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I have been trying to expand my scope further in recent months in an attempt to broaden my horizons and will likely have a crack at most subjects, although I remain largely focused on anything related to my great home nation of Wales.

Currently I'm hoping to take all of Cardiff City's 1927 FA Cup Final winning side up to GA in the hope of reaching a good topic. My progress so far:

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  1. Stuart O'Keefe
  2. Neil Alexander
  3. Miguel Comminges
  4. Harry Beadles
  5. Trevor Ford
  6. Lord Ninian Crichton-Stuart
  7. 1876 Scotland v Wales football match
  8. 2003 Football League Second Division play-off Final
  9. 2010 Football League Championship play-off Final
  10. Alex Raisbeck
  11. Ian Feuer
  12. John Toshack
  13. Ivor Allchurch
  14. Mark Hudson (footballer, born 1982)
  15. Darcy Blake
  16. Byron Anthony
  17. Adrian Alston
  18. Trézéguet (Egyptian footballer)
  19. Mark Aizlewood
  20. Kahraba (footballer)
  21. 1902 Ibrox disaster
  22. Ramy Rabia
  23. Ahmed Hassan Mahgoub
  24. Mark Bonner
  25. Sol Bamba
  26. Rhys Weston
  27. Nathaniel Mendez-Laing
  28. Harry Arter
  29. Jazz Richards
  30. Neil Etheridge
  31. Tom Adeyemi
  32. Sammy Ameobi
  33. Pádraig Amond
  34. 1920–21 Cardiff City F.C. season
  35. 1921–22 Cardiff City F.C. season
  36. Hubert William Lewis
  37. Craig Bellamy
  38. Joe Bennett (footballer)
  39. Lee Peltier
  40. 1922–23 Cardiff City F.C. season
  41. Josh Yorwerth
  42. Leon Barnett (co-nom)
  43. Bartley Wilson
  44. 1923–24 Cardiff City F.C. season
  45. 1924–25 Cardiff City F.C. season
  46. Sean Morrison (footballer)
  47. Tom Farquharson
  48. Wales national football team home stadium
  49. Aneurin Bevan
  50. Uganda at the 1968 Summer Olympics
  51. History of Cardiff City F.C. (1899–1962)
  52. South Wales derby
  53. Uganda at the 1972 Summer Olympics
  54. Cardiff City F.C. Under-23s and Academy
  55. History of the Wales national football team (1876–1976)
  56. Johnny Owen
  57. Cardiff City F.C. 2–1 Leeds United F.C. (2002)
  58. 1925 FA Cup Final
  59. 1958 FIFA World Cup qualification (CAF/AFC–UEFA play-off)
  60. Phil Dwyer
  61. 2006 Football League Trophy Final
  62. 1925–26 Cardiff City F.C. season
  63. 1926–27 Cardiff City F.C. season
  64. 1927–28 Cardiff City F.C. season
  65. 1928–29 Cardiff City F.C. season
  66. 1929–30 Cardiff City F.C. season
  67. Tom Watson (footballer, born 1900)
  68. Jimmy Nelson (footballer)
  69. 2008 FA Cup Final
  70. Tom Sloan (footballer, born 1900)
  71. Billy Hardy (footballer)
  72. Ernie Curtis
  73. Fred Stewart
  74. Sam Irving
  75. Hughie Ferguson
  76. Len Davies
  77. Jamie Arthur
  78. 1930–31 Cardiff City F.C. season
Did you know... (144)

Did you know...

