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Operation Transom was a bombing raid on Japanese targets at Surabaya, Java by American and British aircraft on 17 May 1944 during World War II.

Operation Transom
Part of World War Two
Carrier strike on Surabaya, Java in May 1944.jpg
Strike photo taken during the attack by carrier planes.
TypeOffensive bombing raids
Sourabaya, Java

7°12′40″S 112°43′49″E / 7.211035°S 112.730260°E / -7.211035; 112.730260Coordinates: 7°12′40″S 112°43′49″E / 7.211035°S 112.730260°E / -7.211035; 112.730260
Commanded byAdmiral James Somerville, United Kingdom
TargetSurabaya Harbor
Wonokromo refineries
Executed by United States

 United Kingdom



Transom was the second of two raids—Operation Cockpit (against Sumatra) being the first—that marked the first big offensive raids by the British Fleet Air Arm in the Far East. The Royal Navy was building the British Pacific Fleet, its naval strength in the Indian Ocean, in preparation for joining the war in the Pacific. Transom provided experience in naval air raids and replenishment at sea. Aeroplanes from the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga also took part in the raids on Sumatra and Java, after a joint training exercise with the British ships. Seven land-based B-24 heavy bombers of the 380th Bombardment Group, U.S. Army Air Forces, made a follow-up night attack on Surabaya Harbor, from their base at Corunna Downs Airfield, in Western Australia.[1]

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