Théâtre de la Michodière

The Théâtre de la Michodière is a theatre building and performing arts venue, located at 4 bis, rue de La Michodière [fr] in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris. Built by Auguste Bluysen [fr] in 1925 in Art Deco style, it has a tradition of showing boulevard theatre.

Théâtre de la Michodière
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The entrance on 13 July 2015
General information
AddressRue de la Michodière, 2nd arrondissement of Paris, France
Design and construction
ArchitectAuguste Bluysen
Other information
Seating capacity700
Interior of the Théâtre de la Michodière


On the site of the Hotel de Lorge, sold in lots, the rue de la Michodiere opened in 1778. Around the place where the Gaillon gate stood at the enclosure of Louis XIII, in 1925, the architect Auguste Bluysen [fr] built a theatre in the Art Deco style. Decorated by Jacques-Émile Ruhlmann, the red and gold auditorium could accommodate 800 spectators, but in the 21st century, it has only 700 seats left.[1]

Unlike the West End, where the activities of "bricks and mortar" and producers tend to be separate, Parisian commercial theatres are producing houses. Management decides on the artistic policy, and shows are financed by the theatre, albeit sometimes in co-production with a touring management that hopes to profit from a Parisian success to take a show out on tour.

Inaugurated on 16 November 1925 under the management of Gustave Quinson, from 1927 to 1977 it was run by actor-managers who made the success of its shows: Victor Boucher, Yvonne Printemps, Pierre Fresnay, François Périer, with works by Édouard Bourdet, André Roussin, Jean Anouilh, Marcel Achard and Françoise Dorin [fr].[2] By public demand, the theatre specialised in boulevard plays, as evidenced by the many old posters that could be seen on its walls.[2] The theatre was co-directed by Fresnay and Printemps until his death in 1975. Printemps remained alone at the head of the theatre, until she died in 1977.[3]

The theatre went into receivership, and after a brief period of being run by ATECA association, was bought from the receivers in September 1981 by Jacques Crepineau, who, unlike his predecessors, was not an actor, but still performed the role of artistic director.

In April 2014, bought the theatre.[4]


Management by Gustave QuinsonEdit

Management by Victor BoucherEdit

Management by Victor Boucher and Yvonne PrintempsEdit

Management by Pierre Fresnay and Yvonne PrintempsEdit

  • 1941: Comédie en trois actes, by Henri-Georges Clouzot,
  • 1942: Père [fr], by Édouard Bourdet, 15 December
  • 1943: Le Voyageur sans bagage, play in five tableaux by Jean Anouilh, 1 April
  • 1944: Le Dîner de famille, three-act play by Jean Bernard-Luc, directed by Jean Wall, 1 December
  • 1944: Père, by Édouard Bourdet,
  • 1945: Vient de paraître [fr], by Édouard Bourdet,
  • 1946: Auprès de ma blonde by Marcel Achard, directed by Pierre Fresnay, 7 May
  • 1946: Si je voulais… by Paul Géraldy and Robert Spitzer
  • 1947: Le Prince d'Aquitaine, three-act comedy Marcel Thiébaut [fr], May
  • 1947: Savez-vous planter les choux ?, by Marcel Achard, directed by Pierre Fresnay, 25 September
  • 1948: K.M.X labrador, by Jacques Deval after H. W. Reed, directed by the author, 29 January
  • 1948: Pauline ou l'Écume de la mer, two-act play by Gabriel Arout, 17 June
  • 1948: Du côté de chez Proust, by Curzio Malaparte, 22 November
  • 1948: Les Œufs de l'autruche [fr] by André Roussin, directed by Pierre Fresnay, 22 November
  • 1949: L'École des dupes, 1-act comedy by André Roussin, directed by the author, 2 June
  • 1950: Bobosse [fr] by André Roussin, directed by the author, 14 March
  • 1951: Le Moulin de la galette, three-act play by Marcel Achard, directed by Pierre Fresnay, 17 December
  • 1952: Hyménée, by Édouard Bourdet,
  • 1952: Un beau dimanche, play in three-act and five tableaux by Jean-Pierre Aumont, after the novel Rencontre by Pierre Larthomas, 29 June
  • 1953: Le Ciel de lit play in three-act and six tableaux by Jan de Hartog, directed by Pierre Fresnay, 14 April
  • 1953: Histoire de rire, by Armand Salacrou
  • 1954: Les Cyclones, by Jules Roy, directed by Pierre Fresnay, 10 September
  • 1954: Voici le jour, three-act play by Jean Lasserre, with Pierre Fresnay, 22 April
  • 1955: Les Grands Garçons, by Paul Géraldy,
  • 1955: Les Œufs de l'autruche, by André Roussin, directed by Pierre Fresnay, 10 March
  • 1955: Le Mal d'amour by Marcel Achard, directed by François Périer

Management Pierre Fresnay, Yvonne Printemps and François PérierEdit

Management by Pierre Fresnay, Yvonne PrintempsEdit

Management by Jacques CrépineauEdit

Management by Richard Caillat and Stéphane HillelEdit

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