Keila Costa

Keila da Silva Costa (born 6 February 1983) is a Brazilian long jumper and triple jumper. She has competed in three Olympic Games, 2004, 2008 and 2012, and has reached the final round both there and in World Championships and World Indoor Championships. She is the South American record holder in triple jump with 14.58 metres, and has 6.88 metres in the long jump. Both results were achieved in 2007.

Keila Costa
Osaka07 D4A Bianca Kappler.jpg
Keila Costa (right) at the World Championships in 2007.
Personal information
Full nameKeila da Silva da Costa
Born (1983-02-06) February 6, 1983 (age 37)
Abreu e Lima, Pernambuco
Height1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)
Weight62 kg (137 lb)
Country Brazil
SportTrack and field
Event(s)Triple jump
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Early careerEdit

She was born in Abreu e Lima near Recife,[1] and took up athletics at the age of nine.[2][3] It was not the easiest of things to become an international athlete, as the city of Abreu e Lima did not sport a rubber track; also she came from a "humble family".[4]

As a junior athlete she competed in two World Junior Championships. At the 2000 edition in Santiago, Chile she finished eleventh in the triple jump. Her personal best at the time was 13.23 metres. In 2001, she broke the 14-metre barrier as she improved to 14.00 metres at a meet in São Caetano do Sul.[5] This was a new South American junior record.[i][4] In 2002 the World Junior Championships were held in Kingston, Jamaica. Here she finished ninth in the long jump and won the bronze medal in the triple jump.[5] She was the first Brazilian to win a medal at the World Junior Championships.[2] She had not improved in the latter event, but her personal best in the long jump was 6.46 metres, achieved in September 2002 in Rio de Janeiro.[5]

In the following seasons, she rarely competed internationally, except for a participation at the 2004 Olympic Games where she failed to reach the final.[5] She was injured for most of 2003.[2] By June 2005 she had improved to 6.63 metres in the long jump, and in February 2006 she improved to 14.17 metres in the triple jump. In March 2006 she competed in triple jump at the World Indoor Championships and her first international triple jump event since the 2002 World Juniors—but even though she approached her maximum level with a jump of 14.11 metres, she again failed to reach the final. In late 2006, she represented the Americas (except for the United States) in long jump at the World Cup event, finishing sixth.[5]

Maurren Higa Maggi later captured the South American triple jump record,[4] and also dominated in national championships. Costa won her first Brazilian title in 2003.[6] On the regional level, Costa won five medals at the South American Championships in 2001, 2003 and 2005.[7]

International breakthroughEdit

Her definite international breakthrough came in 2007. She improved both her personal best jumps with good margins. In May in Belém she jumped 6.88 metres,[5] and in São Paulo in June she jumped 14.57 metres for a continental and championship record at the 2007 South American Championships in Athletics. She also won the silver medal in the long jump behind Maggi.[8] In May she had become the first South American woman to break the 15-metre-barrier. However, her 15.10 m jump in Uberlândia, Brazil had a tail wind of 2.7 m/second, and thus could not be accepted.[9] When jumping 14.57, she established a new South American record.[10] At the 2007 Pan American Games she won two silver medals,[2] and at the 2007 World Championships in August she finished ninth in the triple and seventh in the long jump competition. At the World Athletics Final towards the end of the season, she finished sixth in the triple and fifth in the long jump.[5]

In 2008, she did not compete in the triple jump at all. In the long jump, though, she finished seventh at the World Indoor Championships and eleventh at the Olympic Games. Her season's best was 6.79 metres, achieved in June in São Paulo.[5] Her South American record still stands.[11]

In the 2009 season, she won the Troféu Brasil Caixa de Atletismo with a season's best of 6.79 m, putting an end to rival Maurren Maggi's decade-long dominance of the championships.[12] She became the continental long jump champion for a second time at the 2009 South American Championships in Athletics.[13] The long jump at the 2009 Lusophony Games was a head-to-head with Portugal's Naide Gomes and Costa took the silver medal, three centimetres back with a mark of 6.71 m. Her focus turned to the 2009 World Championships in Athletics, but she failed to record a mark in her three attempts in the long jump final.[14] She closed the season with a seventh-place finish at the 2009 IAAF World Athletics Final.

She opened 2010 with her first podium finish on the global stage: competing in the long jump at the 2010 IAAF World Indoor Championships, she twice jumped 6.63 m to secure the bronze medal behind Brittney Reese and Gomes.[15] She became a double Brazilian champion later that year with victories in both the long jump and triple jump at the Troféu Brasil Caixa de Atletismo.[16]

Personal lifeEdit

Costa has a relationship with Panamanian Olympic champion in the long jump, Irving Saladino. The two met at the 2004 Olympic Games.[4]

Costa stands 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in) tall, and weighs approximately 137 pounds (62 kg).[1]


^i Note that this is sometimes given, wrongly, as being a South American record. The best South American result at the time belonged to Luciana dos Santos, who jumped 14.01 metres in 2000.[17]

