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Spain first participated at the Olympic Games in 1900, and has sent athletes to compete in most Summer Olympic Games since 1920. Spain has also participated in every Winter Olympic Games since 1936. Its team is organised by the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE, Comité Olímpico Español) created in 1924.

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Spain withdrew from the 1936 Summer Olympics in Nazi Germany because of the Civil War, and also boycotted the 1956 Games in Melbourne because of the Soviet Union's invasion of Hungary. The equestrian events in 1956 were held five months earlier in Stockholm, and Spain did participate in those events.

Spain hosted the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, the home city of then-president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Juan Antonio Samaranch.

Spanish athletes have won a total of 171 medals in 33 different sports and the country currently ranks 25th in the all-time Summer Olympics medal count, with sailing as the top medal-producing sport. Four of those medals were won at the Winter Games.

The COE counts one medal more than the IOC because they recognized one won by Pedro José Pidal y Bernaldo de Quirós in live pigeon shooting in the 1900 Summer Olympics, while the IOC doesn't recognize the event as an official one as the winners were given a money award.[1]

Hosted GamesEdit

Spain has hosted the Games on 1 occasion.

Games Host city Dates Nations Participants Events
1992 Summer Olympics Barcelona 25 July – 9 August 169 9,356 257

Unsuccessful bidsEdit

Games City Winner of bid
1924 Summer Olympics Barcelona Paris, France
1936 Summer Olympics Barcelona Berlin, Nazi Germany
1972 Summer Olympics Madrid Munich, West Germany
1998 Winter Olympics Jaca Nagano, Japan
2002 Winter Olympics Jaca Salt Lake City, United States
2004 Summer Olympics Seville Athens, Greece
2008 Summer Olympics Seville Beijing, China
2010 Winter Olympics Jaca Vancouver, Canada
2012 Summer Olympics Madrid London, United Kingdom
2016 Summer Olympics Madrid Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2014 Winter Olympics Jaca Sochi, Russia
2020 Summer Olympics Madrid Tokyo, Japan

Medal tablesEdit

*Red border colour indicates tournament was held on home soil.

