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WikiProject France

Welcome to WikiProject France. We are a group of editors dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of France and Monaco related articles, through collaboration and cooperation. If you would like to join us, please add your username to the members list.


WikiProject France concerns coordination, creation, development, and organization of efforts on all articles related to France and Monaco.

  1. Get this project organized.
  2. To serve as a central point of discussion for collaboration related to France/Monaco. Foster increased cooperation between editors in order to meet the other goals.
  3. To create the foremost reliable and accurate free-content encyclopedia of France/Monaco in the English language.
  4. Build all Top Importance France Articles to Good Article status, at a minimum (FA is preferred). Current progress: 10 out of 108 articles meet this criteria.



The contents department develops and maintains the navigation pages that serve the subject "France", in collaboration with the various contents projects (OOK, Lists, Wikipedia:WikiProject Glossaries, and Index).
The assessment department assesses and tracks all project related articles. If you have made significant contributions to an article, feel free to list at this page.
This department focuses on the clean up and copy editing of articles tagged in need of attention.
Discussion and implementation of outreach strategies, including discussion of the next newsletter.
Photo requests
Please add any requested photos to this list. In addition to posting your image requests on the list, on the talk page(s) of the subject(s), and on the Wikimedia Commons (Commons:Commons:Picture requests), please also post them at fr:Wikipédia:Atelier photographique on the French Wikipedia. If you do not know French, you can ask someone at fr:Wikipédia:Bistro_des_non-francophones/en to help you.
Review Department
The Review department aims to create a centralized area for all project-related articles currently undergoing either formal review (Good Article, Featured Article) or informal review (Wikiproject France Peer Review). This is the place to get information about listing an article for review.

Task forces

French cinema task force
Task force of WikiProject Films.
French military history task force
Task force of WikiProject Military history.
Task force aims to develop, maintain, and improve articles relating to the capital.


WikiProject Balzac
Related WikiProject.
WikiProject French communes
Child WikiProject.
WikiProject Monaco
Related WikiProject.

Work groups

Adelie Land work group
Work group of WikiProject Antarctica.
French Africa work group
Work group of WikiProject Africa.
French Guiana work group
Work group of WikiProject South America.
French Polynesia work group
Work group of WikiProject Polynesia.
Guadeloupe work group
Work group of WikiProject Caribbean.
Nouvelle-Aquitaine work group
Work group of WikiProject Nouvelle-Aquitaine.
Occitanie work group
Work group of WikiProject Occitanie.
Saint Pierre and Miquelon work group
Work group of WikiProject North America.

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Style Guides

Do you need help with the proper format of France/French terms or translations? See the Manual of Style links below:

  1. General Rules
  2. Orthography, covers accents, ligatures, and sorting.
  3. Naming Conventions, including noble titles, works of art, and place names.
  4. Administrative Conventions, covers political and geographic divisions within France.
  5. Transportation Conventions, Rail/Tram naming and terms (including SNCF related guidelines)

Announcements and News

  • Wikipedia Release Version 0.7 will soon be ported to DVD. Some articles relating to the project were selected to appear. A number of articles have various clean-up tags, listed here. Please help out by addressing the concerns.
  • We are in the process of creating a new review department, in order to provide a central location for all France related reviews at Peer Review, Good Articles, or Featured Articles. The initiation of an A-class review departement has also been proposed.
  • Saint-Inglevert Airfield became a Good Article.
  • Daft Punk became a Good Article.
  • Louvre Abu Dhabi became a Good Article.
  • The Project banner template has been updated with a parameter allowing articles within the scope of the Paris task force to be tagged as such. To tag an article, add |tf=Paris to the banner.
  • Louis Braille became a Good Article.

Open Reviews and Assessments

See the Review Department for discussion and full-listing of articles under review, or for information about listing an article for review. Please check the article alerts page for any unincorporated updates.

  1. AMX-30
  1. Henri-Georges Clouzot
  2. Old Rouen tramway
  • Peer Reviews:
  1. John Calvin (review)
  • Categories for Discussion: None listed

Open Tasks

Wikipedia:France-related tasks

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  • There are at this time two barnstars, one for France and the other for French Guiana, which might be given out to editors who make substantial contributions to articles in their specific field. A template is available for awarding a barnstar to users, more information about it is available at WikiProject France/Barnstar.
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  • 17 May 2024 – Pushy! (talk · edit · hist) was PRODed by Rorshacma (t · c): Non-notable musician that fails the WP:GNG and WP:MUSICBIO. The only source being used in the article is the artists defunct official website. Searching using both his real and stage names turned up no coverage in reliable sources.
  • 15 May 2024 – Duran Duboi (talk · edit · hist) was PRODed by Assirian cat (t · c): a small division of a medium-sized company, no significance
  • 14 May 2024 – Loïc Jean-Albert (talk · edit · hist) was PRODed by LibStar (t · c): Fails WP:BIO. No extensive coverage, google news yields only 2 sources.

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See the cleanup listing and the France articles needing attention category for a complete listing of France related articles that need attention. Please respond to these requests if you're able.

