2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympics gold post boxes

To commemorate British gold medal winners at the 2012 Summer Olympics and 2012 Summer Paralympics, various post boxes in the home towns of the medal winners around the United Kingdom, plus one each on Sark and the Isle of Man, were repainted gold. It marked the first occasion in modern times that the colour of post boxes in the United Kingdom had been changed from their traditional red. Originally intended to be a temporary measure, due to the positive public response it was later decided the colour change would become a permanent tribute, with boxes additionally receiving their own special plaques.

The gold post box in Arleston, Telford, that commemorates the gold medal won by paralympian Mickey Bushell.

Organisers and timelineEdit

The project was organised by Royal Mail Group Communications in-house team, Eulogy[1] and Blonde. Outside the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man Post and Guernsey Post also decided to emulate the Royal Mail scheme when athletes from their territories won gold (one each).[2][3] The project was launched on 24 July by painting the box at Westminster Abbey,[4] whilst the first athletes' boxes to be painted were in Lossiemouth for Heather Stanning and in Penzance for Helen Glover, to commemorate their medals in the women's coxless pair rowing.[5][6]

While initially planning to commemorate only Olympic gold medallists, on 15 August 2012, Royal Mail confirmed that gold medallists at the 2012 London Paralympics would also be similarly recognised with boxes and stamps.[7][8] On 19 September 2012, the Royal Mail relented to public pressure and decided to also commemorate Northern Irish Paralympians who won gold medals while competing for Ireland, reversing their position that "the stamps and gold post boxes were specifically for gold medal winning Olympian and Paralympians who competed for Team GB."[9][10] On 2 November 2012, it was announced the boxes would retain their new colour permanently, and would also receive a plaque denoting the recipient.[11][12]

Colour and precedentEdit

According to the Mail, the first postboxes (pillar boxes) were erected in the UK in 1853, a year after trial boxes had been erected in Jersey. They were initially painted green, to blend in with the landscape, however between 1874 and 1884 they were repainted bright red to better stand out. This has remained the standard colour, with only a few exceptions, such as blue for Air Mail in the 1930s.[4] Also according to the Mail, while gold stamp schemes had been introduced before, the UK is "believed to be the first country to paint post boxes gold to celebrate Olympic and Paralympic gold medal wins".[4]


Each gold medallist in the 2012 games had a post box painted in recognition of their achievement, usually in their home-town.[4][13]

Great BritainEdit

Gold postbox in Penzance, Cornwall honouring Helen Glover

Boxes were painted gold across Great Britain, as far north as Lossiemouth in Scotland, down to the near tip of South West England in Penzance, Cornwall.[13] The actual site of boxes ranges greatly, from rural places such as village greens, to suburban high street locations such as Stratford-upon-Avon, to urban city centres.

Northern IrelandEdit

Although athletes from Northern Ireland are eligible to compete for both Great Britain (Team GB and ParalympicsGB) and Ireland (Team Ireland and Paralympics Ireland), there were no GB gold medallists from Northern Ireland.

Due to the Royal Mail's decision to recognise Northern Irish medallists competing for Ireland, three Irish gold medal winning Paralympians were recognised with boxes in Eglinton (Jason Smyth), Glengormley (Michael McKillop) and Seaforde (Bethany Firth), although unlike the GB athletes, the multiple medallists (two each for Smyth and McKillop) did not receive multiple boxes.[10]

Sark (Bailiwick of Guernsey)Edit

The formerly blue post box on the island of Sark in the Bailiwick of Guernsey was painted gold by Guernsey Post to commemorate Carl Hester's team dressage success.[3]

Isle of ManEdit

The Isle of Man Post painted one gold box for Peter Kennaugh following success in the cycling team pursuit.[2]

Location disputesEdit

In some cases, the locations chosen by Royal Mail for gold boxes were disputed by either the athlete or members of the public as not being appropriate, either because the athlete was more closely associated with another location, or their home town was not as closely located as another location. In some cases, the Royal Mail attributed these errors to Team GB's athlete details database. This variously led to additional boxes being awarded, and in at least one case, a gold box being repainted red.