List of medalistsEdit

Summer OlympicsEdit

Medal Name(s) Games Sport Event
  Gold José de Amézola y Aspizúa
Francisco Villota
  1900 Paris   Basque pelota Two-man teams
  Silver   1920 Antwerp   Football Men's tournament
  Silver Álvaro de Figueroa
José de Figueroa
Hernando Fitz-James
Jacobo Fitz-James
Leopoldo Saínz de la Maza
  1920 Antwerp   Polo Men's tournament
  Gold José Álvarez de Bohórquez
Julio García Fernández de los Ríos
José Navarro Morenés
  1928 Amsterdam   Equestrian Team jumping
  Bronze Santiago Amat   1932 Los Angeles   Sailing Snowbird
  Silver Jaime García
José Navarro Morenés
Marcelino Gavilán
  1948 London   Equestrian Team jumping
  Silver Ángel León Gozalo   1952 Helsinki   Shooting Men's 50 metre pistol
  Bronze   1960 Rome   Field hockey Men's tournament
  Bronze Enrique Rodríguez   1972 Munich   Boxing Light flyweight
  Silver Antonio Gorostegui
Pedro Millet
  1976 Montreal   Sailing 470
  Silver José María Esteban
José Ramón López
Herminio Menéndez
Luis Gregorio Ramos
  1976 Montreal   Canoeing Men's K-4 1000 m
  Gold Alejandro Abascal
Miguel Noguer
  1980 Moscow   Sailing Flying Dutchman
  Silver Jordi Llopart   1980 Moscow   Athletics Men's 50 kilometres walk
  Silver   1980 Moscow   Field hockey Men's tournament
  Silver Herminio Menéndez
Guillermo del Riego
  1980 Moscow   Canoeing Men's K-2 500 metres
  Bronze David López-Zubero   1980 Moscow   Swimming Men's 100 metre butterfly
  Bronze Herminio Menéndez
Luis Gregorio Ramos
  1980 Moscow   Canoeing Men's K-2 1000 metres
  Gold Luis Doreste
Roberto Molina
  1984 Los Angeles   Sailing 470
  Silver Luis María Lasúrtegui
Fernando Climent
  1984 Los Angeles   Rowing Men's coxless pair
  Silver   1984 Los Angeles   Basketball Men's tournament
  Bronze Narciso Suárez
Enrique Míguez
  1984 Los Angeles   Canoeing Men's C-2 500 m
  Bronze José Manuel Abascal   1984 Los Angeles   Athletics Men's 1500 m
  Gold José Doreste   1988 Seoul   Sailing Finn
  Silver Sergio Casal
Emilio Sánchez
  1988 Seoul   Tennis Men's doubles
  Bronze Sergio López   1988 Seoul   Swimming Men's 200 m breaststroke
  Bronze Jorge Guardiola   1988 Seoul   Shooting Skeet
  Gold José Manuel Moreno   1992 Barcelona   Cycling Men's track time trial
  Gold Martín López-Zubero   1992 Barcelona   Swimming Men's 200 m backstroke
  Gold Daniel Plaza   1992 Barcelona   Athletics Men's 20 km walk
  Gold Miriam Blasco   1992 Barcelona   Judo Women's Lightweight (56 kg)
  Gold Almudena Muñoz   1992 Barcelona   Judo Women's Half Lightweight (52 kg)
  Gold Luis Doreste
Domingo Manrique
  1992 Barcelona   Sailing Flying Dutchman
  Gold José María van der Ploeg   1992 Barcelona   Sailing Finn
  Gold Jordi Calafat
Kiko Sánchez
  1992 Barcelona   Sailing Men's 470
  Gold Theresa Zabell
Patricia Guerra
  1992 Barcelona   Sailing Women's 470
  Gold Antonio Vázquez
Alfonso Menéndez
Juan Holgado
  1992 Barcelona   Archery Men's Team
  Gold   1992 Barcelona   Field hockey Women's tournament
  Gold Fermín Cacho   1992 Barcelona   Athletics Men's 1500 m
  Gold   1992 Barcelona   Football Men's tournament
  Silver Natalia Vía Dufresne   1992 Barcelona   Sailing Europe
  Silver Antonio Peñalver   1992 Barcelona   Athletics Men's decathlon
  Silver Carolina Pascual   1992 Barcelona   Gymnastics Women's rhythmic individual all-around
  Silver Jordi Arrese   1992 Barcelona   Tennis Men's singles
  Silver Arantxa Sánchez Vicario
Conchita Martínez
  1992 Barcelona   Tennis Women's doubles
  Silver Faustino Reyes   1992 Barcelona   Boxing Featherweight (57 kg)
  Silver   1992 Barcelona   Water polo Men's tournament
  Bronze Javier García Chico   1992 Barcelona   Athletics Men's pole vault
  Bronze Arantxa Sánchez Vicario   1992 Barcelona   Tennis Women's singles
  Gold José Luis Ballester
Fernando León
  1996 Atlanta   Sailing Tornado
  Gold Begoña Vía Dufresne
Theresa Zabell
  1996 Atlanta   Sailing Women's 470
  Gold   1996 Atlanta   Water polo Men's tournament
  Gold Lorena Guréndez
Tania Lamarca
Estíbaliz Martínez
Marta Baldó
Nuria Cabanillas
Estela Giménez
  1996 Atlanta   Gymnastics Women's rhythmic team
  Gold Miguel Induráin   1996 Atlanta   Cycling Men's road time trial
