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This WikiProject is an attempt to formulate a template for the French communes and to eventually create an article for each of the 36,782 communes.

Reason for a template is the lack of structure for most of the communes articles, which usually contain some loosely organised phrases. This WikiProject tries to suggest a structure for communes articles which would make them more structured, while also giving them a common look and feel.


WikiProject French communes
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All French communes should have one of the following templates:

See the documentation for instructions how to use this template, and how to copy the info box from the corresponding commune on the French wikipedia. Don't forget to add the correct region/department categories and interwiki fr: tag to the article.

Other valuable examples of infobox can be found at the following articles:

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Suggested reference article for discussion purposes: Le Puy, Doubs


Commune articles should simply be named Commune unless this is ambiguous with an existing Wikipedia article. In that case, they should follow Commune, Département

For example, Anse (not ambiguous), Claret, Hérault (ambiguous otherwise).


All communes should belong to the category "Category:Communes of département". Further proposals are on the talk page.

Municipal and cantonal elections 2007 postponed to 2008Edit

Note to editors: a law passed at the beginning of December 2005 has extended all current mayoral mandates to March 2008 (to avoid an "electoral traffic jam" in 2007). Reference -- Picapica 10:19, 29 December 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]

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