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October 2004Edit

It's been a long time between drinks... I recently got involved with the Distributed Proofreaders project, and somebody there had a link back to here and I clicked on it out of curiosity, only to find that I had messages, and that the photo policy had changed so my images needed reattribution. So I'm back to try and track them down and add it. If you see any image that says it was taken by Karen Johnson or Greg Johnson, please add the {{cc-by-nc}} licence to the page - this means you are free to reproduce it or to alter it for noncommercial purposes, as long as I (or Greg) get credit as the original photographer. BTW, the new skin for the wikipedia looks fantastic! KJ 08:25, Oct 2, 2004 (UTC)

March/April 2004Edit

I'm here but you won't see me... my primary task at the moment is copying relevant parts of the fruit and vegetable entries over to the wikibooks cookbook, and extending them in the culinary direction. I'm about up to vegies that aren't actually articles here yet, so you may see more contributions from me as I even the score.

February 2004Edit

Somebody told me that things were improving around here and so I came back to look. I'm impressed, especially by the twenty new servers! It's great to see that my predictions of last year were entirely wrong, because the Wikipedia project has become an all-encompassing empire! Well done everyone who's made it happen. I'm trying to spend more time on reallife crafting projects (I started scrapbooking and card-making...) and less time online, but I'll be around every now and then... Now I'll have to try and remember my wiki-code - I've forgotten it ALL :( KJ 10:00, 15 Feb 2004 (UTC)

August 2003'Edit

Sigh... I thought that the performance bugs would have been fixed or at least worked around by now. But I see that there is not even a basic search function activated, which makes the wikipedia to all intents and purposes utterly unusable. An encyclopedia is USELESS without an index. As I said way back in April, at which point improvements were promised, this project is collapsing under its own weight. It makes me very sad to see it because I thought it was such a Good Thing to be participating in. I have several thousand photos from my US/Canada trip that I was going to add to relevant places, but without an index I can't even find the relevant articles so they'll have to stay unpublished. I'll come back in a few weeks and see if things are looking any brighter... until then, goodbye! KJ 03:43, 6 Aug 2003 (UTC)

21 June 2003Edit

Hi honey, I'm home... I'm far too jetlagged to try to do any contributing as yet but I'll be getting back to things soon - it doesn't even feel as if I went anywhere! KJ 09:04 21 Jun 2003 (UTC)

April 2003Edit

I am temporarily withdrawing from this project because it has obviously failed in fundamental respects. If the database is not even searchable, then there is no point in having it at all. You CAN'T have a hundred-thousand page book without an index and expect people to use an outside index to find information in it... I'll be back from America at the end of June and hopefully matters will have improved considerably by then, so that the wikipedia will be properly usable. KJ 01:14 Apr 4, 2003 (UTC)

March 2003Edit

Busy busy busy!!!!!!!! I'm off to the US of A and Canada in three weeks time, and I won't be back (or have net access) until the end of June 2003. This is my first overseas trip, and I'm looking forward to it! See you all much later :) KJ 11:45 Mar 21, 2003 (UTC)

December 7, 2002Edit

I'm back! This is the first moment I've had to open the wikipedia since I got home... Canberra was surprisingly interesting, and I took lots of rolls of film and will hopefully be able to scan in some pics of my nation's capital for the wikipedia once they're developed...

November 26th 2002Edit

I'm off again. Canberra this time. I'll be back next week...

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I'm an Australian 33yo woman and I've always been interested in writing and information. I'm on disability, so I have plenty of time to kill and I spend a lot of time at my computer. My primary interests are writing and desktop publishing, papercrafts (cardmaking and scrapbooking), photography, and cooking. I love nature, travel (when I'm able to afford it!), and my country. My latest enthusiasms are digital scrapbooking, and the Distributed Proofreaders project .

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NOTE - all images by me are licenced under the following Creative Commons license. cc-by-nc I was quite a keen photographer in the past, but I have boxes and boxes of photos of Australian plants, animals and scenery in my cupboard and I'm going through some of them and finding illustrations suitable for wikipedia articles. These are the articles I have illustrated with my own images thusfar:


Articles I have contributed substantial content to [usually by starting from scratch or adding to a stub article] Because I've started them from scratch they still need a lot of work, so if you have any information to add please do! Note - this list is a very old one... I stopped keeping track of substantial contributions and new articles after the first 500 or so. But it does give you a general overview of my areas of interest, so I'm keeping it for posterity.

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If you would like to see more of my [other] work, visit my homepage to see a wide assortment of my stuff.

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