  Silver Ernesto Pérez   1996 Atlanta   Judo Men's Heavyweight (+95 kg)
  Silver Arantxa Sánchez Vicario   1996 Atlanta   Tennis Women's singles
  Silver   1996 Atlanta   Field hockey Men's tournament
  Silver Abraham Olano   1996 Atlanta   Cycling Men's road time trial
  Silver Sergi Bruguera   1996 Atlanta   Tennis Men's singles
  Silver Fermín Cacho   1996 Atlanta   Athletics Men's 1500 m
  Bronze Isabel Fernández   1996 Atlanta   Judo Women's Lightweight (56 kg)
  Bronze Yolanda Soler   1996 Atlanta   Judo Women's Extra Lightweight (48 kg)
  Bronze Conchita Martínez
Arantxa Sánchez Vicario
  1996 Atlanta   Tennis Women's doubles
  Bronze Rafael Lozano   1996 Atlanta   Boxing Men's Light Flyweight (48 kg)
  Bronze Valentí Massana   1996 Atlanta   Athletics Men's 50 km walk
  Bronze   1996 Atlanta   Handball Men's tournament
  Gold Isabel Fernández   2000 Sydney   Judo Women's Lightweight (57 kg)
  Gold Joan Llaneras   2000 Sydney   Cycling Men's points race
  Gold Gervasio Deferr   2000 Sydney   Gymnastics Men's vault
  Silver Gabriel Esparza   2000 Sydney   Taekwondo Men's Flyweight (58 kg)
  Silver Rafael Lozano   2000 Sydney   Boxing Light Flyweight (48 kg)
  Silver   2000 Sydney   Football Men's tournament
  Bronze Nina Zhivanevskaya   2000 Sydney   Swimming Women's 100 m backstroke
  Bronze Margarita Fullana   2000 Sydney   Cycling Women's cross-country
  Bronze Àlex Corretja
Albert Costa
  2000 Sydney   Tennis Men's doubles
  Bronze María Vasco   2000 Sydney   Athletics Women's 20 km walk
  Bronze   2000 Sydney   Handball Men's tournament
  Gold Gervasio Deferr   2004 Athens   Gymnastics Men's vault
  Gold Xabier Fernández
Iker Martínez
  2004 Athens   Sailing 49er class
  Gold David Cal   2004 Athens   Canoeing Men's C-1 1000 m
  Silver María Quintanal   2004 Athens   Shooting Women's trap
  Silver Paquillo Fernández   2004 Athens   Athletics Men's 20 km walk
  Silver Beatriz Ferrer-Salat
Juan Antonio Jiménez
Ignacio Rambla
Rafael Soto
  2004 Athens   Equestrian Team dressage
  Silver Rafael Trujillo   2004 Athens   Sailing Finn class
  Silver Sandra Azón
Natalia Vía Dufresne
  2004 Athens   Sailing Women's 470 class
  Silver Conchita Martínez
Virginia Ruano Pascual
  2004 Athens   Tennis Women's doubles
  Silver Joan Llaneras   2004 Athens   Cycling Men's points race
  Silver José Antonio Escuredo   2004 Athens   Cycling Men's keirin
  Silver Javier Bosma
Pablo Herrera
  2004 Athens   Volleyball Men's beach volleyball
  Silver David Cal   2004 Athens   Canoeing Men's C-1 500 m
  Silver José Antonio Hermida   2004 Athens   Cycling Men's cross-country
  Bronze Manuel Martínez Gutiérrez   2004 Athens   Athletics Men's shot put
  Bronze Sergi Escobar   2004 Athens   Cycling Men's individual pursuit
  Bronze Carlos Castaño
Sergi Escobar
Asier Maeztu
Carlos Torrent
  2004 Athens   Cycling Men's team pursuit
  Bronze Patricia Moreno   2004 Athens   Gymnastics Women's floor
  Bronze Beatriz Ferrer-Salat   2004 Athens   Equestrian Individual dressage
  Bronze Joan Lino Martínez   2004 Athens   Athletics Men's long jump
  Gold Samuel Sánchez   2008 Beijing   Cycling Men's road race
  Gold Joan Llaneras   2008 Beijing   Cycling Men's points race
  Gold Rafael Nadal   2008 Beijing   Tennis Men's singles
  Gold Fernando Echávarri
Antón Paz Blanco
  2008 Beijing   Sailing Tornado class
  Gold Saúl Craviotto
Carlos Pérez
  2008 Beijing   Canoeing Men's K-2 500 m
  Silver Iker Martínez
Xabier Fernández
  2008 Beijing   Sailing 49er class
  Silver Lidia Valentín   2008 Beijing   Weightlifting Women's 75 kg
  Silver Anabel Medina Garrigues
Virginia Ruano Pascual
  2008 Beijing   Tennis Women's doubles
  Silver Gervasio Deferr   2008 Beijing   Gymnastics Men's floor exercises
  Silver Joan Llaneras
Antonio Tauler
  2008 Beijing   Cycling Men's Madison
  Silver Andrea Fuentes
Gemma Mengual
  2008 Beijing   Synchronized swimming Women's duet
  Silver David Cal   2008 Beijing   Canoeing Men's C-1 1000 m
  Silver David Cal   2008 Beijing   Canoeing Men's C-1 500 m
  Silver Alba María Cabello
Raquel Corral
Andrea Fuentes
Gemma Mengual
Thaïs Henríquez
Laura López
Gisela Morón
Irina Rodríguez
Paola Tirados
  2008 Beijing   Synchronized swimming Women's team