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Châteaurenault (1898)Chekri GanemPatrice ChéreauFrench destroyer Chevalier Paul (1932)Childers IncidentChâteau de ChinonChninkelChose PromiseChristmas truceDjibril CisséMurder of Victoria ClimbiéClipperton IslandCLODOHenri-Georges ClouzotHenri CochetOperation Cockpit2011 Cofidis seasonFrench ironclad ColbertFrench seaplane carrier Commandant TesteCondemnations of 1210–1277French battleship CondorcetLa CouchetteFrench ship Courageux (1753)French ironclad CouronneLaurence CousinHenri CoutardCricket at the 1900 Summer Olympics2012 Critérium du Dauphiné2015 Critérium du DauphinéGaston CrosCubzac-les-PontsCup of the PtolemiesMarie CurieAdam Philippe, Comte de CustineFrench cruiser D'EntrecasteauxDaft PunkFrench destroyer DagueFrench battleship DantonDanton-class battleshipDassault RafaleDauphin's Cavalry RegimentJoseph DéjacqueFélix DelahayeFrench battleship DémocratieLe Dernier CombatFrench cruiser DesaixDescartes-class cruiserFrench cruiser D'EstréesAbou DiabyAlou DiarraFrench battleship 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PoJames TissotOumare Tounkara1986 Tour de France1990 Tour de France2016 Tour de France2017 Tour de France2018 Tour de France2019 Tour de France2013 Tour de France2015 Tour de FranceTrams in RouenLise TréhotTremplin du PrazFrench ironclad TridentFrench ironclad TriomphanteA Trip to the MoonTrobairitzTropical Storm RolfFrench cruiser TroudeArnaud TsamereThe Tunnel (TV series)Tristan TzaraSM U-14 (Austria-Hungary)Ughill Hall shootingsAn Unforgettable SummerOctave UzanneMathieu ValbuenaFrench ironclad ValeureuseBattle of ValmyVardar offensiveFrench destroyer Vauquelin (1931)Vauquelin-class destroyerVéhicule Blindé LégerFrench ship Vengeur du PeupleVenus de MiloVénus de QuinipilyFrench battleship VergniaudFrench battleship VéritéChâteau de VerteuilFrench cruiser Victor HugoFrench ironclad VictorieuseVillanelleElisabeth Dieudonné VincentVolinFrench destroyer VoltaFrench battleship VoltaireFrench cruiser Waldeck-RousseauFrédéric Henri WaltherBattle of WaterlooVictor WembanyamaArsène 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1st Cavalry Brigade (France)2nd Light Cavalry Lancers Regiment of the Imperial Guard (Dutch)2nd Dragoon Regiment (France)2nd Parachute Brigade in Southern FranceOpération 14 juillet2018 24 Hours of Le Mans2019 24 Hours of Le Mans31st César Awards35-hour workweek1321 lepers' plot1874 Transit of Venus Expedition to Campbell Island1896 Paris–Marseille–Paris1903 Tour de France1906 French Grand Prix1907 Tour de France1935 Saar status referendum1938 European Athletics Championships1954 Chlef earthquake1954 Guinea by-electionList of 1968 Winter Olympics medal winners2003 24 Hours of Le Mans2004 24 Hours of Le Mans2006 French Socialist Party presidential primary2007 Monte Carlo Rally2009 Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters2011–12 Ligue Magnus season2012 24 Hours of Le Mans2013 Carlton Cannes heist2015 Coupe de France final2018 French residents overseas' 5th constituency by-election2018 Mayotte's 1st constituency by-election2018 Wallis and Futuna's 1st constituency by-election2020 Super League season2021 French Grand Prix2022 French protestsÀ la zingaraAGRIFOdette AbadiAbbasid–Carolingian allianceAbbey of Notre Dame aux NonnainsAbbey of Saint WinnocFélix-Marie AbelJean-Marie Charles AbrialAcadémie de Poésie et de MusiqueBattles of Acapulco2007 Rampe de Laffrey accidentFrench corvette AconitAction of 5 November 1813Hélène Deschamps AdamsJean-Pierre AdamsAntoine Samuel Adam-SalomonAdélaïde of FranceAdministrative meeting of senators not appearing on the list of any groupAdso of Montier-en-DerAgustarello AffreAfter the Bath, Woman Drying HerselfThe Age of Louis XIVAnne AghionYves AgidAgnes of JesusAgris HelmetFrench submarine AigretteAiguille de BionnassayMont AiguilleAimar V of LimogesAimarguesAimerico Manrique de LaraChâteau d'Ainay-le-VieilAiol and MirabelAir France Flight 152Mounir AkbacheLeila AlaouiAlbinus of AngersAlbum primo-avrilesqueHMS Alceste (1806)French corvette AlectonConvention of AlessandriaDuke Alexander of OldenburgAlfortville Armenian Genocide Memorial bombingsMarguerite AlibertAlice of ChampagneAline ChassériauHortense AllartAlleged Libyan financing in the 2007 French presidential electionAllied logistics in the Southern France campaignFrench ironclad AlmaAlpine RallyAlsace–Lorraine Regional PartyAlsatian Workers and Peasants PartySaint AmaroÉmilien AmauryFrench submarine Amazone (1916)L'Âme de la FranceFrench cruiser Amiral CharnerAMX-30Nalini AnantharamanHector d'Andigné de GrandfontaineAndorra in the Eurovision Song ContestAlbert AndréPaolo AndreaniAndrena antoineiF. AndrieuNicolas AndryIsabelle AndréaniFrançois-Gabriel d'AngeacAngelina (French singer)Henriette d'AngevilleAngevin kings of EnglandAnglo-French blockade of the Río de la PlataChâteau d'AngludetCharles AngrandAnnexation of the Leeward Islands by FranceAnsbertAntarctic realmAnthelm of BelleyLouise AntoniniAphrodisiusApinacRoquefavour AqueductArab CoffeehouseErnest ArchdeaconArcis-le-PonsartAlphonse AreolaHistory of rugby union matches between Argentina and FranceArgentoratumFrench submarine Argonaute (1905)Sarah AristidouL'Arlésienne (Bizet)French ironclad ArmideFrench submarine ArmideClaude ArnulphyDanièle Aron-RosaArrano beltzaArras Flying Services MemorialJean-Toussaint Arrighi de Casanova, duc de PadoueArt in ParisArtillery of France in the Middle AgesAssassination of Alfred François BazinAssault of Daniel NivelAssembly of French Citizens AbroadAssembly of VizilleAteliers de Construction Mecanique l'AsterFrench ironclad AtalanteCharles Garabed AtamianAtelier LWDAttack-class submarineAu CrocodileBattle of AuberocheJean-Baptiste Annibal Aubert du BayetAubervilliers CongressÉmile AubrunMarcelle AuclairJacqueline AudryRaoul AugereauProsper Philippe AugouardList of Australian cyclists who have led the Tour de France general classificationAustregildeJean-François AutiéLéonard AutiéAutolib'AuxoisLes AvariésClaude AvelineAvignon ExchangeJane AvrilFort des AyvellesLéon AzémaJérémie AzouJean BabiléeAlexis BachelotBack to StoneTreaty of BärwaldeGermaine BailacBal