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I joined Wikipedia April 10, 2006 and have since made more than 29,000 edits. I enjoy working on lists and have brought several to featured list status. I don't have as much time to work on writing articles as I'd like but I am a regular reviewer on interesting topics at WP:FLC. Topics I contribute to most often include the National Park Service, Washington, Politics of the United States, and places I've traveled to. I'm also a Wikignome and Guild of Copyeditors member with attention on extraneous punctuation and text.

My wikiphilosophy is not necessarily deletionist but mergist – even if a topic is notable with substantive reliable sources that could warrant an article, I generally support keeping it merged with another article or a list unless there is enough unique content to need a separate article. Far too many people see WP:AFD as a binary of keeping or deleting an entire page of content, when the material could be kept elsewhere to minimize duplication. I generally don't care about redirects. If I vote delete, I wouldn't oppose leaving a redirect and even the page history behind.

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