Personal bestsEdit

Event Result Venue Date
100 m 12.43 s (wind: +0.5 m/s)   Belém 6 May 2005
Long jump 6.88 m (wind: -0.1 m/s)   Belém 20 May 2007
Triple jump 14.58 m (wind: +2.0 m/s)   São Paulo 7 Jun 2013
Long jump 6.64 m   Paris-Bercy 13 Feb 2009
Triple jump 14.11 m   Moscow 10 Mar 2006


Year Competition Venue Position Event Notes
Representing   Brazil
1999 South American Junior Championships Concepción, Chile 3rd Triple jump 12.62 m
2000 South American Junior Championships São Leopoldo, Brazil 1st Triple jump 13.65 m
World Junior Championships Santiago, Chile 11th Triple jump 12.97 m (wind: +0.9 m/s)
South American Youth Championships Bogotá, Colombia 1st Long jump 6.05 m A
1st Triple jump 13.04 m A
2001 South American Championships Manaus, Brazil 1st Triple jump 13.61 m
South American Junior Championships Santa Fe, Argentina 1st Long jump 6.20 m
1st Triple jump 13.66 m
Pan American Junior Championships Santa Fe, Argentina 3rd Long jump 5.97m
2nd Triple jump 13.55 m
2002 World Junior Championships Kingston, Jamaica 17th (q) Long jump 5.98 m (wind: +1.1 m/s)
3rd Triple jump 13.70 m (wind: +0.5 m/s)
South American Junior Championships /
South American Games
Belém, Brazil 1st Long jump 6.37 m (wind: +1.4 m/s)
1st Triple jump 13.78 m (wind: -0.5 m/s)
2003 South American Championships Barquisimeto, Venezuela 1st Long jump 6.30 m
1st Triple jump 13.62 m
2004 South American U23 Championships Barquisimeto, Venezuela 1st Long jump 6.19 m (wind: +1.6 m/s)
1st Triple jump 13.62 m (wind: +0.3 m/s)
Ibero-American Championships Huelva, Spain 6th Long jump 6.27 m
3rd Triple jump 13.80 m
Olympic Games Athens, Greece 31st (q) Long jump 6.33 m
2005 South American Championships Cali, Colombia 2nd Long jump 6.32 m
2nd Triple jump 13.75 m
2006 World Indoor Championships Moscow, Russia 10th (q) Triple jump 14.11 m
Ibero-American Championships Ponce, Puerto Rico 1st Long jump 6.54 m
World Cup Athens, Greece 7th Long jump 6.33 m (wind: +0.2 m/s)
2007 South American Championships São Paulo, Brazil 2nd Long jump 6.83 m
1st Triple jump 14.57 m
Pan American Games Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2nd Long jump 6.73 m
2nd Triple jump 14.38 m
World Championships Osaka, Japan 7th Long jump 6.69 m
9th Triple jump 14.40 m
World Athletics Final Stuttgart, Germany 5th Long jump 6.46 m (wind: +0.4 m/s)
6th Triple jump 14.13 m (wind: +0.5 m/s)
2008 World Indoor Championships Valencia, Spain 7th Long jump 6.48 m
Olympic Games Beijing, China 11th Long jump 6.43 m
2009 South American Championships Lima, Peru 1st Long jump 6.62 m
Lusophony Games Lisbon, Portugal 2nd Long jump 6.71 m (w)
World Championships Berlin, Germany 7th (q) Long jump 6.66 m[18]
World Athletics Final Thessaloniki, Greece 7th Long jump 6.53 m w (wind: +3.1 m/s)
2010 World Indoor Championships Doha, Qatar 3rd Long jump 6.63 m
2011 South American Championships Buenos Aires, Argentina 2nd Long jump 6.45 m
2nd Triple jump 13.96 m
Military World Games Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1st Long jump 6.41 m (wind: +0.1 m/s)
2nd Triple jump 14.11 m (wind: +0.0 m/s)
Universiade Shenzhen, China 11th Long jump 6.19 m
World Championships Daegu, South Korea 24th (q) Long jump 6.26 m
12th Triple jump 13.72 m
Pan American Games Guadalajara, Mexico 5th Long jump 6.37 m
4th Triple jump 14.01 m
2012 World Indoor Championships Istanbul, Turkey 11th (q) Long jump 6.45 m
Olympic Games London, United Kingdom 20th (q) Triple jump 13.84 m
2013 South American Championships Cartagena, Colombia 2nd Long jump 6.49 m
1st Triple jump 14.21 m (w)
World Championships Moscow, Russia 13th (q) Triple jump 13.82 m
2014 World Indoor Championships Sopot, Poland 10th (q) Triple jump 13.64 m
South American Games Santiago, Chile 1st Long jump 6.35 m
1st Triple jump 13.65 m
Pan American Sports Festival Ciudad de México, México 4th Triple jump 13.95m A (wind: +0.5 m/s)
2015 Pan American Games Toronto, Canada 2nd Triple jump 14.50 m (w)
World Championships Beijing, China 26th (q) Long jump 6.32 m
12th Triple jump 13.90 m
2016 World Indoor Championships Portland, United States 9th Triple jump 13.94 m
Ibero-American Championships Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2nd Long jump 6.43 m
1st Triple jump 14.01 m
Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 38th (q) Long jump 5.86 m
24th (q) Triple jump 13.78 m
2019 South American Championships Lima, Peru 2nd Long jump 6.38 m


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