  • For cyclist Joanna Rowsell, the Royal Mail initially painted a box in Carshalton, the location of her birth, however at the request of her family this was repainted red within a few days and replaced by a gold box in nearby Cheam, where she grew up and now lives.[14]
  • For sailor Ben Ainslie, the Royal Mail initially painted a box in Restronguet Passage, Cornwall, the place he grew up and learned to sail. A member of the public then vandalised a box in Lymington High Street, Hampshire, on the basis that Ainslie was a long time resident and considered a local "legend".[15] After initially filing a complaint, Royal Mail relented to a public campaign and decided to officially paint the Lymington box.[15]
  • For canoeist Tim Baillie, the Mail painted a box in his home town of Westhill, Aberdeenshire. After requests from the public, a second box was added, also in Westhill, but in a more central location.[16]
  • For equestrian Peter Charles, Royal Mail painted a post box in Paper Mill Lane, Alton, Hampshire. It was soon pointed out that Charles lived in the nearby village of Bentworth (located 4 miles away), rather than the town itself and a second post box was painted accordingly.


The majority of boxes were awarded to individual gold medalists, whether they were competing individually or as part of a team/crew. This meant that in several cases, multiple gold medal athletes received multiple boxes in various locations. The highest number awarded was four, for the quadruple gold medallists, Sarah Storey and David Weir.

In variation of the system of awarding one gold box per medal, there were variations on this theme (not counting instances of multiple boxes painted next to each other as a single site):

In one case, a box was also shared between two athletes – cyclist Craig MacLean initially received one gold box in Grantown-on-Spey, Scotland, to commemorate his single gold medal won as an able-bodied pilot in the Paralympics, while Olympic cyclist Victoria Pendleton also initially received one gold box in Stotfold, Bedfordshire, to commemorate her single gold medal. A third box was later painted in their home town Wilmslow, Cheshire, dedicated to both of them.

In certain other cases, the boxes were awarded to commemorate recipients other than individual athletes:

The Henley box was awarded to mark the over one hundred Olympic medal winning rowers who have trained at the town's Leander Club.[17]

Types and cyphersEdit

The type of box painted encompasses the wide variety of types in use.

The ubiquitous cylindrical pillar box was represented by both the traditional Type A (narrow) and Type B (wide) versions, plus the newer Type K pillar boxes (both singular and in pairs). The modern square shaped pillar box, the Type G, was also painted (singles and pairs). Various types of wall box were also represented, both installed in buildings, and in self-contained pillars. Representing the pole mounted type were two boxes of the more traditional design (Pete Reed in Watledge Road, Nailsworth and Bethany Firth in Seaforde), as well as a single example of the modern Type M (Tim Baillie, Westhill Drive North). A single example of the rare Penfold type hexagonal pillar box was also painted, for Sophie Wells in Lincoln. The Isle of Man box represents the only Type D painted gold (the D being a Type C oval but with a stamp vending machine), In one case, Nicola Adams' box in Leeds, as well as the post box, an adjacent Franked Mail Only type box was painted.

Reflecting the age range of the boxes painted, there are also a number of different Royal Cyphers, from the present Queen Elizabeth II (EIIR), to the historical versions for King Edward VII (EVIIR), King George V (G R) and Queen Victoria (V R). Also represented are Scottish boxes, which simply display the Scots Crown, and also boxes with no cypher at all.

Tourist attractionsEdit

The boxes were met by a very positive public reaction and have become tourist attractions within their local areas and many people have their photos taken alongside them.[18][19][20][21]

Vandalism and unofficial boxesEdit

Several of the official gold post boxes were subsequently vandalised. These included the ones for triathlete Alistair Brownlee,[22] rower Kat Copeland,[19] swimmer Josef Craig,[23] heptathlete Jessica Ennis,[24] and tennis player Andy Murray.[19] Fans picked flecks of paint off Murray's box as souvenirs, while Ennis' box was defaced with the words "Go Jess".[19]

A number of additional post boxes were painted by members of the public to commemorate silver and bronze medallists:

The awarding of an additional box for Ben Ainslie in Lymington was precipitated by an episode of vandalism which saw the perpetrator arrested.[29]

After Lizzy Yarnold's win in the Women's Skeleton during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, vandals crudely painted a post box gold in her hometown of Sevenoaks, Kent. Despite an online petition attracting 43,000 signatures, Royal Mail rejected demands for an official gold post box to be decorated, declaring that the 2012 Summer Olympics were a 'unique occasion'.[30]

Two unofficial postboxes were positioned outside Home Park, Plymouth; one gold for Lithuanian swimmer Rūta Meilutytė, who is based in the city, and one bronze for diver Tom Daley.[31]

Two unofficial boxes appeared in Posso and Kirkton Manor, both near Peebles in the Scottish borders, which also had its own official box in honour of Scott Brash.