des ArdentsBal des Quat'z'ArtsArnaud BalardIván BalásLouis des Balbes de Berton de Crillon, 1st Duke of MahónDeath of Kaja BalloCol du Ballon d'AlsaceFrédéric BanquetBarbara (singer)Lisa BarbelinÉlie BarnaviBarnenezBarrage VaubanBattle of Barranca SecaSophie BarthesBasilica of Notre-Dame d'AlençonBasilique Saint-Urbain de TroyesBattle of the Basque RoadsBasse Yutz FlagonsJean Ambroise Baston de LariboisièreThe Bathers (Cézanne)Battle of BergeracBattle of BlanchetaqueBattle of Fort OswegoBattle of TamsuiBattle of BesançonBattle of DammeBattle of Nicopolis (1798)Battle of Sidi Bou OthmanBattle of Stockach (1799)Baudet du PoitouBaudilusBaudouin de SebourcÉtienne-Émile BaulieuBayeux war cemeteryBayonne StatuteBazar de la CharitéThe Beat That My Heart SkippedHenri BeauChâteau Beau-Séjour BécotAnne BeaumanoirFrench ship Beaumont (1762)Château BeauregardErnest BeauxPauline BebeMartine BedinJacques BellangeFlorian BellangerBellegarde stationJean-Baptiste BelleyFrench ironclad BelliqueuseBendor IslandChurch of Saint Benoit, IstanbulBerceuse (Chopin)Irénée BergeBerger des NuagesMarguerite BérizaAntoine BerjonBerlin Victory Parade of 1945André Antoine BernardJean-Pierre BernèsLouisette BertholleBerthouville TreasureFree City of BesançonMarițica BibescuSorbonne LibraryBibliothèque municipale de BesançonBim bam toiBirdsong (novel)Black African Students Federation in FranceThe Black Count: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, and the Real Count of Monte CristoBlack Prince's chevauchée of 1355Rebecca BlakeEn blanc et noirFrédéric BlancSophie BlanchardBlanche of ArtoisBlanche of France (nun)Sergent BlandanAristide Blank1999 Blayais Nuclear Power Plant floodPierre BleuseBloch MB.480Marc BlochBlockhaus d'ÉperlecquesÉlie BloncourtBloody Sunday (1926)Moses BloomHenri BlowitzFlorence Meyer BlumenthalNicolas-Charles BochsaBocuse d'OrAlexandru Bogdan-PiteștiBoirault machinePhilippe BoiryAchille BoitelJean-Marc BoivinAdrienne BollandArmistice of BolognaBombardment of SaléBonaparte Crossing the AlpsJeanne BonaparteBonaparte Visiting the Plague Victims of JaffaChristian de BonchampsJ. Max Bond Jr.Auguste BonheurFrédéric BonifaceBonne of BourbonAlexandre BontempsBook of hours of Joan of FranceÉric BorelGustave Borgnis-DesbordesClaude BosiAbraham BosseMarie Gabriel Georges Bosseront d'AngladeBossnappingFrançois BottOttavio BottecchiaIan BoucardHélène BouchetBouchonBougonBouillarguesErnest Boulanger (composer)Marcel BoulestinPierre BoulezBasilica of Notre-Dame, BoulognePrincess María Teresa of Bourbon-ParmaClaude-Laurent Bourgeois de JessaintLouis Bourgeois (composer)Council of BourgesInès de BourgoingChâteau de BoursaultLouise BoursierVincent BoussardChristian BoussusLouis-Maurice Boutet de MonvelBouxwiller, Bas-RhinHumphrey BradleyLouis BrailleBruno BraquehaisAdolphe BraunEugénie BrazierGeorges de BrébeufBreton Nationalist PartySteeve BrioisBriscanBarnabé BrissonHenri BrocardLouise de Broglie, Countess d'HaussonvilleÉtienne Eustache BruixAndrée BrunetBrunswick ManifestoBudd–Michelin rubber-tired rail carsEugénie BuffetBugaled BreizhFrench cruiser BugeaudOmar BundyJean BureauBurgundian WarsHoward BurnhamBuzay AbbeyBêteC'est une belle journéeCabaret du CielCabaret du NéantBnF MuseumChristian CabrolNathalie CabrolCacharelClaude CadartBattle of Caen (1346)Le CailarCaius LargenniusSiege of Calais (1346–1347)Battle of CalaisCalaisCalais JungleAlbert CalmetteJohn Calvin bibliographyBaltasar CalvoJacques CambryAlbert CamusCanal de l'OurcqCanal de MarseilleCanal Saint-DenisPierre CangioniChâteau CantemerleRichard CantillonBattle of Cap-FrançaisPhilippe CapdenatBattle of Cape OrtegalCapitoulCapture of La CroyableCaravan PalaceThe Card PlayersClaudia CardinaleÉtienne CarjatCarla GeorgesCarnac stonesCarnival in French GuianaIna CaroCarrot soupCarré d'As IV incidentCarte orangeCasablanca Fair of 1915Estelle CascarinoCassandre (Jarrell)Cassel, NordEdme CastaingJean CastaingCasket with Scenes of Romances (Walters 71264)Castor and Pollux (elephants)Catalan TalgoCatherine of ClevesCatherine de' Medici's building projectsCatherine de' Medici's court festivalsCatholic Orthodox Church of FranceCattierJacques CauvinJacques CavallierCaveiracCeintures de LyonMehmet ÇekiçCello Sonata (Alkan)Cello Sonata (Debussy)French ship Censeur (1782)Cent QuatreCenturies of ChildhoodLe ChabanaisChablis wineMarie ChaixGary ChalandonJean ChalgrinChallenge Yves du ManoirPierre ChambrinChampagne RiotsElspeth ChampcommunalChampmolJean-François ChampollionAlexandre-Émile Béguyer de ChancourtoisChanson de toileChanson à bouche ferméeTrois Chansons (Ravel)Chantilly porcelainCharles Joshua ChaplinCharbFrench battleship CharlemagneCharles III, Count of AlençonCharles I Insulted by Cromwell's SoldiersCharles, Prince of CommercyCharlie Hebdo issue No. 1178Chasseneuil-du-PoitouChâteau de BellevueChâteau de CandéChâteau de CayxChâteau de ChoisyChâteau de ClermontChâteau de CourancesChâteau de MadridChâteau de Saint-CloudChâteau des Rohan (Mutzig)Château du RaincyChâteau PastréChâteau de KerjeanChâteau de MeudonChâteau de Rosny-sur-SeineChâteau de TanlayChâteauneuf-du-FaouPhilippe ChatrierRue de la Chaussée-d'AntinClaude François Chauveau-LagardeNicolas ChédevilleCheese-eating surrender monkeysChekri GanemChemin de fer de la Baie de SommeChemin de fer des Côtes-du-NordChemins de fer du CalvadosChen Zhen (artist)Patrice ChéreauChevrefoilChilders IncidentThe ChimerasChninkelMahama ChoCharles de Choiseul, Duke of PraslinEdmund ChojeckiFrédéric ChopinNicolas ChorierLes ChoristesChorus Systèmes SAErnest ChristopheChristuskirche, ParisChu Teh-ChunChurch of St Benoit, IstanbulChurch of the JacobinsChurch of the Saintes Maries de la MerChâteau de Saint-Germain-en-LayeCircuit des Champs de BatailleCirque d'hiverCistercian architectureCité de CarcassonneFrédéric de CivryClairmarais aerodromeClaudius of BesançonZoé ClauzureJean ClédatAdolphe Clément-BayardFrench frigate Cléopâtre (1838)Clipperton IslandClipperton Island caseCLODOClos Saint-JacquesHenri-Georges ClouzotCoat of arms of ParisRichard CobbAugustin Cochin (historian)René CognyCandice Cohen-AhnineChristophe CoinJulie CoinCol de la LozeColas GroupAnne-Marie ColchenOperation