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Hello there, well seem as you've got here. I live in the town of Rugby in the UK. I was born in 1981.

My first name begins with a G, and, and, guess what, I'm a Man, hence the name G-Man. It took me hours to think that up :-)

I've been contributing to wikipedia since February 2003.

A picture of a Sheep, put here for no apparent reason.


Here's some of the images I have added to Wikipedia at my photo gallery.

I have also downloaded loads of historic pictures onto the Wikimedia Commons, you can see my contributions Here.


Here's a list of significant articles I have either created or added significantly to.

You do understand of course that this list is purely for my own benefit so I can remember what I've written, and has nothing to do with me bragging......Honest

Articles which I started are in normal text. Articles which I contributed a lot to but did not start are marked in italics.

English MidlandsEdit

I've worked on many articles relating to the English Midlands. Mostly towns, cities villages, counties and local history, especially in my home county of Warwickshire and the surrounding counties of Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and the West Midlands: Amongst these are:

Towns, cities and villages


Local history



I've done stuff relating to railways stations canals trams and old roman roads.


Railway lines

Railway companies



Tram systems

Roman roads


Bicycle/Cycling related articlesEdit

Music articles:Edit

Political articlesEdit

Political Parties


Misc historyEdit

Articles about peopleEdit

Articles which fit into none of the above categories:Edit

  • Plus a number of other minor articles which I havn't bothered to list, I have also made edits to many other articles.

Stuff about meEdit

Just in case you're wondering (which you're probably not, but I'll tell you anyway) here are some things about my beliefs etc.

Religion. I don't follow any particular religion, but I believe that all the world's religions teach basically the same common sense rules of morality and behaviour, like treating your fellow men with respect and dignity and loving thy neighbour etc. (it's a shame more people who call themselves religious don't follow them really). I generally regard organised religion as a divisive and destructive force in the world.

Politics. I am on the liberal/left-wing side of politics. I would describe myself as a democratic socialist of Social Democrat. I believe that it's the government's job to re-distribute wealth and ensure that everyone in society has a minimum standard of living, and has the basics of life. Although I tend to vote for the Liberal Democrats or sometimes the Green Party.

Oh yes, I am also a keen Cyclist.

And I am not a Fish

There I hope you found that interesting.


Useful sourcesEdit

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