List of gold postboxesEdit

Olympian boxesEdit

Athlete Event(s) Town/City Address Coordinates
Nicola Adams Boxing – Women's flyweight Leeds Cookridge Street[13] 53°48′00″N 1°32′50″W / 53.7999°N 1.5472°W / 53.7999; -1.5472 (Nicola Adams, Leeds)
Ben Ainslie Sailing – Men's Finn Restronguet
Pandora Inn[13]
High Street, Lymington[32]
50°11′41″N 5°03′51″W / 50.1948°N 5.0642°W / 50.1948; -5.0642 (Ben Ainslie, Restronguet)
50°45′32″N 1°32′20″W / 50.7589°N 1.5388°W / 50.7589; -1.5388 (Ben Ainslie, Lymington)
Tim Baillie Canoeing – Men's slalom C-2 Westhill[13]
Westhill Drive North[13]
Westhill Drive South[13][16]
57°09′34″N 2°16′54″W / 57.1595°N 2.2818°W / 57.1595; -2.2818 (Tim Baillie, Westhill)
57°09′14″N 2°16′36″W / 57.1538°N 2.2767°W / 57.1538; -2.2767 (Tim Baillie, Westhill)
Laura Bechtolsheimer Equestrian – Team dressage Ampney St Peter High Street 51°42′41″N 1°53′01″W / 51.7114°N 1.8835°W / 51.7114; -1.8835 (Laura Bechtolsheimer, Ampney St Peter)
Scott Brash Equestrian – Team jumping Peebles 41 High Street[13] 55°39′05″N 3°11′27″W / 55.6515°N 3.1909°W / 55.6515; -3.1909 (Scott Brash, Peebles)
Alistair Brownlee Men's triathlon Horsforth Craghill Post Office, 77 New Road Side, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 4QD[13] 53°49′55″N 1°38′27″W / 53.8320°N 1.6408°W / 53.8320; -1.6408 (Alistair Brownlee, Horsforth)
Steven Burke Cycling – Men's team pursuit Colne Albert Road/Crabtree Street[13] 53°51′18″N 2°10′43″W / 53.8551°N 2.1786°W / 53.8551; -2.1786 (Steven Burke, Colne)
Luke Campbell Boxing – Men's bantamweight Hull Hessle Road[13] 53°44′06″N 0°21′54″W / 53.7351°N 0.3650°W / 53.7351; -0.3650 (Luke Campbell, Hull)
Peter Charles Equestrian – Team jumping Alton
Paper Mill Lane[13]
Holt End Lane
51°09′04″N 0°58′00″W / 51.1511°N 0.9666°W / 51.1511; -0.9666 (Peter Charles, Alton)
51°09′23″N 1°03′06″W / 51.1565°N 1.0516°W / 51.1565; -1.0516 (Peter Charles, Bentworth)
Ed Clancy Cycling – Men's team pursuit Huddersfield Railway Street[13] 53°38′50″N 1°47′03″W / 53.6471°N 1.7842°W / 53.6471; -1.7842 (Ed Clancy, Huddersfield)
Katherine Copeland Rowing – Women's lightweight double sculls Ingleby Barwick Apsley Way[13] 54°31′41″N 1°19′35″W / 54.5280°N 1.3265°W / 54.5280; -1.3265 (Katherine Copeland, Ingleby Barwick)
Charlotte Dujardin Equestrian – Team dressage
Equestrian – Individual dressage
Enfield Town
Southbury Road[13]
Church Street[13]
51°39′09″N 0°04′44″W / 51.6524°N 0.0788°W / 51.6524; -0.0788 (Charlotte Dujardin, Enfield Town)
51°55′51″N 2°24′13″W / 51.9309°N 2.4035°W / 51.9309; -2.4035 (Charlotte Dujardin, Newent)
Jessica Ennis Athletics – Women's heptathlon Sheffield Sheffield City Hall[13] 53°22′49″N 1°28′22″W / 53.3804°N 1.4728°W / 53.3804; -1.4728 (Jessica Ennis, Sheffield)
Mo Farah Athletics – Men's 10,000 metres
Athletics – Men's 5000 metres
Isleworth Post Office, London Road[13]
Broad Street/North Lane[13]
51°28′30″N 0°20′16″W / 51.4751°N 0.3379°W / 51.4751; -0.3379 (Mo Farah, Isleworth)
51°25′34″N 0°20′17″W / 51.4260°N 0.3380°W / 51.4260; -0.3380 (Mo Farah, Teddington)
GB Cycling Cycling – British Cycling HQ Manchester Piccadilly Gardens[33] 53°28′53″N 2°14′13″W / 53.4814°N 2.2369°W / 53.4814; -2.2369 (GB Cycling, Manchester)
Helen Glover Rowing – Women's coxless pair Penzance Quay Street, TR18 4BD 50°06′58″N 5°31′52″W / 50.1161°N 5.5310°W / 50.1161; -5.5310 (Helen Glover, Penzance)
Katherine Grainger Rowing – Women's double sculls Aberdeen Castle Street[13] 57°08′54″N 2°05′32″W / 57.1483°N 2.0922°W / 57.1483; -2.0922 (Katherine Grainger, Aberdeen)
