gwen and grandson of Max Tennyson. He is the wielder of the Omnitrix, which can turn him into various extraterrestrial creatures.
  • Gwendolyn Catherine "Gwen" Tennyson (voiced by Montserrat Hernandez) – Ben's resourceful cousin who uses her keen intellect and cunning to help in stopping villains. Her favorite superheroine of all time is Lucky Girl. It has not yet been confirmed if she will develop powerful magical abilities, like her counterpart in the original show. However, in "Black Lights, Black Hearts" she was capable of resisting Michael Morningstar's life-absorbing abilities, which implies that she may have innate magical powers.
  • Grandpa Maxwell "Max" Tennyson (voiced by David Kaye) – Ben and Gwen's paternal grandfather. It is unknown whether he is a member of an intergalactic organization called the Plumbers like in the original series.
  • Glitch (voiced by Tara Strong) - A fusion of Ben and Upgrade's DNA. He is a mysterious heroic presence that maintained the Omnitrix from within.

Omnitrix AliensEdit

  • Four Arms (voiced by John DiMaggio) - A Tetramand, a red four-armed humanoid, from the desert planet Khoros. Four Arms' main ability is his superhuman strength and extra arms.
  • Heatblast (voiced by Daryl Sabara) - A Pyronite, a magma-based humanoid, from the star Pyros. In this series, his voice sounds like a teenager rather than the deeper voice he had in previous incarnations. Heatblast's main ability is pyrokinesis.
  • XLR8 (voiced by Josh Keaton) - A Kineceleran, a blue and black velociraptor-like humanoid, from the stormy planet Kinet. In this series, his chest is blue and he has fins along his back. XLR8's main ability is running at superhuman speeds.
  • Diamondhead (voiced by Roger Craig Smith) - A Petrosapien, a silicon-based humanoid, from the crystal planet Petropia. In this series, his bodysuit is black with a yellow "V". Diamond's main abilities are shooting crystal shards out of his arms and forming crystal structures.
  • Cannonbolt (voiced by Travis Willingham) - An Arburian Pelarota, an armored pillbug-like alien, from the beach-like planet Arburia. Cannonbolt's main ability is rolling into a sphere.
  • Upgrade (voiced by David Sobolov) - A Galvanic Mechamorph, a techno-organic symbiote, from the moon Galvan B. In this series, his circuity patterns are purple. Upgrade's main ability is technological possession.
  • Grey Matter (voiced by Todd Haberkorn) - A Galvan, a small grey frog-like alien, from the planet Galvan Prime. In this series, his bodysuit is green and black, and he has reddish-orange eyes. Grey Matter's main abilities is his high intelligence and small size.
  • Overflow (voiced by Max Mittelman) - A Cascan, an armored water-based alien, from the planet Cascareau in the Andromeda Galaxy. Overflow's main ability is hydrokinesis.
  • Wildvine (voiced by David Hornsby) - A Florauna, a plant-based alien, from the planet Flors Verdance. In this series, he is depicted in a humanoid posture. Wildvine's main ability is chlorokinesis.
  • Stinkfly (voiced by Greg Cipes) - A Lepidopterran, an insect-based alien, from the swamp planet Lepidopterra. In this series, he is depicted a humanoid blue dragonfly-like alien with orange butterfly wings and compound eyes. Stinkfly's main abilities is flight and shooting goo from his shoulders.
  • Gax (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) - A Chimera Sui Generis, a squid-like humanoid, from the planet Murray (renamed Vilgaxia), who solely appears in the season 1 finale "Omni-Tricked". Gax's main abilities are his laser vision and flexible tentacle arms.
  • Shock Rock (voiced by David Kaye) - A Fulmini, a stone-armored energy being, from the planet Fulmas. This form first appears in season 2, replacing Upgrade. Shock Rock's main ability is creating energy weapons.
  • Slapback (voiced by Todd Haberkorn) - An Ekoleptoid, a muscular frog-like alien, from the planet Ekoplecton. This form first appears in season 3, replacing Grey Matter. Slapback's main abilities are his self-duplication and density altercation.
  • Humungousaur (voiced by David Kaye) - A Vaxasaurian, a humanoid dinosaur-like alien, from the planet Terradino. In this series, he has black spikes along his spine and a mace on his tail. This form first appears in season 3, replacing Wildvine. Humungosaur's main abilities is his massive size and tail mace.
  • Rath (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker)- An Appoplexian, a tiger-like humanoid, from the planet Appoplexia. In this series, he has scruffy fur and half-white eyebrows. This form first appears in season 2, being used by Animo, though Ben gains access to him in season 3, replacing Overflow. Rath's main abilities are his wrist claws and extreme rage.
  • Jetray (voiced by TBA) - An Aerophibian, a red manta ray-like alien that can adapt to any environment such as underwater and outer space, from the planet Aeropela. This form first appears in season 4, replacing Stinkfly.


