"Well I, I just want to see the light
And I, I don't want to lose my sight
Well I, I just want to see the light
And I need to know what's worth the fight"
Green Day

Hello, I´m Brazilian, have a lot of free time and a will to learn things - mostly by reading or being online until I feel bad about it. One day, I was searching in Google for Sonic the Hedgehog, and I´ve found Wikipedia´s page. I liked it - but my first edits were on the Portuguese Wiki. Since the mess there is worse than here, I stopped editing there for a while - and nowadays the edits are more numerous on EN Wiki (EN: over 14,000, PT: over 7,200) even if a few were unlogged. The number might not be be too big, but my edits fit "quality over quantity" - sometimes I create whole sections, add images, etc in just one edit. (you don't want to see many tabs end up open) The articles edited by me might not be high culture or vital articles, but at least I'm doing my best to make the internet not suck.

Given I majored in communication, it's no surprise our "weekly news" at the Top 25 Report interest me, and I even decide to break out of laziness\writer's block to write sometimes, with much more frequency once it seemed like I was the only one who cared about keeping the project running. It got to the point that someone even credited me for the overall report on YouTube. (on a lesser note, I've been thrice accused of having a political bias, give me a hat to throw)

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Bring on 2026!

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A girl that shakes me - or my hands, at least.
James Bond
He always runs while others walk...

Editing pages about this womanizing fictional Brit somehow even made people interested in interviewing me.

Featured Articles and Topics

Good articles
11 articles
  Foo Fighters discography
  Foo Fighters (album)
  The Colour and the Shape
  There Is Nothing Left to Lose
  One by One (Foo Fighters album)
  In Your Honor
  Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
  Wasting Light
  Sonic Highways
  Concrete and Gold
  Medicine at Midnight
Games, television and such
The X-Files

While my biggest contribution was getting an editor to the TXF project, had a hand in building this huge list:

Video games