Athletics at the 1992 Summer Olympics – Men's pole vault

These are the official results of the Men's Pole Vault event at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. There were a total number of 35 participating athletes. The qualification mark was set at 5.60 metres (six + six athletes).[1]

Men's pole vault
at the Games of the XXV Olympiad
VenueEstadi Olímpic de Montjuïc
Date5 August 1992 (qualifications)
7 August 1992 (finals)
Competitors34 from 25 nations
Winning height5.80
1st, gold medalist(s) Maksim Tarasov
 Unified Team
2nd, silver medalist(s) Igor Trandenkov
 Unified Team
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Javier García
← 1988
1996 →

This was a remarkably clean competition, with only three athletes having a miss at a height that was not their best or better in the competition. Maksim Tarasov took gold with only three attempts, clean through 5.80. Igor Trandenkov equalled Tarasov, but took three attempts to clear 5.80. Javier García took bronze in his home town by clearing 5.75 on his second attempt, to edge Kory Tarpenning who cleared it on his third.


Gold Maksim Tarasov
  Unified Team
Silver Igor Trandenkov
  Unified Team
Bronze Javier García


These were the standing world and Olympic records (in metres) prior to the 1992 Summer Olympics.

World Record 6.11   Sergey Bubka Dijon (FRA) June 13, 1992
Olympic Record 5.90   Sergey Bubka Seoul (KOR) September 28, 1988



Held on Wednesday August 5, 1992

Qualification rule: Qualifying performance 5.60 (Q) or at least 12 best performers (q) advance to the Final.

Rank Group Name Nationality 4.80 5.00 5.20 5.30 5.40 5.50 5.55 5.60 Result Notes
1 A Sergey Bubka   Unified Team o 5.60 Q
1 B Maksim Tarasov   Unified Team o o 5.60 Q
3 B Yevgeny Krasnov   Israel xo o xo o 5.60 Q
4 B Tim Bright   United States o o xo 5.60 Q
5 A Kory Tarpenning   United States xo xo xo 5.60 Q
6 B Igor Trandenkov   Unified Team xo xxo 5.60 Q
7 A Alberto Ruiz   Spain o o xo xo xxx 5.55 q
7 B Javier García   Spain o xo xo x– 5.55 q
9 B Asko Peltoniemi   Finland xo xo xo x– 5.55 q
9 B István Bagyula   Hungary o o xo xo xo xxx 5.55 q
11 A David Volz   United States o xo xxo xxx 5.55 q
11 B Philippe Collet   France xo xxo x– 5.55 q
13 A Jean Galfione   France o o xxx 5.50
14 A Philippe d'Encausse   France xo o xxx 5.50
14 A Jani Lehtonen   Finland xo o xxx 5.50
16 A Galin Nikov   Bulgaria o xo xxx 5.50
17 A Valeri Bukrejev   Estonia o xxo xxx 5.50
18 B Edgar Díaz   Puerto Rico xxo xo xxo xxx 5.50
19 A Daniel Martí   Spain o xo xxx 5.40
20 B Andrea Pegoraro   Italy xxo xxx 5.40
21 A Peter Widén   Sweden xxo xxo xxx 5.40
22 B Simon Arkell   Australia o xxx 5.30
23 B Christos Pallakis   Greece xo o xxo xxx 5.30
24 A Doug Wood   Canada o xxx 5.20
24 A Jean-Kersley Gardenne   Mauritius o o xxx 5.20
26 A Mike Edwards   Great Britain xo xxx 5.20
26 B Photis Stephani   Cyprus o xo xxx 5.20
28 B Edward Lasquete   Philippines xxo o xxx 5.00 NR
29 B Nuno Fernandes   Portugal xxo xo xxx 5.00
A Kim Chul-kyun   South Korea xxx NM
A Paul Gibbons   New Zealand x– NM
B Aleksandrs Obižajevs   Latvia xxx NM
B Hiroyuki Sano   Japan xxx NM
B Tómas Riether   Chile xxx NM
A Hermann Fehringer   Austria DNS


  • Held on Friday August 7, 1992
Rank Name Nationality 5.20 5.30 5.40 5.50 5.55 5.60 5.65 5.70 5.75 5.80 5.85 5.90 Result Notes
  Maksim Tarasov   Unified Team o o o xxx 5.80
  Igor Trandenkov   Unified Team o o xxo xxx 5.80
  Javier García   Spain o o o xo xxx 5.75
4 Kory Tarpenning   United States o xxo xxx 5.75
5 David Volz   United States o o xxx 5.65
6 Asko Peltoniemi   Finland xxo xo x– xx 5.60
7 Philippe Collet   France o xxx 5.55
8 Yevgeny Krasnov   Israel xo xxx 5.40
9 István Bagyula   Hungary xxo o xxx 5.30
10 Alberto Ruiz   Spain xxo xxx 5.30
Sergey Bubka   Unified Team xx– x NM
Tim Bright   United States xxx NM

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