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The Signpost archives contain a record of all of the major news and events on the English Wikipedia and in the Wikimedia movement more broadly, stretching back more than a decade of weekly publications to our founding in early 2005. As such we have by far the most complete archive of Wikipedia history available, one of strong interest to anyone interested in exploring the Wikimedia movement past and present. To facilitate this we index our past writing and expose it for recall in multiple ways. You may also search for Signpost articles by author at this link, which shows author contribution pages by the most recent year of contribution.

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  • To search only articles from 2010-2019, use prefix:Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/201, or do a similar addition for articles before 2010; to search articles within a specific year, use that year, for instance, prefix:Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2010. See also below.
  • By default words are searched separately. To indicate that two words separated by a space need to be searched as one—for instance, Wikimedia Foundation—use quotation marks, " ", so in this case, "Wikimedia Foundation".
  • Search can be a powerful tool when used effectively. For a full list of possible refinements see Help:Searching. For a more technical explanation see Help:CirrusSearch.

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If you want to see every Signpost article on one page in a gigantic cavalcade of tables, you can do so here.