Alex Gregory Rowing – Men's coxless four Cheltenham High Street[13] 51°53′59″N 2°04′22″W / 51.8997°N 2.0728°W / 51.8997; -2.0728 (Alex Gregory, Cheltenham)
Henley-on-Thames Rowers RowingLeander Club Henley-on-Thames Hart Street[13] 51°32′16″N 0°54′15″W / 51.5377°N 0.9042°W / 51.5377; -0.9042 (Henley rowers)
Carl Hester Equestrian – Team dressage Sark, Guernsey The Avenue[13] 49°25′56″N 2°21′23″W / 49.4321°N 2.3565°W / 49.4321; -2.3565 (Carl Hester, Sark)
Philip Hindes Cycling – Men's team sprint Manchester Albert Square/Lloyd Street[13] 53°28′45″N 2°14′46″W / 53.4791°N 2.2460°W / 53.4791; -2.2460 (Phil Hindes, Manchester)
Sophie Hosking Rowing – Women's lightweight double sculls Wimbledon Worple Road[13] 51°25′18″N 0°12′31″W / 51.42165°N 0.2085°W / 51.42165; -0.2085 (Sophie Hosking, Wimbledon)
Chris Hoy Cycling – Men's Keirin
Cycling – Men's team sprint
Edinburgh Hanover Street/Princes Street[13]
Hunter Square[13]
55°57′08″N 3°11′47″W / 55.9522°N 3.1965°W / 55.9522; -3.1965 (Chris Hoy, Edinburgh)
55°56′59″N 3°11′16″W / 55.9497°N 3.1878°W / 55.9497; -3.1878 (Chris Hoy, Edinburgh)
Tom James Rowing – Men's coxless four Wrexham Town Hill Post Office[13] 53°02′40″N 2°59′40″W / 53.0445°N 2.9944°W / 53.0445; -2.9944 (Tom James, Wrexham)
Jade Jones Taekwondo – Women's 57 kg Flint Church Street[13] 53°14′55″N 3°08′09″W / 53.2485°N 3.1359°W / 53.2485; -3.1359 (Jade Jones, Flint)
Anthony Joshua Boxing – Men's super heavyweight Watford[13] High Street[13] 51°39′19″N 0°23′45″W / 51.6552°N 0.3958°W / 51.6552; -0.3958 (Anthony Joshua, Watford)
Peter Kennaugh Cycling – Men's team pursuit Onchan, Isle of Man Main Road/Kelvin Road[13] 54°10′27″N 4°27′20″W / 54.1741°N 4.4555°W / 54.1741; -4.4555 (Peter Kennaugh, Onchan)
Jason Kenny Cycling – Men's team sprint
Cycling – Men's individual sprint
Bolton Deansgate
53°34′45″N 2°25′57″W / 53.5792°N 2.4324°W / 53.5792; -2.4324 (Jason Kenny, Bolton)
53°34′47″N 2°25′33″W / 53.5796°N 2.4258°W / 53.5796; -2.4258 (Jason Kenny, Bolton)
Dani King Cycling – Women's team pursuit Hamble-le-Rice High Street[13] 50°51′32″N 1°18′54″W / 50.8590°N 1.3150°W / 50.8590; -1.3150 (Dani King, Hamble-le-Rice)
Ben Maher Equestrian – Team jumping Elsenham Robin Hood Road[13][34] 51°54′51″N 0°13′45″E / 51.9142°N 0.2292°E / 51.9142; 0.2292 (Ben Maher, Elsenham)
Ed McKeever Canoeing – Men's K-1 200 metres Bradford on Avon The Shambles 51°20′52″N 2°15′03″W / 51.3478°N 2.2509°W / 51.3478; -2.2509 (Ed McKeever, Bradford on Avon)
Andy Murray Tennis – Men's singles Dunblane
High Street[13]
Church Road
56°11′18″N 3°57′51″W / 56.1883°N 3.9641°W / 56.1883; -3.9641 (Andy Murray, Dunblane)
51°25′49″N 0°12′45″W / 51.4303°N 0.2124°W / 51.4303; -0.2124 (Andy Murray, Wimbledon)
Olympic Village 2012 Summer Olympics Stratford Post Office, Broadway[35][36] 51°32′26″N 0°00′03″E / 51.5405°N 0.0007°E / 51.5405; 0.0007 (Olympic Village, Stratford)
Victoria Pendleton Cycling – Women's Keirin Stotfold
Brook Street[13]
Alderley Road[37]
52°00′50″N 0°14′09″W / 52.0140°N 0.2359°W / 52.0140; -0.2359 (Victoria Pendleton, Stotfold)
53°19′34″N 2°13′52″W / 53.3261°N 2.2312°W / 53.3261; -2.2312 (Victoria Pendleton and Craig MacLean, Wilmslow)
Pete Reed Rowing – Men's coxless four Chiswick
Heathfield Terrace, Chiswick[13]
Old Market, Nailsworth[13]
Watledge Road, Nailsworth [1]
51°29′29″N 0°15′57″W / 51.4913°N 0.2658°W / 51.4913; -0.2658 (Pete Reed, Chiswick)
51°41′44″N 2°13′08″W / 51.6956°N 2.2190°W / 51.6956; -2.2190 (Pete Reed, Nailsworth)
51°42′01″N 2°13′15″W / 51.7004°N 2.2209°W / 51.7004; -2.2209 (Pete Reed, Nailsworth)
Joanna Rowsell Cycling – Women's team pursuit Cheam[38]


