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August 2019 update:

I have been watching to see what ArbCom does and what the WMF does, and the WMF refuses to apologize, let alone make a promise that they will remove their interference from our project. The actions of ArbCom over the past few months have also been notably unsatisfactory. As such, I no longer wish to contribute under the current environment. Maybe I will be back some day, maybe not, but anyone who returns to the project under the current circumstances must be seeing something very different than me... Enigmamsg 21:40, 7 August 2019 (UTC)

Adding that I don't take the "retired" tag lightly. I believe this is the first time I've ever retired from anything. I've been editing Wikipedia for 13 years and never took much of a break. Enigmamsg 23:48, 7 August 2019 (UTC)

Until the WMF at least attempts to fix what they've done, I will be doing my best to stay out of article space. Just clarifying for anyone who notices my recent contributions. Enigmamsg 16:57, 13 June 2019 (UTC)

If anyone sees this and doesn't know what I'm referring to, see Wikipedia:Community response to the Wikimedia Foundation's ban of Fram/Summary. The WMF T&S vastly overstepped and then chose to pour gasoline on the fire. There also appears to be significant corruption there, which was revealed by this latest instance of abuse of power (they did similar things on two other wikis previously, as I refer to below). intervention in February 2019

The removal of all CheckUsers and suspending the access tool for local Chinese Wikimedians at end of March 2018.

Quotes from the WMFEdit

Raystorm: "But even further - this pattern of trying to prove, in order to absolve a banned admin, that there must be either something in her past, or that she must have done something wrong or used undue influence for her own personal gain, is sadly familiar to most women in the internet, and has strong textbook reminiscences of for instance Gamergate. This is not safe. It’s not healthy for this community either. " [1]

KMaher: " When you have to retweet your shitty pseudo-thinkpiece three times because no one cares." [2] (evidently angry that someone dared to write about this debacle)

On a side note, we've had total silence from the WMF for a while, yet it seems all of them are on Twitter, either tweeting objectionable things or liking them.


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