  • Vilgax (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) – A Chimera Sui Generis warlord and conqueror. Much like his original counterpart, Vilgax tries to take the Omnitrix from Ben to take over the universe, but ends up stranded on Earth after his humiliating defeat by Ben in "Omni-Tricked". He is trapped in the Null Void as of "Innervasion".
  • The Forever Knight (voiced by Roger Craig Smith) - A mysterious armored knight who plots to alter the course of history and remove the presence of aliens from Earth. Over the course of Season 3, he recruits enemies of Team Tennyson to join his cause, including Kevin, Charmcaster, Billy Billions, Vin Ethanol, Simon Sez, and a delusional Ben. He is trapped across time by a redeemed Kevin as of "Roundabout".
  • Kevin Ethan Levin (voiced by Greg Cipes) - Ben's former school bully and the wielder of an Omnitrix knockoff called the Antitrix. The Antitrix allows him to turn into nastier versions of Ben's aliens, with a total of 11 active aliens instead of 10.
  • Charmcaster/Heather (voiced by Tara Strong) - Gwen's rival and an apprentice magician who, unlike her original counterpart, is portrayed as a regular human carrying a spell book that originally belonged to Hex instead of being Hex's niece from another dimension.
  • Maurice (voiced by John DiMaggio) – A human-headed cockroach who loves money and filth.
    • Sydney (voiced by Travis Willingham) – A cockroach-headed human who is Maurice's henchman.
  • Steam Smythe (voiced by Roger Craig Smith) – A Victorian-themed man with a heavy British accent that uses steampunk gadgets to attack. He hates various elements of modern-day life, and he first appears in "The Clocktopus."
  • Hex (voiced by Robin Atkin Downes) – A tremendously powerful sorcerer who desires world domination. In this series, he has the miniature purple-and-gold striped spellbook (which had belonged to his niece Charmcaster in the original show and eventually falls into possession of this incarnation's Charmcaster) and has the five mystical Charms of Bezel in his possession.
  • Dr. Animo (voiced by Dwight Schultz) – A mad scientist who desires to turn the world into a new age of evolution with his mind-controlled mutant animals.
  • Zombozo (voiced by John DiMaggio) – An evil clown who commonly uses mind tricks and hypnotism for his schemes.
    • Frightwig (voiced by Jessica DiCicco in season 1 & 2 and Montserrat Hernandez beginning in season 3) – A 10-year-old girl and circus freak with long, prehensile red hair that even acts on its own at times and is very acrobatic for a girl her age.
    • Acid Breath (voiced by Josh Keaton) – A circus freak who can breathe acid.
    • Thumbskull (voiced by John DiMaggio) – A bald-headed hulking man with super-strength and a nail-like growth on his head.
  • Lagrange (voiced by David Kaye) – An illegal racer with a heavy French accent, typically seen driving a red race car. He first appears in "Drive You Crazy."
  • Billy Billions (voiced by Gunnar Sizemore) – A rich kid who loves to get his way. His weapons usually involve an assortment of high tech robots.
  • Michael Morningstar (voiced by Drake Bell in "Bright Lights, Black Hearts," Yuri Lowenthal in "The Charm Offensive") – In this show, Michael Morningstar is a teen actor from Gwen's favorite TV series the "Un-Alivers" who turns out to be an energy vampire that feeds on the life force of his followers. In "The Charm Offensive," he gets imprisoned in Charmcaster's spell book as punishment for exploiting her.
  • Lord Decibel (voiced by David Kaye) – Debuting in "Don't Let the Bass Drop," Lord Decibel is a DJ who controls sound and music and can erect a solid sound wall. He is implied to be a sadist given his demands (the people at a concert had to pay $1 billion in ten minutes or else face death), and laughs at the screams of the patrons.

Antitrix aliensEdit

Unlike the Omnitrix aliens they are modeled after, the Antitrix aliens are all voiced by Greg Cipes and sound just like their user Kevin.

  • Quad Smack - Kevin's version of Four Arms, who is colored purple and wears spiked orange armor.
  • Hot Shot - Kevin's version of Heatblast, who is significantly larger and has an olive green stone chest.
  • Rush - Kevin's version of XLR8, who is colored green and covered in silver armor.
  • Crystal Fist - Kevin's version of Diamondhead, who is made of black crystal instead of teal.
  • Wreckingbolt - Kevin's version of Cannonbolt, whose armor plating has spikes.
  • Bootleg - Kevin's version of Upgrade, who is colored blue and has a red eye and spiked armor.
  • Dark Matter - Kevin's version of Grey Matter, who stands as high as Four Arms and can use flames that coat what they touch in red crystal.
  • Undertow - Kevin's version of Overflow, who is bulkier and can spray swamp-green slime-like water.
  • Thornblade - Kevin's version of Wildvine, whose seeds on his back are replaced with a pair of thorny vines.
  • Skunkmoth - Kevin's version of Stinkfly, who is significantly larger, is colored red, and is covered in gold armored shell much like a beetle.
  • Bashmouth - A werewolf-like alien who can generate metal.