Collar (commando raid)Achille CollasLes ColombièresCamille CombalComet (card game)Comités JeanneFrench seaplane carrier Commandant TesteComme un garçonCommunist Party of French IndiaCompagnies franches de la marineAdéodat Compère-MorelComptoir national d'escompte de ParisConcavodontaConcavodontinaeLe Concert SpirituelConcilium GermanicumCondat AbbeyCondemnations of 1210–1277Charles de CondrenConference of Dresden (1812)Constituencies for French residents overseasLe ConstitutionnelConsulate General of France, JerusalemConsulate General of France, Saint PetersburgAndrieu Contredit d'ArrasConvention of London (1861)Coral Reef Initiative for the South PacificCordemais Power StationHenri Cordier (mountaineer)Louis CordierHyacinthe-Marie CormierCoronation of NapoleonCorrida (horse)Corsican DogCorsican GuardPasquino CorsoCôte ChalonnaiseCôte de NuitsLa CouchetteCouesnonÉmile CoulaudonLa CoupoleFrench ship Courageux (1753)French battleship Courbet (1911)Bernard CourtoisCouscous connectionCousin BetteFabien CousteauHenri CoutardPaul CouturierMaurice Couve de Murville (bishop)Roberta Dodd CrawfordCrécy campaignCrème fraîcheFrench frigate Créole (1797)Operation CrimsonLisa CristianiGaston CrosHenri-Edmond CrossCross of CamargueMichel CrozCrusade cycleCuisine of CorsicaCulture of Wallis and FutunaCumul des mandatsÈve CurieColette D'ArvilleRené DagronDarneyHélène DarrozePierre DaumesnilLéon DaventRebecca DayanPhilippe de Rémi (died 1265)Félix DebaxEdmond DebeaumarchéAchille Pierre DeffontainesPatrick DegorceJoseph DéjacqueGoéry DelacôteAuguste DelahercheRose DelaunaySimon DelestreDavina DelorDelphicaJules DelsartJean DelumeauAdolphe DemangeDemi-brigadeFrench battleship DémocratieDendera zodiacJean-Emmanuel DeprazJoseph DérigoinLe Dernier CombatLe dernier sorcierJeanne DeroinMarie DesbrossesVictor DespeignesCatherine DestivelleCharles René Dominique Sochet, Chevalier DestouchesMax DeutschAndré DevignyÉric DewaillyCécile DeWitt-MoretteDewoitine D.33Diana and Endymion (Langlois)Louis DiatDictionnaire des Antiquités Grecques et RomainesFrench battleship DiderotJane DieulafoyDieux du StadeDijon-Porte-Neuve stationGuillaume DiopAndré DiotPaul Emile DiouDirection Nationale du Contrôle de GestionMichel DisdierDiwanit bugaleSiege of DjiboElisabeth DmitrieffJean DollfusDolores (Ziegfeld girl)Domaine PonsotDon't NodDortanDortan massacreDotationAbel Douay1580 Dover Straits earthquakeElsa DreisigIsabelle DruetCamille du GastFélix du Temple de la CroixAlbert Dubois-PilletLouis William Valentine DuBourgMarie-Louise Dubreil-JacotinPeter P. DubrovskyStephen Larigaudelle DubuissonErnest DuchesneDuchy of AlsaceFerdinand DuguéAdèle DumilâtrePalmire DumontGeorges DumézilEgidio DuniJoseph DuplessisKléber DupuyHenri Dupuy de LômeJacques Durand (publisher)Maurice Durand (architect)Louis DuretMichael Dwyer (journalist)East Indies theatre of the French Revolutionary WarsEbrulfEckwersheim derailmentFrench cruiser Edgar QuinetÉglise Saint-PothinBattle of El HerriJosette ElayiElephant of the BastilleÉlisabeth Marguerite d'OrléansEmbassy of France, BerlinEmbiezEmememBattle of EmmendingenEmpègueEn CanotThe End of IllaEnglish Channel scallop fishing disputeHenri EnjalbertÉolienne BolléeErckartswillerSt Trophimus' Church, EschauNicolas des EscuteauxFrench destroyer EspingoleEssai sur les mœurs et l'esprit des nationsL'Estampe originaleMichel EstebanPhilippe EtchebestClaire EtcherelliUn été avec HomèreEthics (Abelard)Saint-Étienne-des-Grès, ParisEuropean institutions in StrasbourgEustadiolaEx-Voto de 1662Blair FairchildCornélie FalconFalklands Crisis of 1770Family Moving DayErnest FanelliFantastiqueJoseph FarcotFarewell, My QueenMaurice FarguesFarman F.280Farman F.480 AlizéFarman MoustiqueFarman SportCharles FarouxJean-Claude FaveyrialFrench submarine Favorite (Q195)Safi FayeFélicetteFemenFemme nue couchéeNicolas de FerChristine FerberOuvrage FermontFerreolus and FerrutioHenri FertetLa Ferté-sous-Jouarre memorialFessenheim Nuclear Power PlantFestival of Lights (Lyon)Catherine FeuilletA few acres of snowFiacre (carriage)Murder of Céline FigardFilipinos in FranceWilliam FirmatusFirst Franco-Dahomean WarFirst Madagascar expeditionFirst Valls governmentPont FlavienFlèche faîtièreFleurs de MarécageBonifaciu FlorescuJean FollainRené FonckBenjamin FondaneFontaine des Quatre-SaisonsFrancis FontanLouis-Marcelin de FontanesAbbey of FontenayJean FontenoyForest of CompiègneJean de La ForêtAudrey ForlaniFort CarolineFort d'IvryFort of JusticesFountains in ParisFourques, GardAchille-Louis FovilleJean Alfred FraissinetGuillaume FrancFrance–Americas relationsHistory of rugby union matches between France and New ZealandFrance AntarctiqueFrance–Asia relationsFrance DimancheFrench battleship FranceFrance–India relationsFrance–Monaco relationsFrance–Poland relationsFrance–Serbia relationsFrance–Thailand relationsPatrick FrancheterreFranco-German UniversityFranco-Greek defence agreementFranco-Hova WarsFranco-Hungarian alliance in 1528Franco-Ottoman allianceFranco-Persian allianceFranco-Tahitian WarJocelyne FrançoisLes FranginesFrançois CoignetFrançois de Vendôme, vidame de ChartresFrançoise de RiminiBerthe FraserFraternal Society of Patriots of Both SexesFréjus CathedralFrench Aerostatic CorpsThe French AngelFrench Army in World War IFrench blockade of the Río de la PlataFrench Church (Bucharest)French Committee of National LiberationFrench conquest of SenegalThe French DemocracyFrench Handball FederationHistory of the French in LouisvilleFrench India Socialist PartyFrench India Students CongressFrench invasion of Russia2004 French–Ivorian clashesFrance–Japan relationsThe French KissersFrench National-Collectivist PartyFrench conquest of TunisiaFrench Protestant Church, BrightonThe French Revolution (poem)French Riviera MarathonFrench Royal ArmyFrench SudanThe French SuicideFrench West India CompanyFrench attack on the VaudoisFrench expedition in SyriaFrench football bribery scandalFrench law of 29 December 1915French military mission to Japan (1867–1868)French military mission to Japan (1872–1880)French porcelainFrench submarine Doris (1927)Rose de FreycinetÉmile FriantFrench destroyer FrondeFront homosexuel d'action