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This user is no longer active on Wikipedia.

Unified login: Anonymous101 is the unique login of this user for all public Wikimedia projects. Please note that on es.wikinews I use the username anonimo101 and on pt.wikinews I use Anónimos101 (although I have secured the username anonymous101).

About me

Hello and welcome to my userpage. I am Anonymous101, who is an administrator on Wikinews. I am a native English speaker although you can contact me in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese or German. Most of my work on this project involves reverting vandalism and new page patrols, although I have been writing a few articles. See the automatic list of the pages I have patrolled. For me it is 02:43 local time.

Former username

Note - I was formerly known as User:Smallbig. I don't use smallbig but I have created that account to stop users pretending to be me


The Status Bot is blocked due to the server load but my last edit is shown here and if it occurred in the last 15 minutes it is very likely I am online.

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I agree to dual license all my contributions to the main namespace with the CC0 Waiver 1.0 Universal unless the edit:

  • Has an edit summary that mentions Huggle, Twinkle or any other tool that uses javascript
  • Has an edit summary that links to a page mentioning Huggle, Twinkle or any other tool that uses javascript
  • Has an edit summary that specifies that the content being added was copied from another Wikipedia article
  • Has an edit summary that uses the word Reverted, revert, undo, undid or reverting.
  • Was made before July 20, 2008


NPWatcher.svgThis user uses NPWatcher to patrol new pages