Ewell Road[13]

Carshalton Road/Cambridge Road[14]
(Box repainted red on request by
family for gold box in Cheam)

51°21′27″N 0°13′03″W / 51.3576°N 0.2175°W / 51.3576; -0.2175 (Jo Rowsell, Cheam)

51°21′47″N 0°10′18″W / 51.3630°N 0.1716°W / 51.3630; -0.1716 (Jo Rowsell, Carshalton)

Greg Rutherford Athletics – Men's long jump Milton Keynes Silbury Boulevard[13] 52°02′40″N 0°45′26″W / 52.0444°N 0.7571°W / 52.0444; -0.7571 (Greg Rutherford, Milton Keynes)
Nick Skelton Equestrian – Team jumping Alcester
High Street[13]
High Street[13][39]
52°12′50″N 1°52′13″W / 52.2140°N 1.8703°W / 52.2140; -1.8703 (Nick Skelton, Alcester)
52°28′44″N 1°28′19″W / 52.4788°N 1.4719°W / 52.4788; -1.4719 (Nick Skelton, Bedworth)
Heather Stanning Rowing – Women's coxless pair Lossiemouth Clifton Road West, IV31 6DP[13] 57°43′13″N 3°16′51″W / 57.7202°N 3.2809°W / 57.7202; -3.2809 (Heather Stanning, Lossiemouth)
Etienne Stott Canoeing – Men's double canoe slalom Bedford St Paul's Square MK40 1SQ[13] 52°08′06″N 0°28′05″W / 52.1351°N 0.4681°W / 52.1351; -0.4681 (Etienne Stott, Bedford)
Geraint Thomas Cycling – Men's team pursuit Cardiff Castle Street[13] 51°28′52″N 3°10′55″W / 51.4810°N 3.1820°W / 51.4810; -3.1820 (Geraint Thomas, Cardiff)
Andrew Triggs-Hodge Rowing – Men's coxless four Hebden Main Street[13] 54°03′50″N 1°57′42″W / 54.0638°N 1.9616°W / 54.0638; -1.9616 (Andrew Triggs Hodge, Hebden)
Laura Kenny Cycling – Women's team pursuit
Cycling – Women's Omnium
College Road[13]
Cadmore Lane[13]

Post Office Road[13]

51°42′08″N 0°02′08″W / 51.7022°N 0.0355°W / 51.7022; -0.0355 (Laura Trott, Cheshunt)

