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Wikipedia came to prominence when I was in college, but given that wikipedia is not an acceptable source for information I disregarded the site. During the summer of 2006 I was watching the French Open on television, wanting to see a clear bracket from previous tournaments I went to google. The first two results were wikipedia and the official French Open site. The official site did not have clear results from previous years so I tried wikipedia for the first time and was very impressed with the level of dedication many people have put into this place.

My work on wikipedia is primarily focused on Olympic sports. I come from a Track and Field family and the two sports I practice are swimming and curling. Eventually I will take up either Field Hockey or Badminton. Additionally, I studied Cello and Music History in college, but because that is my academic career I tend to not focus on those articles. I will also do minor updates and copy editing on articles in other subjects that either interest me or that I stumble upon.

I have a basic knowledge of Russian and the link to my Russian page is on the left.


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