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I live in the West Midlands, England and was born in 1952. Although I studied Natural Sciences and the Electrical Sciences Tripos, I only worked for a year in the Electronics industry before becoming a teacher. After 24 years of teaching in Secondary schools (11-18+), I spent my time since 1997 working on IT-related projects, before retiring in 2012.

My main hobby is Scuba diving and I've been involved in instruction of recreational diving for well over 25 years to date as an SAA National Instructor.

Having looked at the Wikipedia articles on Scuba and related topics, I felt obliged to create an account to take part in improving the topic to the best of my abilities.

Since then, I've taken some of the scuba articles through the GA process and written featured content, both article and list. I've had the benefit of being able to collaborate with a wonderful source for diving-related references, User:Gene Hobbs, who runs the Rubicon Foundation. Nowadays, I tend to find my wiki-time taken up mainly on technical matters, particularly my work for WP:WikiProject Accessibility and maintaining Module:Wikidata and Module:WikidataIB, which I have worked on developing over the last four years to enable information to be pulled from Wikidata into infoboxes on the English Wikipedia.

I currently serve on the boards of Wiki Project Med Foundation and Wikimedia UK. I am a Lead Trainer for WMUK and make use of the "vanilla" account Famously Sharp (talk · contribs · logs) for demonstration of editing and the unconfirmed account Famously Mild (talk · contribs · logs) to demonstrate how Wikipedia looks to a brand new editor. Since Summer 2019, I've been privileged to chair the new thematic organisation, "Wikimedia Medicine", as Wiki Project Med Foundation will now be known.

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Module:WikidataIB {{#invoke:WikidataIB |getValue |P123 |qid=Q99 |name=abc |spf=fields_not_to_display |fwd=ALL |osd=y/n}}
Module:WikidataIB/sandbox Development for WikidataIB
Template:Wdib A wrapper for WikidataIB (or the sandbox while testing) {{wdib |P123 |qid=Q99 |fwd=ALL |osd=y/n}}
Module talk:WikidataIB/testing Test cases for WikidataIB
Module talk:WikidataIB/sandbox/testing Test cases for WikidataIB/sandbox
Module:Carousel Module that returns each member of a list (e.g. filenames) in turn, changing at defined time intervals
Module:RexxS for testing some of my personal or specialised Lua functions: carousel, wobble, prevwarn, getIdentifierQualifier, getValueIndirect, checkRedirect, getAuthors, getValueQualIndirect.
Module:Wikidata {{#invoke:Wikidata|Dump}}
Module:Sandbox/RexxS/WdRefs {{#invoke:Sandbox/RexxS/WdRefs|seeRefs}}

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  1. Lobby for exposing things like https://en.wikipedia.org/w/api.php?action=query&prop=description&titles=Alan_Turing to Scribunto

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🎅 - my sole concession to this season's merriment. Bah humbug.

🎄 - OK, maybe just one more.

🦖 - can't wait for this one. @Bishzilla: I got first dibs on it (see https://web.archive.org/web/20170102221538/http://unicode.org/emoji/charts/emoji-candidates.html#1f996 ) --RexxS (talk) 18:24, 11 January 2017 (UTC)

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Robert Wood's multi-lingual scuba dictionary

{{cite book}}

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Geogre paranoid. Part of the Wiki-mood project

Geogre was among the finest editors Wikipedia has known.

It seems to me a real pity that we don't do more to celebrate his contributions.

Instead the system tends to eradicate them by erosion. To me it is as if we had decided to place Michelangelo's David outside a factory in the acid rain.

It is, in some ways, worse to see how the author himself is being turned into a 'non-person'. The damnatio memoriae of Geogre is no more apparent than in this FfD.

Last remaining pictures of Geogre
Geogre-2.png Geogre-3.png
Geogre-7.png Geogre-4.png


Personalized RfA thanks image

User:Phaedriel was a Wikipedian from the early days, who stopped editing before I started. She made a huge impact on a lot of editors and I think it's important to celebrate those who made such a memorable contribution to our project. That's why I'd like to see something of hers kept, and not swept away into the collective amnesia that plagues Wikipedia. Phaedriel was very kind and thoughtful, which led her to make personalised "thank you" notices for those who participated in her RfA. This is one of them.