Sailing at the 1988 Summer Olympics

Sailing/Yachting is an Olympic sport starting from the 1896 Olympics in Athens, Greece). With the exception of 1904 and possibly the canceled 1916 Summer Olympics, sailing has always been included on the Olympic schedule. The Sailing program of 1988 consisted of a total of eight sailing classes (disciplines). For each class seven races were scheduled from 20 September 1988 to 27 September 1988 of the coast of Busan and was the first time that a separate event was allocated exclusively for women (sailed in the 470 class). The sailing was done on the triangular type Olympic courses.[1]

at the Games of the XXIV Olympiad
DatesFirst race: 20 September 1988 (1988-09-20)
Last race: 27 September 1988 (1988-09-27)
Competitors375 (331 male, 44 female) from 60 nations
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Busan Yachting Center

According to the IOC statutes the contests in all sport disciplines must be held either in, or as close as possible to the city which the IOC has chosen. Since the sailing conditions of the coast near Seoul are not very suitable for Olympic sailing Busan was chosen for the 1988 Sailing event. A total of two race areas were created of the coast of Busan.

Busan in Korea was reportedly a light wind venue but no one realised until too late that this information came from the airport which was located in a sheltered valley. It turned out to be that the 1988 Olympic Games were one of the windiest ever with one day of racing postponed due to too much wind. One day of racing saw around 30 knots of wind with 5 knots of current going against the wind. There was a lot of equipment damage and rescues for many classes resulting in many sailors did not finish and requests for redress.



Continents Countries Classes Boats Male Female
5 60 8 214 331 44



Countries that participated in the Sailing event of the 1988 Olympic Games.
Blue: Water
Gray: Never participated in OG
Dark Gray: Participated in earlier OG
Green: Country participated for the first time
Dark Blue: Country participated also on previous games
Red: Country boycotted the sailing event of the OG
  Netherlands Antilles (AHO)   Antigua and Barbuda (ANT)   Argentina (ARG)
  Australia (AUS)   Austria (AUT)   Bahamas (BAH)
  Barbados (BAR)   Bermuda (BER)   Brazil (BRA)
  Canada (CAN)   Chile (CHI)   China (CHN)
  Cyprus (CYP)   Denmark (DEN)   Djibouti (DJI)
  Spain (ESP)   Fiji (FIJ)   Finland (FIN)
  France (FRA)   West Germany (FRG)   Great Britain (GBR)
  East Germany (GDR)   Greece (GRE)   Guam (GUM)
  Hong Kong (HKG)   Hungary (HUN)   Indonesia (INA)
  India (IND)   Ireland (IRL)   Iceland (ISL)
  Israel (ISR)   Virgin Islands (ISV)   Italy (ITA)
  British Virgin Islands (IVB)   Japan (JPN)   South Korea (KOR)
  Mexico (MEX)   Malta (MLT)   Monaco (MON)
  Netherlands (NED)   Norway (NOR)   New Zealand (NZL)
  Pakistan (PAK)   Philippines (PHI)   Papua New Guinea (PNG)
  Poland (POL)   Portugal (POR)   Puerto Rico (PUR)
  Qatar (QAT)   Singapore (SIN)   San Marino (SMR)
  Switzerland (SUI)   Sweden (SWE)   Thailand (THA)
  Turkey (TUR)   Soviet Union (URS)   Uruguay (URU)
  United States (USA)   Venezuela (VEN)   Zimbabwe (ZIM)

Classes (equipment)Edit

Class Type Event Sailors Trapeze Mainsail Jib/Genoa Spinnaker First OG Olympics so far
Division II Surfboard   1 0 + - - 1988 1
Finn Dinghy   1 0 + - - 1952 10
470 Dinghy   2 1 + + + 1988 1
470 Dinghy   2 1 + + + 1976 4
Flying Dutchman Dinghy   2 1 + + + 1960 7
Tornado Catamaran   2 1 + + - 1976 4
Star Keelboat   2 0 + + - 1932 12
Soling Keelboat   3 0 + + + 1972 5

Medal summaryEdit

Women's eventEdit

Games Gold Silver Bronze

1988: Women's 470

  United States (USA)
Allison Jolly
Lynne Jewell
  Sweden (SWE)
Marit Söderström
Birgitta Bengtsson
  Soviet Union (URS)
Larisa Moskalenko
Iryna Chunykhovska

Men's eventEdit

Games Gold Silver Bronze

1988: Men's Division II

  New Zealand (NZL)
Bruce Kendall
  Netherlands Antilles (AHO)
Jan Boersma
  United States (USA)
Mike Gebhardt

1988: Finn

  Spain (ESP)
Jose Doreste
  Virgin Islands (ISV)
Peter Holmberg
  New Zealand (NZL)
John Cutler

1988: Men's 470

  France (FRA)
Thierry Peponnet
Luc Pillot
  Soviet Union (URS)
Tõnu Tõniste
Toomas Tõniste
  United States (USA)
John Shadden
Charles McKee

Open eventsEdit

Games Gold Silver Bronze

1988: Flying Dutchman

  Denmark (DEN)
Jørgen Bojsen-Møller
Christian Grønborg
  Norway (NOR)
Ole Pollen
Erik Björkum
  Canada (CAN)
Frank McLaughlin
John Millen

1988: Tornado

  France (FRA)
Jean Le Deroff
Nicolas Hénard
  New Zealand (NZL)
Chris Timms
Rex Sellers
  Brazil (BRA)
Lars Grael
Clinio Freitas

1988: Star

  Great Britain (GBR)
Michael McIntyre
Bryn Vaile
  United States (USA)
Mark Reynolds
Harold Haenel
  Brazil (BRA)
Torben Grael
Nelson Falcão

1988: Soling

  East Germany (GDR)
Jochen Schümann
Thomas Flach
Bernd Jäkel
  United States (USA)
John Kostecki
William Baylis
Robert Billingham
  Denmark (DEN)
Jesper Bank
Jan Mathiasen
Steen Secher

Medal tableEdit

1  France (FRA)2002
2  United States (USA)1225
3  New Zealand (NZL)1113
4  Denmark (DEN)1012
5  East Germany (GDR)1001
  Great Britain (GBR)1001
  Spain (ESP)1001
8  Soviet Union (URS)0112
9  Netherlands Antilles (AHO)0101
  Norway (NOR)0101
  Sweden (SWE)0101
  Virgin Islands (ISV)0101
13  Brazil (BRA)0022
14  Canada (CAN)0011
Totals (14 nations)88824



  • For the first time a specific female event 470 female was on the program. Prior to that all events were open to both men and women.


During the Sailing regattas at the 1988 Summer Olympics among others the following persons were competing in the various classes:


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Coordinates: 35°9′32″N 129°8′18″E / 35.15889°N 129.13833°E / 35.15889; 129.13833