  Silver   2008 Beijing   Field hockey Men's tournament
  Silver   2008 Beijing   Basketball Men's tournament
  Bronze José Luis Abajo   2008 Beijing   Fencing Men's individual épée
  Bronze Leire Olaberría   2008 Beijing   Cycling Women's points race
  Bronze   2008 Beijing   Handball Men's tournament
  Gold Marina Alabau   2012 London   Sailing Women's sailboard
  Gold Lidia Valentín   2012 London   Weightlifting Women's 75 kg
  Gold Joel González   2012 London   Taekwondo Men's 58 kg
  Gold Támara Echegoyen
Ángela Pumariega
Sofía Toro
  2012 London   Sailing Elliott 6m
  Silver Mireia Belmonte García   2012 London   Swimming Women's 200 metre butterfly
  Silver Mireia Belmonte García   2012 London   Swimming Women's 800 metre freestyle
  Silver Javier Gómez Noya   2012 London   Triathlon Men's
  Silver Ona Carbonell
Andrea Fuentes
  2012 London   Synchronized swimming Women's duet
  Silver David Cal   2012 London   Canoeing Men's C-1 1000 m
  Silver Brigitte Yagüe   2012 London   Taekwondo Women's 49 kg
  Silver   2012 London   Water polo Women's tournament
  Silver Nicolás García   2012 London   Taekwondo Men's 80 kg
  Silver Saúl Craviotto   2012 London   Canoeing Men's K-1 200 m
  Silver   2012 London   Basketball Men's tournament
  Bronze Maialen Chourraut   2012 London   Canoeing Women's slalom K-1
  Bronze Maider Unda   2012 London   Wrestling Women's freestyle 72 kg
  Bronze Clara Basiana
Alba Cabello
Ona Carbonell
Margalida Crespí
Andrea Fuentes
Thaïs Henríquez
Paula Klamburg
Irene Montrucchio
Laia Pons
  2012 London   Synchronized swimming Women's team
  Bronze Ruth Beitia   2012 London   Athletics Women's high jump
  Bronze   2012 London   Handball Women's tournament
  Gold Mireia Belmonte   2016 Rio de Janeiro   Swimming Women's 200 m butterfly
  Gold Maialen Chourraut   2016 Rio de Janeiro   Canoeing Women's slalom K-1
  Gold Marc López
Rafael Nadal
  2016 Rio de Janeiro   Tennis Men's doubles
  Gold Marcus Walz   2016 Rio de Janeiro   Canoeing Men's K-1 1000 m
  Gold Saúl Craviotto
Cristian Toro
  2016 Rio de Janeiro   Canoeing Men's K-2 200 m
  Gold Carolina Marín   2016 Rio de Janeiro   Badminton Women's singles
  Gold Ruth Beitia   2016 Rio de Janeiro   Athletics Women's high jump
  Silver Orlando Ortega   2016 Rio de Janeiro   Athletics Men's 110 m hurdles
  Silver Eva Calvo   2016 Rio de Janeiro   Taekwondo Women's 57 kg
  Silver   2016 Rio de Janeiro   Basketball Women's tournament
  Silver Sandra Aguilar
Artemi Gavezou
Elena López
Lourdes Mohedano
Alejandra Quereda
  2016 Rio de Janeiro   Gymnastics Women's rhythmic group all-around
  Bronze Mireia Belmonte   2016 Rio de Janeiro   Swimming Women's 400 m individual medley
  Bronze Lidia Valentín   2016 Rio de Janeiro   Weightlifting Women's 75 kg
  Bronze Joel González   2016 Rio de Janeiro   Taekwondo Men's 68 kg
  Bronze Saúl Craviotto   2016 Rio de Janeiro   Canoeing Men's K-1 200 metres
  Bronze   2016 Rio de Janeiro   Basketball Men's tournament
  Bronze Carlos Coloma   2016 Rio de Janeiro   Cycling Men's cross-country
  Gold Alberto Fernández
Fátima Gálvez
  2020 Tokyo   Shooting Mixed trap team
  Gold Sandra Sánchez   2020 Tokyo   Karate Women's kata
  Gold Alberto Ginés López   2020 Tokyo   Sport climbing Men's combined
  Silver Adriana Cerezo   2020 Tokyo   Taekwondo Women's 49 kg
  Silver Maialen Chourraut   2020 Tokyo   Canoeing Women's slalom K-1
  Silver Rayderley Zapata   2020 Tokyo   Gymnastics Men's floor
  Silver Teresa Portela   2020 Tokyo   Canoeing Women's K-1 200 metres
  Silver Damián Quintero   2020 Tokyo   Karate Men's kata
  Silver Saúl Craviotto
Marcus Walz
Carlos Arévalo
Rodrigo Germade
  2020 Tokyo   Canoeing Men's K-4 500 metres
  Silver   2020 Tokyo   Water polo Women's tournament
  Silver   2020 Tokyo   Football Men's tournament
  Bronze David Valero   2020 Tokyo   Cycling Men's cross-country
  Bronze Pablo Carreño Busta   2020 Tokyo   Tennis Men's singles
  Bronze Ana Peleteiro   2020 Tokyo   Athletics Women's triple jump
  Bronze Joan Cardona Méndez   2020 Tokyo   Sailing Finn
  Bronze Jordi Xammar
Nicolás Rodríguez
  2020 Tokyo   Sailing Men's 470
  Bronze   2020 Tokyo   Handball Men's tournament

