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The number of active editors (registered accounts making 5+ edits in a given month) has been stable at the English Wikipedia since about 2013. Even though the overall volume is holding steady, we miss many of the individuals who used to contribute here.

This is a list of Wikipedians who no longer edit the English Wikipedia and are considered missing by the community. Wikipedians who have been confirmed to have died should instead be added to Wikipedia:Deceased Wikipedians.

Purpose of this list


The purpose of this list is to provide a reminder of those who have left. Please do not add users with fewer than ~1,000 edits. Do not add people unless you are certain they have left. Do not add anonymous users identified by their IP address or (for UseModWiki-era accounts) domain names; they may have a roaming IP address or possibly created an account to contribute. Do not add banned users, or yourself. Leave a message on the person's talk page to let them know that you have added them to this list; they can remove themselves if they ever return. Retired Wikipedians who do not wish to be listed may also remove themselves.

  • People who leave a goodbye message or a {{retired}} template on their user page or elsewhere, and then actually refrain from editing for at least 3 months are likely to have left permanently and may be added to the list.
  • Wait at least 3 months before listing someone who has simply stopped editing, unless you have some other reason for being certain that they have left.
  • Generally, editors who have gradually adopted a pattern of occasional editing interspersed with long breaks should not be listed merely because they are on one of their breaks.
  • Editors who return are no longer "missing" and therefore should be removed from the list.
  • Editors who have received a courtesy vanishing intentionally want to be missing and should not be listed.
  • If you add your own username to the list, even as one of your final edits, your addition might be reverted since it is impossible for a "missing" Wikipedian to make an edit.

The entries with the mop icon   beside their names are Wikipedia administrators, or have been at one time (many are procedurally desysopped due to inactivity; see also Wikipedia:List of administrators/Inactive). All dates featured on this page correspond with UTC times.

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