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The Paris task force grew out of the Paris Streets taskforce. Our goal is to provide a platform for improving articles relating to the French capital.


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The Paris Taskforce covers any article involved with Paris, France and the Paris metropolitan area.



Paris Streets




Naming convention for streets: new street articles should have the form rue Zidane, Paris – 'Paris' should not be in brackets because of disambiguation protocol, but ', Paris' should be there all the same to avoid future conflicts with articles on streets in other Francophone agglomerations. This is the best solution to date.


Rue Zidane
The heart of Paris' soccer district
Shown within Paris
Length3,460 m (11,350 ft)
Width8 m (26 ft) (avg.)
QuarterQuartier de la Gare
Coordinates48°51′03″N 2°20′54″E / 48.850857°N 2.348344°E / 48.850857; 2.348344
Fromrue de l'Assomoir
Torue Vitruve
DenominationOctober 17, 1997
{{Infobox street
| name = Rue Zidane
| image = Zidane(rue).jpg
| image_size = 230px
| image_alt = 
| caption = The heart of Paris' soccer district
| map_type = France Paris
| map_size = 265
| coordinates = {{coord|48.850857|2.348344|region:FR|format=dms}}
| arrondissement = [[14th arrondissement of Paris|14th]] 
| quarter = Quartier [[rue de la Gare, Paris|de la Gare]] 
| terminus_a = [[rue de l'Assomoir, Paris|rue de l'Assomoir]]
| terminus_b = [[rue Vitruve, Paris|rue Vitruve]]
| length = {{convert|3460|m|abbr=on}}
| width = {{convert|8|m|abbr=on}} (avg.)
| completion_date = 1804
| inauguration_label = Denomination
| inauguration_date = October 17, 1997

It's pretty simple. and (I hope) self-explanatory – UPDATE 22:57, 6 February 2006 (UTC): You can find a street-searcher/Infobox generator here. Still some cosmetics to work out, but the basics are there. All the streets have been pre-'wikified' to boot – let me know if there are any problems please. I'll be working on the cosmetics later this week.

Positioning the pointer correctly will no doubt involve at least a few hits to the 'show preview' button... but if you remember that the photo is 280px wide by 165px high you can get it pretty close on the first try. Better still: if you are using Photoshop, simply positioning the pointer over the downloaded image at the position you want indicated and the 'info' window will give you the exact coordinates.

Street finder/infobox Generator

This is operational now. Please find it here (not here). One note – if there are more than one entry in a given street's 'begins' or 'ends' fields, only the first will be 'Wikified', and the others will have to be done manually. Hopefully this will be remedied soon.

Other Street data Reference Resources

Most of the data in all the above can also be found at the Mairie de Paris website here and can be cited as such – yet this site seems to be for internal use and the links aren't working correctly. To find a street's listing you'll have to enter its name into the search box above and the site will list the street you are looking for (and all others connected to it).

NOTA: The above limitations seem only to apply to Mac users – windows users can look here for a more "ergonomic" street-finding solution but be sure to select "personal configuration" and "nomeclatures" in the "options" tab or nothing will happen when you click on the street you want info about.

Bottom Plan or Photo

I had intended the bottom box for a "map of the quarter" – or arrondissement map – with the street in its centre. Unfortunately I have not yet had the time to a) find a complete series of twenty rights-free arrondissement plans (that aren't blocky, imprecise or downright ugly) or b) make them myself. So, for now, no plan, so I guess anyone can put whatever they want in there – graced with a caption.

For the moment there is no feasable way to change a link's colour – at least not on a wide scale. The only way of doing this is for a user to add a 'custom' class to his monobook.css – but we can't very well ask every Wiki user to do this. So either we're going to have to change the caption background colour, or just not put links in the caption text. Myself, I'm still looking for a solution that can remain 'esthetically correct' with the rest – if anyone has any ideas, do give them a go. THEPROMENADER 12:53, 11 May 2006 (UTC)[reply]



General view of street (if possible) and, if interesting, street sign (engraved in stone, etc) would be great too. Particular houses, etc...



Brief textual description of beginning with name of street, its location, and a mention of its main modern attributes.



Creation date (if available), past names, a short description of the street history (created in 1202 from division and sale of the "Clos Mauvoisin" , etc), its fame/notoriety, perhaps any well-known events happening within.

Name Origin


Brief description of name origin, even if already mentioned in the Street's history. In addition to added clarity, this is for the convenience of those 'scanning' for info.

Buildings of Note


Thanks to Dlyons493 for this one. Buildings should be 'bullet-listed' in numerological order in two 'odd numbers' and 'Even Numbers' groups as follows (in order to avoid making sub-sub sections):

Odd numbers
  • 13 – Building whose ground floor was an office where, from 1684, apothicaires, or druggists, could find a boy nurse/assistant/coursier.
  • 17 – Building's corner with the rue Xavier Privas engraved with street name and former arrondissement.
  • 21 – Building dating from the Louis XV period.
Even Numbers
  • 4 – Building dating from 1729; its former sign "A la Hure d'Or" ("of the Golden Head") is still visible in its façade.
  • 10 – Former "furnished apartment" house where Napoleon Bonaparte was said to have stayed between 1794–1795.
  • 14 – Site of a needlemaker shop dating from as early as the 15th century ...

...thumbnail 'detail' photos can accompany each address entry.

Closest Transport


For now, closest Metro, RER and train stations. Consider using the station paris metro template for this. Perhaps bus lines running along the street as well.



Categories for each article are two, and both have similar form: the first, [[Category:Streets in Paris|Zidane]] will result in a complete category listing of all notable Paris streets once all articles are completed. Notice the "pipe trick" that will place the page under the correct alphabetical letter "Z" (instead of "R" as it would without it). Secondly, a category for the arrondissement the street is in – [[Category:Paris Ier arrondissement|Zidane, rue]] – The Category:Paris Ier arrondissement will appear as a sub-category of Category:Streets in Paris.

Stub Template


You may also add {{France-road-stub}} to any incomplete 'Paris street' article you may find.



Basic to-do list (this taskforce is very young! Please augment this list with areas you believe need to be improved):

  1. Update and maintain The Paris Portal
  2. Tag articles within the taskforce's scope with {{WikiProject France|tf=Paris}}. The |tf=Paris argument notes on the banner that the article is part of this taskforce.

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