Twitter: @roozbehp
Location: San Francisco Bay Area

This is Roozbeh Pournader (Persian: روزبه پورنادر‎; Chinese: 普德纳) originally of Tehran, Iran but now living and working in San Francisco Bay Area.

Life and workEdit

I used to live in Tehran, but moved to California in late 2000s.

In Iran, I was the founder and CTO of Sharif FarsiWeb, Inc. Now I'm working as an Internationalization Engineer at WhatsApp. I'm also a Technical Director at the Unicode Consortium.


This is the same user as روزبه on the Persian Wikipedia, of which I was the founder.

For a partial list of the articles in the English Wikipedia started by me, see /Contributions.

For an interesting article about one of my contributions to Wikipedia, see Word War III, from the Washington Post.