1948 Winter Olympics medal table

This is the full table of the medal table of the 1948 Winter Olympics, which were held in St. Moritz, Switzerland. These rankings sort by the number of gold medals earned by a country. The number of silvers is taken into consideration next and then the number of bronze. If, after the above, countries are still tied, equal ranking is given and they are listed alphabetically. This follows the system used by the IOC, IAAF and BBC. Medals for the two demonstration sports Military patrol and Winter pentathlon are not included in this summary, albeit they are listed in the official report of the Swiss Olympic Committee.[1] Italy won its first Winter Olympic medal, a gold medal.

1948 Winter Olympics medals
LocationSt. Moritz,  Switzerland
Most gold medals Norway (4) and
 Sweden (4)
Most total medals Norway (10),
 Sweden (10), and
 Switzerland (10)

  *   Host nation (Switzerland)

1 Norway (NOR)43310
 Sweden (SWE)43310
3 Switzerland (SUI)*34310
4 United States (USA)3429
5 France (FRA)2125
6 Canada (CAN)2013
7 Austria (AUT)1348
8 Finland (FIN)1326
9 Belgium (BEL)1102
10 Italy (ITA)1001
11 Czechoslovakia (TCH)0101
 Hungary (HUN)0101
13 Great Britain (GBR)0022
Totals (13 nations)22242268

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