Winter OlympicsEdit

Medal Name(s) Games Sport Event
  Gold Francisco Fernández Ochoa   1972 Sapporo   Alpine skiing Men's slalom
  Bronze Blanca Fernández Ochoa   1992 Albertville   Alpine skiing Women's slalom
  Bronze Regino Hernández   2018 Pyeongchang   Snowboarding Men’s snowboard cross
  Bronze Javier Fernández   2018 Pyeongchang   Figure skating Men’s singles

Spanish athletes with most Olympic medalsEdit

  • Only Spanish athletes who achieved 3 or more medals or 2 gold medals are included in the following table.
Saúl Craviotto2215
Joan Llaneras2204
Gervasio Deferr2103
Luis Doreste2002
Rafael Nadal2002
Theresa Zabell2002
David Cal1405
Mireia Belmonte1214
Lidia Valentín1113
Maialen Chourraut1113
Andrea Fuentes0314
Arantxa Sánchez Vicario0224
Conchita Martínez0213
Felipe Reyes0213
Herminio Menéndez0213
José Manuel Calderón0213
Juan Carlos Navarro0213
Pau Gasol0213
Rudy Fernández0213
Demetrio Lozano0033
Totals (20 athletes)16321765

Summary by sportEdit


Games Archers Events Gold Silver Bronze Total
1992 Barcelona 1 3/4 1 0 0 1
Total 1 0 0 1


Games Athletes Events Gold Silver Bronze Total
1980 Moscow 22 13/38 0 1 0 1
1984 Los Angeles 18 12/41 0 0 1 1
1992 Barcelona 59 31/43 2 1 1 4
1996 Atlanta 59 31/44 0 1 1 2
2000 Sydney 56 34/46 0 0 1 1
2004 Athens 57 33/46 0 1 2 3
2012 London 46 26/47 0 0 1 1
2016 Rio de Janeiro 47 28/47 1 1 0 2
2020 Tokyo 52 33/48 0 0 1 1
Total 3 5 8 16


Games Players Events Gold Silver Bronze Total
2016 Rio de Janeiro 2 2/5 1 0 0 1
Total 1 0 0 1


Games Events Gold Silver Bronze Total
1984 Los Angeles 1/2 0 1 0 1
2008 Beijing 2/2 0 1 0 1
2012 London 2/2 0 1 0 1
2016 Rio de Janeiro 2/2 0 1 1 2
Total 0 4 1 5

Basque pelotaEdit

Spain is credited with a gold medal in the only appearance of basque pelota as a medal sport at the Olympics in 1900, though the French team (one of only two teams to enter) withdrew shortly before the competition started and so no competition was held.[2][3]

Games Players Events Gold Silver Bronze Total
1900 Paris 2 1/1 1 0 0 1
Total 1 0 0 1


Games Boxers Events Gold Silver Bronze Total
1972 Munich 1 1/11 0 0 1 1
1992 Barcelona 7 7/12 0 1 0 1
1996 Atlanta 1 1/12 0 0 1 1
2000 Sydney 1 1/12 0 1 0 1
Total 0 2 2 4


Spain had one competitor in the first equestrian events in 1900, competing in the mail coach event.

Games Riders Events Gold Silver Bronze Total
1900 Paris 1 1/5 0 0 0 0
1928 Amsterdam 6 4/6 1 0 0 1
1948 London 7 4/6 0 1 0 1
2004 Athens 4 2/6 0 1 1 2
Total 1 2 1 4


Spain's 1900 Olympic debut included 1 fencer, Mauricio Álvarez de las Asturias Bohorques, 4th Duke of Gor, who competed in each of the 3 weapons' individual amateur events and reached the semifinals (5th to 8th place) in the sabre.

Games Fencers Events Gold Silver Bronze Total
1900 Paris 1 3/7 0 0 0 0
2008 Beijing 5 5/10 0 0 1 1
Total 0 0 1 1


Spain's 1900 Olympic debut included 5 rowers, a men's single sculler and a men's coxed four team (for which the sculler served as coxswain).

Games Rowers Events Gold Silver Bronze Total
1900 Paris 5 2/4 0 0 0 0
Total 0 1 0 1

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