Voice castEdit


  • Tara Strong as Ben Tennyson, Glitch, Charmcaster, Sally, Girl, Clown 4, Mrs. Billions, Upgrade (Gwen version), Old Lady, Amalgam Ben, Starshine, I.J. Crowling, Esther, Molecular Chef
  • Montserrat Hernandez as Gwen Tennyson, Frightwig (2nd Time)
  • David Kaye as Max Tennyson, Shock Rock, Humungousaur, Shock-O, Lagrange, Fisherman, Steve, Trucker, Spider, Boxer, Clown #2, Lester, Guard, Mr. Billions, Tour Guide (2nd Time), Melvin, Lord Decibel, Karl, Azmuth
  • John DiMaggio as Four Arms, Zombozo, Maurice, Thumbskull, Phil, Magg-O-Net Monster, Glamour Man, College Guy, Harry
  • Daryl Sabara as Heatblast, Fish, Security Guard, Camper #1
  • Josh Keaton as XLR8, Acid Breath, Sixsix, Shady Looking Dude, Ryan (1st Time), Referee, Bass Guy
  • Roger Craig Smith as Diamondhead, Forever Knight, Steam Smythe, Iron Kyle, Penny, Kyle, Bill, Napoleon (second head), Jock #2, Nerd 3, Cash, Dirty Dobs, Fanboy, Gill, Rocky, XLRArmBlastDiamondHeat
  • Travis Willingham as Cannonbolt, Sydney, Tim Buktu, Kraab, Ant, Arte (Clown #1), Carl, Teramite
  • Greg Cipes as Stinkfly, Kevin Levin, Quad Smack, Hot Shot, Bashmouth, Wreckingbolt, Thornblade, Undertow, Dark Matter, Crystal Fist, Bootleg, Rush, Skunkmoth, Goatadactyl, Clown #3, Kid #2, Guy, Robot Mannequin, Samurai Chef
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Rath, Oliver, Napoleon (main head), Nerd #1, Nugget, Slurpstack, Tour guide (1st Time), Cadobbit, King Koil
  • Todd Haberkorn as Gray Matter, Slapback, Tetrax, Grey Arms, Monster on Tablet, Tourist, Camper #2, Kevin
  • Max Mittelman as Overflow, Todd, Kid 1, J.T.
  • David Hornsby as Wildvine, Sewer Chef
  • David Sobolov as Upgrade, Vin Ethanol, Guy #1

Additional voicesEdit



Cartoon Network announced on June 8, 2015 that Ben 10 was to be relaunched with a new revival television series.[2][7] On June 2016, the network began to release information about the show.[8] Its sneak peek was released at the 2016 SDCC on July 21, 2016. The series had its world premiere on October 1, 2016 in Australia.[1] On March 2017 at the Cartoon Network's 2017 upfront, it was announced that the series would premiere in the United States on April 10, 2017, and that it would be possible to watch episodes of the series on the Cartoon Network app ahead of its television premiere.[9][10]

Building on the franchise about the kid hero Ben Tennyson, Ben 10 introduces a re-imagined Ben (in his 10-year-old form), his cousin Gwen, and Grandpa Max, as they travel the country during summer vacation. When Ben finds the Omnitrix, a mysterious watch that transforms him into 10 different aliens, a world of extraterrestrial superpowers opens up to him.[1] Produced by Cartoon Network Studios, the series is created and executively produced by Man of Action, with John Fang on board as supervising producer but also as executive producer.[2] Animated by Sunmin Image Pictures and Mua Film.


SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
140October 1, 2016 (2016-10-01) (Australia)
October 8, 2016 (2016-10-08) (UK)
April 10, 2017 (2017-04-10) (USA)
May 28, 2017 (2017-05-28) (UK)
November 22, 2017 (2017-11-22) (USA)
November 25, 2017 (2017-11-25) (Australia)
240February 3, 2018 (2018-02-03) (Australia)
February 19, 2018 (2018-02-19) (USA)
October 3, 2017 (2017-10-03) (UK)
October 26, 2018 (2018-10-26) (UK, USA)
September 29, 2018 (2018-09-29) (Australia)
CrossoverOctober 8, 2018 (2018-10-08) (USA)
340January 26, 2019 (2019-01-26) (UK)
February 23, 2019 (2019-02-23) (USA)
Shorts4020January 8, 2017 (2017-01-08)June 20, 2017 (2017-06-20)
20August 31, 2017 (2017-08-31)October 7, 2018 (2018-10-07)


