Wikipedia was fun for a few years, but at this point I think it's entered a stage where it's just not fun anymore. The emphasis is no longer on adding content, but rather on arguing and edit wars. Many articles seem to reach a certain level of quality, and then gradually degrade due to random, disorganized, uncoordinated edits. Many articles seem to fluctuate around a kind of equilibrium, with a whole bunch of people editing, but mostly just undoing each other's edits. I'm still glad that WP exists, and that it's free-as-in-speech, but I'm no longer actively participating much as an editor, and I no longer have any articles on my watchlist. I used to have a list here of articles I'd worked on that I was proud of, but at least one of them has been hijacked by an editor with a POV to push, and I'm now ashamed to be associated with it. I've intentionally munged my password, so I can no longer log in.

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