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WikiProject Prussia is a collaboration to organise articles about Prussia. There is clearly far too much information about Prussia to be confined to a single page. This project originally concentrated on just the Kingdom of Prussia, but now it will cover all periods, including modern.

In addition to developing articles on the geopolitical subdivisions of Prussia, this WikiProject is also a place for the coordination of all other articles related to Prussia. Wikiproject Prussia was inactive for most of the 2010s, but with your help, suns that have set may rise again.

Goals Edit

Short Term Goals:

Create an open tasks page

Increase membership significantly

Long Term Goals:

Bring the article Prussia to featured article status

Improve all Prussia related articles

Templates Edit


For any Prussian-related entries, put Template:WikiProject Prussia Related Article in the article's talk page.


{{User WP Prussia}}

History of...

{tl|History of Brandenburg and Prussia}}, used for the main states involved in the history of Brandenburg and Prussia.


Invite People with this {{Wikiproject Prussia Invite}}

Coordinators Edit

Members Edit

Anyone who is interested to improve Prussia-related articles can join this project. Then consider putting your name in here.

Article Organization for Subdivisions Edit

The articles shall be organized in a hierarchy that matches the administrative structure of the Prussian Kingdom as it existed in 1905. Alternate organizations (before and after this time) can be made if sufficient material can be found to accompany the division breakdowns. Otherwise, the alternate organizations should be treed in the main article.

The article hierarchy is therefore:

Examples: See these articles for examples of the structure, organization and linkage

In the Standesämter series of articles, links to the towns will be to the article for the current day version of the town, which may use the current name in a language other than German if the town is no longer part of Germany. These town articles should contain the entire history of that town, so it would be unnecessary to create pages for only the history of the scope of this project. ---->

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