Country Channel Premiere date Source(s)
Season 1 Season 2
Australia Cartoon Network October 1, 2016 February 3, 2018 [11][12]
9Go! April 15, 2017 TBA [13]
Stan unknown TBA [14]
New Zealand Cartoon Network October 1, 2016 February 3, 2018 [11][12]
TVNZ 2 April 12, 2017 TBA [13]
Southeast Asia Cartoon Network October 1, 2016 February 24, 2018 [15][16]
South Korea Cartoon Network TBA [17]
Philippines Cartoon Network (English) February 3, 2018 [18][16]
GMA Network (Tagalog) March 29, 2018 (preview)
June 2, 2018 (release)
TBA [14]
Ireland Cartoon Network October 8, 2016 October 2, 2017 [19][20][21]
United Kingdom Cartoon Network
CITV May 21, 2017 TBA [22]
France Cartoon Network October 8, 2016 October 2017 [23][24]
Japan Cartoon Network October 9, 2016 TBA [25]
India Cartoon Network April 29, 2018 [26][27]
Pakistan Cartoon Network TBA
Arab World Cartoon Network (English) October 10, 2016 TBA [28]
Cartoon Network (Hindi) TBA
Cartoon Network (Arabic) October 10, 2016 (preview)
October 22, 2016 (release)
April 8, 2018 [29]
Denmark Cartoon Network October 10, 2016 October 2017 [30][31]
Central and Eastern Europe Cartoon Network October 23, 2017 [32][33]
CIS and Southeastern Europe Cartoon Network [34][35]
Netherlands Cartoon Network [36][37]
Germany Cartoon Network [38][39]
Greece Cartoon Network
Star Channel
Poland Cartoon Network [40][41]
Sub-Saharan Africa Cartoon Network [42][43]
Taiwan Cartoon Network TBA
Turkey Cartoon Network October 2, 2017 [44][45]
Serbia Happy TV
Croatia RTL Kockica
Portugal Cartoon Network October 15, 2016 November 18, 2017 [46][47]
Italy Cartoon Network, italia 1 (s1 Ep 1-37) October 24, 2016 October 20, 2017 [48][49]
Spain Boing March 4, 2017 November 11, 2017 [50][51]
Canada Teletoon March 15, 2017 TBA [52]
Cartoon Network April 15, 2017 TBA
Hispanic America Cartoon Network April 10, 2017 February 4, 2018 [53][54]
Brazil [55][56]
United States Cartoon Network February 19, 2018
Boomerang November 6, 2017 TBA
Lithuania TV8 unknown TBA


In the United States, the series has been viewed by 41 million viewers across multiple platforms.[57]

In the EMEA, the series has reached more than 27 million viewers.[58] It reached 1.2 million viewers and 9% of boys on CITV in the UK. It was watched by half of boys in South Africa, Romania, Spain and Portugal, more than 30% of boys in Hungary, Poland, and Sweden, and has also received high ratings in France and Italy.[59][60]

Other mediaEdit

Home videoEdit

Ben 10 (2016) home video releases
Season Episodes Release dates
Region 1 Region 4
1 40 Volume 1: Villain Time (episodes 1–20): February 13, 2018
Volume 2: Omni-Tricked (episodes 21–40): September 18, 2018
December 13, 2017[61]
2 40 Volume 3: Out to Launch (episodes 41–58): February 12, 2019 February 20, 2019[62][63]

Printed mediaEdit

In October 2017, Panini UK partnered with Cartoon Network and launched a magazine for the series with an original 8 page comic strip every month written by Jason Quinn with art by Russ Leach.[64]

Toys and merchandiseEdit

In June 2015, a toy line for the series was announced to be released in the fall of 2017 by Playmates Toys.[65] It was released in the United States at Toys R Us in June 2017 and in all other retailers in August.[66]

In July 2017, toys were released by Playmates Toys, with Flair distributing them in the UK and Giochi Preziosi Group releasing them everywhere else in the EMEA.[58] Cartoon Network has partnered with various licensing partners across the EMEA to release merchandise ranging from apparel to accessories to publishing.[67]

Video gamesEdit

A video game based on the series was released worldwide on November 10, 2017 (for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One). It was developed by Outright Games and distributed by Bandai Namco in the EMEA. In the game, players discover aliens and use them to help Ben defeat three of his greatest enemies: Zombozo, Queen Bee, and the Weather Heads.[68]

Ben 10 ChallengeEdit

Ben 10 Challenge is a live-action game show produced by the Spanish production company La Competencia Productions in Madrid for Turner EMEA. It follows two teams of people who compete in challenges and get tested on their Ben 10 knowledge. Versions were created for France, Germany, Italy, the Middle East, Poland, Spain, Turkey, and the UK, with the Spanish version also airing in Portugal dubbed.[69] The English version premiered in the UK and Ireland on October 13, 2017 and in Africa on December 23, 2017.[70][71]


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