révolutionnaireFrot-Laffly armoured rollerMia FryeFrench submarine FultonFédération Française de Catch ProfessionnelFédération des sociétés féminines sportives de FranceMS GNV CristalCherubina de GabriakLuigi GaggeroMarie-Louise GagneurGal I (Bishop of Clermont)Galerie BarbazangesFélix GalipauxChanig ar GallCharlez ar GallGallic WarsGuillaume GallienneJeanne GalzyGang of BarbariansGangulphusGare de la BastilleMaurice GarinNoël Garnier-DuplessixThe Gas HeartGascon campaign of 1345Gassed (painting)The Gate of CalaisGatianus of ToursRaoul de GaucourtFrench battleship GauloisAlexis GauthierÉric GautierGavrinisGavrocheAntoine GayGenebaldGeneral Johnson Saving a Wounded French Officer from the Tomahawk of a North American IndianGenerosity of AlexanderAnnet GenestierMS Georges PhilipparGerald of Sauve-MajeureGerard of LunelRosemonde GérardGerboise VertePierre-Marie GerlierGermeriusGerold of LausanneGerontoformicaJean GeryGaëlle GhesquièreRené GhilGhost stations of the Paris MétroGibbet of MontfauconAqueduct of the GierRobert Giffard de MoncelSaint Gildard (Lurcy-le-Bourg)Saint GildardGilles (stock character)Renée GillyFrançoise GilotGinés de la JaraNicole Girard-ManginNicolo GiraudGivernyGivors canalGlacier BlancGlacier NoirGlass JoeMaurice Le GlayThe GleanersGlodesindGlutonnyGnomon of Saint-SulpiceJustin GodartGoeznoviusGoldfish (Matisse)Golgota PicnicPaul GomaClaudio GomesArnaud GonzalezArthur GoodGoodbye to LanguageElaine M. GoodwinGorges de DaluisGouffier of LastoursChâteau de GoulaineGoulven of LéonAndré GrabarGrand Quartier Général (1939–1940)Grand VeymontGrande halle de la VilletteGrandes Heures of Anne of BrittanyLes Grandes Misères de la guerreGrands Projets of François MitterrandNicolas Perrenot de GranvelleGraoullyGeorge Douglas GrayBattle of GrazGraziellaGreat French Wine BlightGreeks in pre-Roman GaulGrey heronLouis-André de GrimaldiGeorges GrisezAurélie GroizeleauGrolleau (grape)Nicolas Grollier de ServièreGrotte du VallonnetGuadeloupe ConferenceJacques GuayGudea cylindersCharles-Étienne Gudin de La SablonnièreNotre-Dame de GuebwillerPatrice GueniffeyThierry GueorgiouHubert GuerinIsabelle GuérinFlag of GuernseyPatrick Guerrand-HermèsGeorges GuétaryChrétien-Louis-Joseph de GuignesGuilhem de MontanhagolCécile GuillameCharlotte GuillardGuillaume de DolePierre GuilleminGuillotière CemeteryAndréa GuiotGuivreFrançois GuyetClaude-Étienne GuyotJeannette GuyotJules GuyotGuêpe-class submarineGwenn ha du (Breton paramilitary group)Gwerz Santes EnoriGwerz SkolanHaidomyrmodesHalles de NiortMarie-Julie Halligner1925 Hama uprisingGaston HamelinVéronique HammererJohn HamonHampden Park square goalpostsHans (comic book)Françoise HardyMaison de JeanneHarelleSt John HarmsworthÉtienne Hastrel de RivedouxHaulotte GroupHaut-Médoc AOCHaute-LoireHaute-VienneHealth care in FranceHealthcare in FranceCharles HeidsieckSerge-Simon HeldPêr-Jakez HeliasJudith HemmendingerCitoyenne HenriFrench battleship Henri IVHenri Matisse and goldfishHenriadeHerculine Barbin (memoir)HermHexis RacingHiesvilleAbraham Hirsch (architect)Histoire ancienne jusqu'à CésarHistoires ou contes du temps passéHistory of French wineHistory of medicine in FranceFrench ironclad HocheHoly Family Catholic Church (Frenchtown, Ohio)Holy LolaHomage to CézanneHomme au bain (painting)Med HondoAlexander Hood (Royal Navy officer, born 1758)Louise-Magdeleine HorthemelsHortus deliciarumHôtel Ritz ParisHôtel d'AlluyeHours of Louis XIIHouse of CroÿGustave HuberdeauCharles HueberHuguenot rebellionsHuguenot-Walloon half dollarJeanne HumbertVermiviatum covidumHundred Years' War, 1345–1347Hunegund of FranceAntoine HuréHôtel GabrielIgny AbbeyÎle FrégateÎle ViergeÎle d'Yeu LighthouseÎle-de-France tramway Line 1Independent Regional Party for Alsace–LorraineIndia SongIndilaIndreInfernal machine (weapon)Valéry InkijinoffAn Inland VoyageInter-Allied Women's ConferenceInterior (Degas)International Air Navigation ConferenceInternational Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial ArtsInternational Francophone Press UnionIntervilles2009 Republic of Ireland v France football matchesIrish of VincennesIroise SeaL'Isle-Adam, Val-d'Oise1962 Isly massacreGPSO 92 IssyItalian War of 1542–1546Frances IvensJ'imagineAlexandre JacovleffJacques Seligmann & CompanyJacquet (game)Gaston Marie JacquierFrench destroyer JaguarDenis JanotRaymond JanotLouise JanssenFrench battleship JauréguiberryAnne-Marie JavouheyJe suis CharlieJe suis né d'une cigogneFrench battleship Jean Bart (1911)Jean Cocteau MuseumJean TrogneuxFrench ironclad Jeanne d'ArcChristian JeanpierreJeunes filles en serre chaudeJocondeNicolas JoelJohn of BrienneJoigny coach crashÉric JoiselLouis-Thomas Chabert de JoncaireDaniel-Marie Chabert de Joncaire de ClausonneRaimon JordanJoseph Napoleon's Regiment (France)Joseph (art model)Josselin CastleMadeleine M. JoulliéLouis Didier JousselinPrudent JoyeAnne de JoyeuseJudaïques FMLouise JulienAndré JullienLouis-Antoine JullienJunior Eurovision Song Contest 2021French frigate Junon (1806)Jupiter and ThetisJura wineFrench battleship JusticeJustus of BeauvaisFabienne KabouDavid KadouchKayije KagameKarnaboKeelung campaignFay KelloggMargaret Kelly (dancer)Henri de KérillisThe King's PilgrimageAlbert KirchnerPom KlementieffHugo KobletKoechlin familyAnthony KohlmannKohndoKorkoroKronstadt–Toulon naval visitsAlexander KucharskyRené KüssÉmile KüssFrench destroyer La CombattanteFrench ironclad La GalissonnièreLa Maison de la Magie Robert-HoudinLa Nouvelle branchLa Plagne bobsleigh, luge, and skeleton trackAllied siege of La RochelleLa Salle expeditionsGeorges de La TourLa Tour d'AuvergneLa VieilleAntoine Germain LabarraqueJacques LabillardièreAdélaïde Labille-GuiardHenri LaboritJeanne Geneviève GarnerinLac de Monteynard-AvignonetPhilippe LacarrièreMarie-Louise LachapelleCaroline LacroixLaduréeJean-Christophe LafailleLafayette Welcoming Parade of 1824 (New York City)Ernest LafontSuzanne LagierAntonio LagoJeanne Laisné (soprano)LaliqueGustave LambertThe Lame Devil (film)Jason Lamy-ChappuisLancaster's chevauchée of 1346Lancaster's Normandy chevauchée of 1356Siege of Landau (1704)Lange (ski boots)Anna LangfusLanglade, GardEspérance LangloisEustache-Hyacinthe