51°42′32″N 0°01′46″W / 51.7090°N 0.0295°W / 51.7090; -0.0295 (Laura Trott, Cheshunt)
51°46′19″N 0°05′38″E / 51.7719°N 0.0940°E / 51.7719; 0.0940 (Laura Trott, Harlow)

Anna Watkins Rowing – Women's double sculls Leek Derby Street[13] 53°06′21″N 2°01′29″W / 53.1057°N 2.0247°W / 53.1057; -2.0247 (Anna Watkins, Leek)
Bradley Wiggins Cycling – Men's road time trial Eccleston
Carrington Centre[13]
Chorley Centre, Market Street[13]
53°38′46″N 2°43′26″W / 53.6461°N 2.7239°W / 53.6461; -2.7239 (Bradley Wiggins, Eccleston)
53°39′14″N 2°37′57″W / 53.6540°N 2.6326°W / 53.6540; -2.6326 (Bradley Wiggins, Chorley)
Westminster Abbey Project launch[40] Westminster Abbey[40] Tothill Street[40] 51°29′59″N 0°07′47″W / 51.4996°N 0.1298°W / 51.4996; -0.1298 (Westminster Abbey)
Peter Wilson Shooting – Men's double trap Sherborne Cheap Street[13] 50°56′55″N 2°30′58″W / 50.9486°N 2.5162°W / 50.9486; -2.5162 (Peter Wilson, Sherborne)
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Paralympian boxesEdit


