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The WikiProject Olympics was called into existence on March 1, 2002. Since then, this project has assembled Wikipedians who share interest regarding topics related to the Olympic Games, and who are ready to create and expand content belonging to this area. The Olympics field area is as big as its history but, despite the huge amount of content that already exists on the English Wikipedia, there is always something missing or in need of development that you can work on! Suggestions presented here are things to give you focus and to get you going, and you shouldn't feel obligated in the least to follow them. Mainly, we just want you to write articles!

If you feel that you can have a positive contribution to the project, become a member by joining the list of members. If you don't know what to write or where to begin, or if you have doubts or ideas on how to improve an article, please address the project's discussion forum.

The project aims primarily to:
  • Create and improve articles whose content has connection with the Olympics.
  • Set up consistent structural and graphical layouts for displaying data on theme-specific articles.

Other goals include:

The WikiProject Olympics was created and existed as a full-out branch of the WikiProject Sports until March 2007, when, amidst a restructuring, the project's high growth rate and importance were considered sufficient for it to take an independent course from its parent WikiProject. It used to stand in a similar situation to other daughter projects, like WikiProject Sports Listing or WikiProject Sports Results.
If you are wondering where to start, take a look at these tasks:
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Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games stadium

Toyko 2020 Olympic GamesMain stadium
Japan National Stadium, venue for opening and closing ceremonies and athletics.
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