LangloisEric LanlardCyrille Pierre Théodore LaplaceFrench submarine LaplaceJean LaplancheLarache expeditionLardonChâteau LascombesLatécoère 611Louis-René Levassor de Latouche TrévilleChâteau LatourBernard de Lattre de TassignyJean-Pierre LatzLucien LaurentJacques-Désiré LavalRené LaverdureRosa LaviñaLaw of 4 February 1794Jean-Baptiste Alexandre Le BlondJean Marie Le BrisLe CorricoloJack Le GoffAuguste Le GuennantAntoine Le MaistreCharles François Paul Le Normant de TournehemLe Pont-de-MontvertHenri Le SecqHubert Le SueurLe VaillantCharles-Auguste LebourgPhilippe Leclerc de HauteclocqueHenri LeconteViolette LecoqClaude Nicolas LedouxMarie-Hélène LefaucheuxRené LefebvreLego Masters (French TV series)Alfred LegoytJacques Legrand (Mongolist)Louis LegrandPaul LegrandAlbert LemaîtreRoger LemerreÉmile LemoineCharles-Amable LenoirLouis-Sébastien LenormandRC Lens FémininLéocadiaLaure LeprieurAntoine de LérisLes HijabeusesBarthélemy de LessepsJean Armand de LestocqYola LetellierLetters of a Portuguese NunLetters Written in FranceAlexander Georgievich, 7th Duke of LeuchtenbergGeorge Maximilianovich, 6th Duke of LeuchtenbergLéon LevavasseurLevee (ceremony)Yvette LévyLewis OfManMarcel L'HerbierGérard LhéritierSamuel-François LhéritierHenri LhoteChrysostome LiausuCyprien LiausuLiber instrumentorum memorialiumJudith LibermanLiberté (poem)Libri CaroliniLigue de défense de la race nègreLihouLimoges enamelLimoux wineAlfred LindonArtus de LionneLise with a ParasolLisieuxList of Frankish synodsList of Tour de France general classification winnersList of terrorist incidents in FranceLitanies à la Vierge NoireThe Little NigarLive It Up (Jennifer Lopez song)Le livre du chemin de long estudeHenry Lloyd (soldier)Svetlana LloydLocks on the Canal du MidiJacques LoewLofi GirlLoireLoire Valley chansonniersLoire Valley (wine)LoiretCharles-André van LooMalika LoubackMonique LoudièresLouis Lambert (novel)Louis d'Orléans, Prince of CondéLouise-Élisabeth of FranceLouise of FranceSarah LouvionLouvre Abu DhabiTreaty of the Three Black EaglesHenri LoyretteGermaine LubinMaximilien LuceÉvariste Vital LuminaisBattle of LunalongeChâteau de LusignanLycée Pierre-CorneilleJean-Baptiste LynchLyon Armenian Genocide MemorialLyon-class battleshipPádraig MacKernanEmmanuel MacronChâteau de Madame du BarryMadeline (video game series)André MaginotThe Maid of Orleans (poem)Maillezais CathedralSiege of Mainz (1793)Mais où est donc Ornicar ?Maison royale de Saint-LouisVartan MakhokhianGuslagie MalandaCharles MalatoRené MalbrantMalbrough s'en va-t-en guerreKévin MalcuitThéo MaledonMali FederationRichard MalkaMama CorsicaManassès II de PougyBrigitte ManceauxDaniel MangeasCharles ManginAlain ManoukianNapoleon MaracheHugo MarchandLa Marche (cave)French ironclad MarengoMargaret of Bourbon, Queen of NavarreMargaret of NeversGrégoire MargottonJane MargylMarie Antoinette and Her ChildrenMarie Antoinette with a RosePère Marie-BenoîtMarie et les GarçonsFrench submarine MariotteAnna MarlyFlorence MarlySimon MarmionMarmoutier Abbey, ToursFrench cruiser MarseillaiseFrench cruiser Marseillaise (1935)Marshal Foch Professor of French LiteratureMartel, LotMartel affairFrançois Martin (navigator)Emmanuel de MartonneMas de Daumas GassacMasonjoanyAlexandre MaspoliFrench battleship MassénaFrançois MassialotMassif des MauresCathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, Mata-UtuMata UtuLuke MathenyMimie MathyMatisse Museum (Le Cateau)MaturinusMay 1915 Triple Entente declarationÉmile MayadeMayenneBattle of al-MazraaMaëlleMe, Myself and MumKarim el-MejjatiMelionAndré MellerioMelorHMS Melpomene (1794)Memoirs Illustrating the History of JacobinismMen of Good WillLe ménage moderne du Madame ButterflyChâteau de MenarsMenier ChocolateRené MenziesClaude Mercier-YthierMesse de minuit pour NoëlMesse brève no. 7 (Gounod)Messe solennelle (Vierne)The Messenger: The Story of Joan of ArcIda MettThéodule MeunierLe MeuriceMeuse (department)Siege of Mexico CityAndré MeyerRobert René Meyer-SéeLucien MichardPaul MichauxMichaux-Perreaux steam velocipedeMickey au Camp de GursJean MiélotJean MignonElena MikhnenkoFrench cruiser MilanMilizacFrançois MingaudMinié rifleChâteau Miraval, Correns-VarEugène de MirecourtMiss Dior ChérieMistigri (card game)Bombardment of MogadorCéleste MogadorMary Elizabeth MohlJesuit Church, MolsheimPierre MonatteMonbar Hotel attackJoseph MonierThéodore MonodMont Blanc massifMont-Saint-Michel AbbeyMont Saint-QuentinMontagne d'Or mineDaniel MontbarsFrench ironclad MontcalmPhilippe de MontebelloMontérolier-Buchy–Saint-Saëns railwayFrancisco Arce MontesBernard de MontfauconMontier-en-Der AbbeyMontignac-LascauxMontmartre FunicularMontsec, MeuseRaymond MonvoisinMorane-Borel military monoplaneMorea expeditionMadeleine MoreauLéon MoreauxRoland MorenoMoronvilliersFrench submarine Morse (1925)MoucherotteJean-François-Auguste MoulinMoulin de Vertain, TempleuveMountains at CollioureJean-Pierre MourerRoland MouretMoustache (dog)Marius MoutetMichèle MoutonAnna Cora MowattLouis MoyroudMtsamboroMundo NuevoVincent MunierBattle of Muong KhouaErza MuqoliPierre de Murat de CrosPhilippe MusardBattle of al-MusayfirahMusée d'Ethnographie du TrocadéroMusée Archéologique de DijonMusic in ParisMusique mesuréeMusée RéattuMusée d'art moderne (Saint-Étienne)France–Myanmar relationsBattle of MykonosMère (restaurateur)Jules NadiNain JauneNantes CathedralNapoléon (1927 film)Napoleon Diamond NecklaceFrench ship Napoléon (1850)Napoleonic looting of artNapoléon on the Battlefield of EylauFrench submarine Narval (1925)Bernard NatanNational Democratic Front (French India)Nausea (novel)NautileDimitri NavachineNaye PreseHenri NegrescoNegress head clockFrench ship Neptune (1803)Charles NetterDie Neue WeltNeurosymploca? oligocenicaÉglise Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul, Neuwiller-lès-SaverneNevers faienceAlan de Neville (forester)New York City (painting)Newfoundland expeditionNicasius of RheimsNickel mining in New CaledoniaNicolas-Alexandre, marquis de SégurValérie NicolasNiederhaslach ChurchNivelle offensiveNo. 