  *   Athlete competed for Ireland

Athlete Event City Address Coordinates
Jessica-Jane Applegate Swimming – Women's 200-metre freestyle S14 Belton with Browston[41] Station Road South[41] 52°33′52″N 1°39′32″E / 52.5645°N 1.6589°E / 52.5645; 1.6589 (Jessica-Jane Applegate, Belton with Browston)
Natasha Baker Equestrian – Individual championship test grade II
Equestrian – Individual freestyle test grade II
Cowley, London[43]
High Street[44]
Church Road[43]
51°32′46″N 0°28′45″W / 51.5461°N 0.4793°W / 51.5461; -0.4793 (Natasha Baker, Uxbridge)
51°31′40″N 0°28′27″W / 51.5277°N 0.4743°W / 51.5277; -0.4743 (Natasha Baker, Cowley)
Danielle Brown Archery – Women's individual compound Skipton[45] Swadford Street 53°57′37″N 2°01′07″W / 53.9602°N 2.0185°W / 53.9602; -2.0185 (Danielle Brown, Skipton)
Mickey Bushell Athletics – Men's 100 metres T53 Telford Arleston Lane[46] 52°41′44″N 2°29′57″W / 52.6955°N 2.4992°W / 52.6955; -2.4992 (Mickey Bushell, Arleston)
Sophie Christiansen Equestrian – Individual championship test grade Ia
Equestrian – Team
Equestrian – Individual freestyle test grade Ia
London Road[47]
High Street[13]
Royal Holloway College[13]
51°23′34″N 0°37′44″W / 51.3928°N 0.6290°W / 51.3928; -0.6290 (Sophie Christiansen, Sunningdale)
51°31′22″N 0°43′11″W / 51.5228°N 0.7197°W / 51.5228; -0.7197 (Sophie Christiansen, Egham)
51°25′33″N 0°34′06″W / 51.4257°N 0.5682°W / 51.4257; -0.5682 (Sophie Christiansen, Maidenhead)
Hannah Cockroft Athletics – Women's 100m – T34
Athletics – Women's 200m – T34
Town Hall, Crossley Street[48]
Mount Tabor Road[49]
53°43′27″N 1°51′38″W / 53.7241°N 1.8605°W / 53.7241; -1.8605 (Hannah Cockroft, Halifax)
53°44′26″N 1°55′11″W / 53.7406°N 1.9196°W / 53.7406; -1.9196 (Hannah Cockroft, Halifax)
Mark Colbourne Cycling – Men's individual pursuit Tredegar,[13][50] Commercial Street[13][50] 51°46′32″N 3°14′46″W / 51.7756°N 3.2462°W / 51.7756; -3.2462 (Mark Colbourne, Tredegar)
Josef Craig Swimming – Men's 400-metre freestyle S7 Jarrow[51] Grange Road[13][51] 54°58′53″N 1°29′23″W / 54.9813°N 1.4896°W / 54.9813; -1.4896 (Josef Craig, Jarrow)
Deborah Criddle Equestrian – Team Trull[52] Church Road[52] 50°59′40″N 3°07′18″W / 50.9944°N 3.1217°W / 50.9944; -3.1217 (Deborah Criddle, Trull)
Aled Davies Athletics – Men's discus throw F42 Bridgend[53] Gentle Way[53] 51°30′06″N 3°36′04″W / 51.5017°N 3.6012°W / 51.5017; -3.6012 (Aled Davies, Bridgend)
Neil Fachie Cycling – Men's individual sprint B Aberdeen[54] Golden Square[13] 57°08′46″N 2°06′19″W / 57.1462°N 2.1053°W / 57.1462; -2.1053 (Neil Fachie, Aberdeen)
Bethany Firth* Swimming – Women's 100-metre backstroke S14 Seaforde, County Down[55] Newcastle Road[citation needed] 54°18′23″N 5°50′28″W / 54.3064°N 5.8411°W / 54.3064; -5.8411 (Bethany Firth, Seaforde)
Jonathan Fox Swimming – Men's 100-metre backstroke S7 St Stephen-in-Brannel[56] Fore Street[13][56] 50°20′37″N 4°53′27″W / 50.3437°N 4.8908°W / 50.3437; -4.8908 (Jonathan Fox, St Stephen-in-Brannel)
Heather Frederiksen Swimming – Women's 100-metre backstroke S8 Leigh[57] Market Street[13] 53°29′53″N 2°31′08″W / 53.4981°N 2.5189°W / 53.4981; -2.5189 (Heather Frederiksen, Leigh)
Oliver Hynd Swimming – Men's 200-metre individual medley SM8 Kirkby-in-Ashfield[13] Chapel Street[13] 53°04′57″N 1°15′09″W / 53.0825°N 1.2524°W / 53.0825; -1.2524 (Oliver Hynd, Kirkby-in-Ashfield)
Anthony Kappes Cycling – Men's sprint Chapel-en-le-Frith[13] Market Street[13] 53°19′29″N 1°54′31″W / 53.3248°N 1.9086°W / 53.3248; -1.9086 (Anthony Kappes, Chapel-en-le-Frith)
Helena Lucas Sailing – One Person Keelboat – 2.4 Metre Easton[58] Pound Piece[13][58] 50°32′34″N 2°26′40″W / 50.542657°N 2.444399°W / 50.542657; -2.444399 (Helena Lucas, Easton)
Craig MacLean Cycling – Men's sprint Grantown-on-Spey[59]
High Street, A939[59]
Alderley Road[37]
57°19′50″N 3°36′31″W / 57.3306°N 3.6086°W / 57.3306; -3.6086 (Craig MacLean, Grantown-on-Spey)
53°19′34″N 2°13′52″W / 53.3261°N 2.2312°W / 53.3261; -2.2312 (Victoria Pendleton and Craig MacLean, Wilmslow)
Michael McKillop* Athletics – Men's 800 metres T37
Athletics – Men's 1500 metres T37
