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Hey everyone! My name is Dana Boomer, and despite the fact that my first name can go either way, I'm female :) My main focus on Wikipedia at the moment is equine articles, although I will probably eventually dip my keyboard into everything that has to do with history, astronomy, books, endurance sports, the outdoors, labor unions, and anything else that catches my eye. I've also been doing a bit of work on stub sorting, red link recovery, and other cleanup sorts of things. I am active on and off as a GA reviewer, tending to be more active when I have articles of my own up for review :) I am a delegate at Featured article review and an administrator.

My husband has an account under the user name Lakemaster08 (though I think he's only used it once), and we access the Internet through the same wireless connections and sometimes from the same computer.


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Frequently Used ReferencesEdit

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