10 (Inter-Allied) CommandoFrançois Noël (missionary)Victor NoirNoirmoutier-en-l'ÎleNon, je ne regrette rienBernard de NonancourtNotre Dame Cathedral, PapeeteNotre Dame Cathedral, TaiohaeNotre-Dame-des-Missions-du-cygne d'EnghienNotre PèreKader NouniNous CitoyensNovember 1946 French legislative election in Gabon–Moyen CongoLa Nymphe surpriseO'Byrne-class submarineFrench ironclad OcéanRémi OchlikOde de PougyOedipus and the SphinxHermann OestrichOise amberPierre OlafDavid OlèreRené OlryOmelette de la mère PoulardOn the Poverty of Student LifeErol ÖnderoğluOpenSkiesOpinelOpportuna of MontreuilOratory of Saint CénéréOrb AqueductOrcières-MerletteMichel OrdenerOrdinance of Villers-CotterêtsOrdralfabetixOrgan Symphony No. 3 (Vierne)Orientalism in early modern FranceL'Origine du monde1983 Orly Airport attackGrégoire OrlykOscar Wilde's tombCyclone OseaBattle of OstrachOttoman embassy to France (1533)Ottoman embassy to France (1534)Myriam Ould-BrahamAlbert OuzouliasOvid Among the ScythiansThe Owl's LegacyPHerc. Paris. 4The Pagan SchoolLudmila PaglieroJoséphine PagnierPaixPalace of PoitiersPalace of TauPalace of Versailles Research CentrePalácio de FerroHôtel du PalaisPalais LantivyPalais de la MéditerranéePalais des FêtesPalladius of EmbrunPierre-François PalloyChâteau Pape ClémentParc de BellevilleParc naturel régional d'ArmoriquePeace of Paris (1783)SS Paris (1916)François de PârisParis-MondialParis–Rouen (motor race)Siege of Paris (845)Paris pneumatic postParisian Women in Algerian Costume (The Harem)La Parisienne (Renoir painting)Société ParisienneSae Eun ParkCatherine de ParthenayHypothetical partition of BelgiumThe Passion of Christ (Strasbourg)Passionate MindsFrédéric PassyFrench battleship PatriePatrie (airship)Paul Ricard Oceanographic InstituteLa PausaChâteau Pavie-MacquinPavillon LedoyenPavillon de FloreVenance PayotPierre PaysséPeace of RueilLa Peau de chagrinVeronique PeckVincent PeiraniPeirolHenri PélissierIsabel PellPelléas et Mélisande (opera)Madeleine PelletierNicolas Jacques PelletierFleetwood PellewPaul PelliotPentemont AbbeyHenri PépinJean-Baptiste PérèsLouis PergaudFrench submarine Perle (1935)Florence PernelPeter PerninPierre François PéronPierre Perrault (scientist)Léonce PerretPeter II of TarentaiseOlga PetitPetit PontPetites Heures of Jean de France, Duc de BerryGeorges de PeyrebrunePhilip V of FrancePhilippe I, Duke of OrléansArmand PhilipponHenri Félix Emmanuel PhilippoteauxPaul PhilippoteauxAnne-Sophie PicJacques PicPicardy SpanielHenri-Pierre PicouOdile PierrePierre, Duke of PenthièvrePierrot lunaire (book)Jean PiersonPierre Pigneau de BehaineRobert Antoine PinchonMarc PiolletHMS Pique (1795)Piscine MolitorPlace de la République, StrasbourgLouis Victor PlessierRené PlevenGeorges René Le Peley de PlévillePlogonnecFrench submarine PlongeurPloughing in the NivernaisFrench cruiser PlutonPoèmes pour MiRonald PognonGermaine Poinso-ChapuisArmand PointPointe de la TorchePointe du Grouin du Cou LighthouseAbel-François PoissonGeneviève PoitrinePolish Army in France (1939–1940)Julie PomagalskiClaude PompidouFrançois PonchaudPonettePont Notre-DameElvira PopescuPaul-Jean-Baptiste Poret de MorvanMarguerite PoreteLa PortaEquestrian Portrait of Count Stanislas PotockiPortrait of Madame Jacques-Louis LeblancPortrait of Mlle RachelEugène PoubelleYvon PouliquenPour le pianoMarie PoussepinKarin PouwPoverty in FranceBattle of PozzoloPraejectusPrehistoric Sites and Decorated Caves of the Vézère ValleyLaurent de PremierfaitArthur PriestleyPrince Imperial MemorialMaurice PrincetPrintempsPrise d'OrangePromptuarium Iconum InsigniorumProtohabropodaRobert ProustPrussian Regiment (France)Psalm 150 (Franck)Pseudo-JacquemartFrench frigate Psyché (1804)Psyche Showing Her Sisters Her Gifts from CupidPuits d'amourPuss in BootsConstant PuyoPyrenean desmanQuantic DreamEnguerrand QuartonCabaret des Quat'z'ArtsQuatre Motets sur des thèmes grégoriensQuatre motets pour un temps de pénitenceBattle of Quebec (1690)Lucien QuéletChâteau QuinaultRCJ (radio station)Antoine RaabLes raboteurs de parquetRadio ErenaRadio JRadio LondresRadio Shalom (Paris)Marc-André RaffalovichLéon Amédée François RaffenelAutomobiles RallyRampe de LaffreyLucie RandoinFrancis RappJácome RattonInes RauChâteau Raymond-LafonBattle of the Raz de SeinLouis RéardCaroline RebouxRecovery of Ré islandFrench ironclad RedoutableRegional Council of Auvergne-Rhône-AlpesRegional Council of Bourgogne-Franche-ComtéRegional Council of Grand EstFrench submarine RegnaultReims GospelFrench ironclad Reine BlancheFrench brig Renard (1810)René la TaupeReport on the restitution of African cultural heritageCol de la RépubliqueFrench battleship RépubliqueRequiem (Saint-Saëns)Réseau Breton 4-6-0 tank locomotivesRéseau de Transport d'ÉlectricitéNature Reserve of Saint BarthélemyOperation ResurrectionFrench frigate Réunion (1786)Réunion National ParkGéraud RéveilhacÉlisabeth RevolSerge RezvaniRhine campaign of 1796Rhinocéros (Jacquemart)Paul RicardFerdinand RichardMarthe RichardFrench ironclad RichelieuPascal RigoRikiteaJules RimetOuvrage RimplasTeddy RinerRingo (singer)Bernard II van RisamburghJacques RivièreRobert brothersLouis-Nicolas RobertRobert Parker: Les Sept Pêchés capiteuxJean RobicFrançois RochebruneChâteau de RochechouartRochechouartRochefoucauld GrailRocher RondOuvrage RochonvillersÉmilie de RodatRoderigue Hortalez and CompanyJoe M. RodgersRoger Marie BricouxAlfred Philippe RollRoman d'Alexandre en proseViviane RomanceBenildus RomançonPrince Dimitri RomanovIsabelle RoméeGuillaume RondeletCharles RondonyRosa (cow)Guy de RothschildFrançois Élie RoudaireRouen faienceRouen porcelainÉglise Notre-Dame de l'Assomption, RouffachHenri RougierOdette RousseauAgathe RousselleDidier RoustanRoute of the 2nd Armoured DivisionAndré RoutisAlbert RouxArsène RouxMichel RouxAlex Rowe (soldier)Royal CaninRoyal Commission on Animal MagnetismRoyal touchKarine RubyRue de l'AbbayeRue du BrexitRue du Tapis-VertClaude RuggieriHenry Russell (explorer)S.A.S. v. FranceSECAT S-5SNECMA Atar VolantSabine oliveSafari ClubSagardotegiLazăr ȘăineanuSaint-Bélec slabSaint George PalaceSaint-Inglevert AirfieldSt. Jude stormFrench battleship Saint LouisSt. Michael's Cathedral, RikiteaSaint-Porchaire wareSaint-Quentin-Fallavier attackSaint Roch Interceding with the Virgin for the