Glengormley[55] Sandyknowes Roundabout[60] 54°40′35″N 5°58′14″W / 54.6763°N 5.9705°W / 54.6763; -5.9705 (Michael McKillop, Glengormley)
Jonnie Peacock Athletics – Men's 100 metres T44 Doddington[61][62] New Street 52°29′45″N 0°03′36″E / 52.4959°N 0.0600°E / 52.4959; 0.0600 (Jonnie Peacock, Doddington)
Josie Pearson Athletics – Women's discus throw F51/52/53 Hay-on-Wye[13][63] Church Street[13] 52°04′24″N 3°07′41″W / 52.0732°N 3.1281°W / 52.0732; -3.1281 (Josie Pearson, Hay-on-Wye)
Lee Pearson Equestrian – Team Bagnall[64] School Road[64] 53°03′20″N 2°06′30″W / 53.0555°N 2.1083°W / 53.0555; -2.1083 (Lee Pearson, Bagnall)
Pam Relph Rowing – Mixed coxed four Weston Turville[65] Main Street, (Brick pillar)[13][65] 51°47′24″N 0°45′46″W / 51.7899°N 0.7627°W / 51.7899; -0.7627 (Pam Relph, Weston Turville)
Naomi Riches Rowing – Mixed coxed four Marlow[66] High Street[66] 51°34′14″N 0°46′32″W / 51.5706°N 0.7756°W / 51.5706; -0.7756 (Naomi Riches, Marlow)
James Roe Rowing – Mixed coxed four Stratford-upon-Avon[67] Bridge Street[67] 52°11′34″N 1°42′22″W / 52.1928°N 1.7060°W / 52.1928; -1.7060 (James Roe, Stratford upon Avon)
Ellie Simmonds Swimming – Women's 400m freestyle S6
Swimming – Women's 200-metre individual medley SM6
High Street[69]
Trawler Road[68]
52°36′18″N 1°54′56″W / 52.6050°N 1.9155°W / 52.6050; -1.9155 (Eleanor Simmonds, Aldridge)
51°36′53″N 3°56′19″W / 51.6148°N 3.9385°W / 51.6148; -3.9385 (Eleanor Simmonds, Swansea)
David Smith Rowing – Mixed coxed four Aviemore[70] Grampian Road[13] 57°11′33″N 3°49′43″W / 57.1925°N 3.8285°W / 57.1925; -3.8285 (Dave Smith, Aviemore)
Jason Smyth* Athletics – Men's 100 metres T13
Athletics – Men's 200 metres T13
Eglinton[55] Woodvale Road[71] 55°01′36″N 7°10′44″W / 55.0267°N 7.1789°W / 55.0267; -7.1789 (Jason Smyth, Eglinton)
Stoke Mandeville Hospital 2012 Summer Paralympics Aylesbury[72] National Spinal Injuries Centre,
Entrance 3, Lower Road[72]
51°47′51″N 0°48′19″W / 51.7976°N 0.8054°W / 51.7976; -0.8054 (Stoke Mandeville Hospital)
David Stone Cycling – Mixed road race T1-2 Rawdon[73] Town Street 53°51′00″N 1°40′18″W / 53.8499°N 1.6716°W / 53.8499; -1.6716 (David Stone, Rawdon)
Sarah Storey Cycling – Women's individual pursuit C5
Cycling – Women's 500m time trial C4-5
Cycling – Women's road time trial C5
Cycling – Women's road race C4–5
Buxton Road[74]
Poynton High School[75]
Gilda Brook Road[13]
Market Place[13]
53°21′33″N 2°01′50″W / 53.3591°N 2.0305°W / 53.3591; -2.0305 (Sarah Storey, Disley)
53°20′43″N 2°06′43″W / 53.3452°N 2.1119°W / 53.3452; -2.1119 (Sarah Storey, Poynton)
53°29′20″N 2°19′35″W / 53.4890°N 2.3265°W / 53.4890; -2.3265 (Sarah Storey, Eccles)
53°15′41″N 2°07′32″W / 53.2614°N 2.1255°W / 53.2614; -2.1255 (Sarah Storey, Macclesfield)
Barney Storey Cycling – Men's individual sprint B Disley Market Street[75] 53°21′34″N 2°02′16″W / 53.3594°N 2.0377°W / 53.3594; -2.0377 (Barney Storey, Disley)
Lily van den Broecke Rowing – Mixed coxed four Oxford[76] Divinity Road[76] 51°45′00″N 1°13′30″W / 51.7499°N 1.2250°W / 51.7499; -1.2250 (Lily van den Broecke, Oxford)
David Weir Athletics – Men's 5000 metres
Athletics – Men's 1500 metres T54
Athletics – Men's 800 metres T54
Athletics – Men's marathon
Woodcote Road[13]
Mollison Square[13]
Foresters Drive[13]
Mollison Drive[13]
51°21′32″N 0°08′59″W / 51.358757°N 0.149732°W / 51.358757; -0.149732 (David Weir, Wallington)
51°21′12″N 0°08′04″W / 51.3533°N 0.1345°W / 51.3533; -0.1345 (David Weir, Wallington)
51°21′11″N 0°08′15″W / 51.3531°N 0.1376°W / 51.3531; -0.1376 (David Weir, Wallington)
51°21′15″N 0°07′45″W / 51.3541°N 0.1292°W / 51.3541; -0.1292 (David Weir, Wallington)
Sophie Wells Equestrian – Team Lincoln[77] Exchequergate[77] 53°14′04″N 0°32′19″W / 53.2344°N 0.5385°W / 53.2344; -0.5385 (Sophie Wells, Lincoln)
Richard Whitehead Athletics – Men's 200 metres T42 Lowdham[78][79] Main Street[78] 53°00′43″N 1°00′17″W / 53.0120°N 1.0048°W / 53.0120; -1.0048 (Richard Whitehead, Lowdham)
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In addition to the post boxes a first class stamp depicting each medal winning individual or team was produced.[4][80]

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