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Subscribing to The Signpost

There are several different ways to keep up with the latest Signpost issues:

Talk page delivery

The most direct way to subscribe to The Signpost is to add your name to our list; we will post links to The Signpost (and to each feature section) to your user talk page as soon as we publish. To subscribe to or unsubscribe from direct user-talk page delivery, add or remove your name from this list.

Template subscription

You can subscribe via template by placing a {{Signpost-subscription}}, {{User Signpost-subscription}}, or {{Signpost-subscription-inline}} template anywhere where you want to keep up with Signpost publications (normally on your user page).

Global delivery

The list on this page supports user-talk deliveries on our home wiki, the English Wikipedia. To get monthly Signpost deliveries to your user-talk page at another Wikimedia project, use our global delivery list on the Meta Wiki.

Mailing list notifications

We email the WikimediaAnnounce-l upon publication; this list is low-traffic, so subscribing is a good way to be notified by email when we publish. We also email the Wikimedia-L list, which gets a great deal more traffic.

RSS feeds

You can subscribe to Signpost RSS feeds (using a feed aggregator). Feeds are available for:

Social media

Follow The Signpost Twitter feed @wikisignpost to get notices of new issues as well as links to significant stories as they break ahead of publication.

We also announce new issues on our Facebook page; be advised, however, that Facebook's algorithms will only notify you occasionally if you "like" our page there.

We occasionally publish individual stories on Medium and on our LinkedIn page as well.

Note: To have the Signpost delivered to your talk page, add your user talk page (User talk:Example). You can also add a sub page if you prefer (User talk:Example/Signpost), but you will need to put it on your watchlist.

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