Plague-StrickenRaymond-Gaspard de Bonardi de Saint-SulpiceSaint-Usuge SpanielRue Sainte-Catherine RoundupSainte-Geneviève-des-Bois Russian CemeterySainte Marie Coal MineSainte-EnimieSaint-Gilles-Croix-de-VieSaint-Jean-Pied-de-PortSaint-Savin, Hautes-PyrénéesBernard SainzEmiliano SalaSalade niçoiseSalle VentadourSalmson 2Salon (gathering)Salon des CentSalon des arts ménagersSalve Regina (Latry)Battle of San Juan BautistaBattle of San MarcialBattle of San PedroSancerre (wine)Nicolas SarrabatBéatrice SaubinLudovic SavatierSaverne TunnelScaramouche (Milhaud)Charles SchepensJeanne SchmahlJacques SchmidtSchneider CA1Battle of SchooneveldThéophile SchulerSchwartzbard trialSecret Treaty of DoverSegovia prison breakHMS Seine (1798)Self-Portrait as a TahitianSelf-Portrait with Palette (Manet)Selling Mother's MilkSept répons des ténèbresFrançois Dominique SéraphinSerenicusSerenidus of SaulgesJean-Mathieu-Philibert SérurierLucien Sève2012 FIRA-AER Sevens Grand Prix SeriesSextet (Poulenc)Malcolm ShabazzShakespeare and Company (1919–1941)Shi Pei PuSiamese revolution of 1688Siamese embassy to France (1686)Sicarius of BrantômeSiege of MontpellierSiege of AiguillonSiege of Capua (1734)Siege of Guînes (1352)Siege of Mantua (1799)Siege of PrivasMariama SignatéThe Silent WorldHenri SimonSinfonietta (Poulenc)Sisters of Charity of NeversSisters of the Holy Family of VillefrancheThe Skeptic's WalkMarcel SłodkiPiotr SłonimskiMarie Casimire SobieskaSocialist-Communist UnionSociété Amicale des Originaires de l'A.E.F.Société RamondLe SommeilNicolas-Marie Songis des CourbonsJacques de SoresSouillac, LotÉtienne Soulange-BodinSource-SeineMarc SoustrotSouth West France (wine region)Stéphane SparagnaFrench corvette Sphinx (1829)François SpoerryHMS SportsmanLouis Aleno de St AloüarnSt. Cecilia MassSt. Louis Cathedral, Fort-de-FranceSt. Pierre Cathedral, Saint-PierreSt. Stephen's Cathedral, BesançonStade Arsène WengerStade de GerlandStade Grimonprez-JoorisStatue of Heracles, ArcachonThéodore SteegWilhelm Stepper-TristisGeorge Barbu ȘtirbeiThe Stone BreakersBattle of Stralsund (1809)Igor StravinskyYekaterina StravinskyLouisa Maria StuartFrench battleship SuffrenFrench ironclad SuffrenSugar pieSuite Française (film)French cruiser SullySuper V-2Marie SurcoufSurrexit a mortuisSymphony for Organ No. 6Francis SzpinerSèvres Egyptian ServiceSétif and Guelma massacreKenzō TakadaTeddy TamghoValois TapestriesLuc TardifTarn-et-GaronneTarrarePascal TaskinTautiraÉlizabeth TeissierTéléfootThe Temptation of BarbizonDumitru ȚepeneagOlry TerquemCharles TerrontTête Rousse GlacierTête nucléaire océaniqueTéviec2015 Thalys train attackThat Obscure Object of DesireThéâtre Nanterre-AmandiersThéâtre de la ModeThéâtre de la MichodièreLéon ThéryFrench ironclad ThétisJean ThéveneyNicolas-Joseph Thiéry de MenonvilleChantal ThomasThomas IllyricusPierre ThouvenotThree Emperors DinnerJean ThurelTiger in a Tropical StormArthur Augustus TilleyÉmilie TillionTimber DropAlbert TissandierJames TissotThe Toilette of EstherTomb of the Unknown Soldier (France)Tomber la chemiseTop Gear FranceValerie ToranianTorture during the Algerian WarLa Tosca2019 Tour de l'Avenir2023 Tour Féminin des PyrénéesTour RondeTour de France during World War IITour de Nesle affairGuy TouvronJean Touzet du VigierTrams in RouenTreasure of PouanTreaty of BonnTreaty of Compiègne (1624)Treaty of GuînesTreaty of OrléansAugustin TrébuchonLise TréhotHippolyte TriatTricholoma pardinumTrictracFrench ironclad TriomphanteA Trip to the MoonTriple Alliance (1788)Tro BreizhTrobairitzThe Troelfth CakeLe trompeur trompéFrançois de TroyTruce of LeulinghemAurélia TruelLaurence TubianaTumulus of BougonThe Tunnel (TV series)Turcat-MéryLes TwinsTwo Hundred RabbitsTyoletUghill Hall shootingsUmrao Singh Sher-GilUn Jardin sur le Nil2011 European Under-18 Rugby Union ChampionshipAn Unforgettable SummerUnibail-Rodamco-WestfieldUnion of Communist StudentsUnité d'habitationUpper BrittanyIsmael UrbainUtrecht PsalterOctave UzanneMarguerite Vaillant-CouturierJean Alexandre VaillantVal-d'OiseChâteau de ValençayValenciennes tramwayValentina (French singer)Valentine (Maurice Chevalier song)Jean-Baptiste Vallin de la MotheJoseph VallotValmagne AbbeyBattle of ValmyValrhonaVannes CathedralHenri VanwaetermeulenBattle of VaravilleScarlat VârnavAmaury VassiliAlexandre VattemareVauvertVaux-de-Cernay AbbeyCamillo VazLe VéloLe Vélocipède IllustréOuvrage VélosnesVenues of the 1968 Winter OlympicsVenues of the 1992 Winter OlympicsVénus de QuinipilyVenus of BrassempouyVercors Cave SystemJeannette VermeerschLéonce VernyVétraFrench ironclad VictorieuseVidal blancVidame de ChartresLa Vie en roseSecret Treaty of ViennaThéodore VienneView of Auvers-sur-OiseFulcran VigourouxViktor (film)Hervé VilardVillanelleSS Ville du HavreVilleneuve AbbeyVilleneuve-sur-YonneBrutus de VilleroiVillers-Bretonneux Australian National MemorialVilleurbanneVine and Olive ColonyAlex VirotVix GraveVoies navigables de FranceAndré VoisinVoisin IIIVoisin (aircraft)VolinVolksfront (Alsace)Antoine VollonVolontaires de la LibertéSerge VoronoffVorwärts!Vue de toits (Effet de neige)Marie VuilleminFrench cruiser Waldeck-RousseauWallace fountainHenri Wallon (psychologist)Walter of PontoiseFrédéric Henri WaltherWar of the MaidensClaude-Henri WateletGeorges WeillVictor WembanyamaWenilo (archbishop of Sens)Western Front demarcation stonesWestern Union (alliance)Why die for Danzig?Wicked fairy (Sleeping Beauty)Joseph E. WidenerJean-Baptiste Philibert WillaumezWilliam VI of MontpellierWimmenauWingen-sur-ModerJimmy WinkfieldMarguerite de Witt-SchlumbergerMarie WittmanThe Wizard of the KremlinWobghoRosette WolczakWomen's March on VersaillesFirst and Second Battles of WonjuIndiana Woodward1998 World Cup terror plotFrench submarine XRachel YakarThe Year 2440Der yidisher arbeyter (Paris)YonneYoung Girls (painting)Young Spartans ExercisingYouth Council of the French UnionPrincess Catherine YurievskayaClaude YvonFrench submarine ZAnton von ZachZaian WarZarafa (giraffe)Deiva ZivarattinamMichel ZuninoHélène van ZuylenAlfred de Laage de MeuxAbel Aubert du Petit-ThouarsÉmilien of NantesÎle Sans Nom

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