  1. ...that Welsh footballer Trevor Ford once stepped in as a replacement fielder for Glamorgan County Cricket Club during a match, at the age of 45?
  2. ...that association football player Gary Bennett was one of the first players to become involved with the Show Racism the Red Card campaign?
  3. ...that after joining the club in 1947, Tommy Best became the first black player to represent Chester City in the Football League in a match against Oldham Athletic?
  4. ...that the footballer Mark Bonner was forced to retire after suffering a broken arm during a league match against Port Vale in September 2005?
  5. ...that the footballer Frédéric Gounongbe originally regarded tennis as his preferred sport?
  6. ...that while working as a commercial manager at Chesterfield, footballer Jim Brown collected financial records that were eventually used to prosecute club chairman Darren Brown for fraud?
  7. ...that the footballer Joe Cassidy lost 22 lb (10 kg) during the 1924–25 season, due to a severe case of influenza?
  8. ...that the association footballer Fred Keenor captained the only non-English team to win the FA Cup Final?
  9. ...that the footballer Jordan Green worked as a supermarket shelf-stacker before earning his first professional contract?
  10. ...that the association footballer Willie Carlin accepted a transfer to Derby County after his wife declared that she wanted to move away from Sheffield?
  11. ...that the Irish footballer Jeff Chandler was "never the same player" after suffering a knee injury in Bolton Wanderers' fourth game of their 1987–88 season?
  12. ...that in 2010, the association footballer Neil Alexander came on as a substitute for Queen of the South in a friendly against his own team, Rangers?
  13. ...that the footballer Billy James was forced to retire after playing just six league games due to the physical effects of his time in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp?
  14. ...that the association footballer Albert Barnett was one of five brothers who played for Altrincham F.C.?
  15. ...that the association footballer Harry Beadles was awarded the Serbian gold medal for bravery during World War I?
  16. ...that as a teenager, association footballer Frank Dudley gave up on turning professional due to his height—and then experienced a 6-inch (15 cm) growth spurt?
  17. ...that Cardiff City F.C. is the only non-English team to have won the FA Cup?
  18. ...that the footballer George Poland was rejected by Cardiff City F.C. as an outfield player before making his debut two years later as a goalkeeper?"
  19. ...that footballer Laura O'Sullivan made her international debut for Wales as a goalkeeper less than 18 months after converting to the position?
  20. ... that Lord Ninian Crichton-Stuart was the only serving Welsh Member of parliament killed during World War I?
  21. ... that footballer Gordon Coleman scored the winning goal in a match against Blackpool in 1982 while sitting on the floor?
  22. ... that the footballer Howard Spencer was the first Aston Villa player to captain England?
  23. ... that footballer Callum Hendry gave up playing for a year before turning professional?
  24. ... that the footballer Stanley Kane gave up playing in order to join the Liverpool City Police?
  25. ... that footballer John Robson was forced to retire after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the age of 28?
  26. ... that the English footballer Danny Lloyd sold bins for a waste management company before turning professional in 2017?
  27. ... that Ninian Park, the home stadium of Cardiff City F.C. for 99 years, was built on the site of a former rubbish tip?
  28. ... that the Welsh footballer Syd Thomas impressed Fulham so much in a trial match that he was offered a contract at half-time?
  29. ... that the night before the 2003 Football League Second Division play-off Final, the Queens Park Rangers' team hotel was targeted by a malicious false fire alarm?
  30. ... that fourteen players have scored an international hat-trick for the Wales national football team?
  31. ... that in 2006, footballer Steve Flack scored the fastest hat-trick in Exeter City's history?
  32. ... that footballer Paul Giles suffered an injury during a match in March 1982 after being fouled by his brother?
  33. ... that footballer Chris Stringer made his professional debut as a substitute after the starting goalkeeper received the fastest red card in English Football League history?
  34. ... that footballer Alex Raisbeck joined Liverpool after Stoke manager Horace Austerberry failed to arrive at an arranged meeting?
  35. ... that footballer Hugh Lester was the first non-British player to represent Liverpool?
  36. ... that Neville Southall is the most capped Welsh footballer of all time?
  37. ... that Blackpool were described as the "smallest club to reach the Premier League" after they were promoted by virtue of winning the 2010 Football League Championship play-off Final?
  38. ... that at the time of his appointment at Stockport County in 1999, footballer Andy Kilner was the youngest manager in the English Football League?
  39. ... that footballer Chris Sander was the first Cardiff City player to save two penalties during the same match?
  40. ... that in 1956–57, footballer Ray Straw equalled Derby County's club record for most league goals in a single season?
  41. ... that footballer Wayne Entwistle played for more FA Cup-winning clubs than any other player?
  42. ... that footballer Joe Mayo "never really thought about" turning professional, and was training as an accountant when offered his first professional contract?
  43. ... that the footballer Ken Hodgkisson was the first player ever to be used as a substitute by Walsall?
  44. ... that footballer Nathan Wigg retired from playing after his knee was described as looking like it could have "been in a car crash"?
  45. ... that the footballer Gary Gill suffered a broken leg during a match in 1989 but carried on playing after being given the magic sponge?
  46. ... that the footballer Irvine Thornley's benefit match raised £1036, a record at the time?
  47. ... that footballer Ian Feuer played a Predator in the 2007 film Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem
  48. ... that the Welsh footballer John Toshack authored a book of poems entitled Gosh, it's Tosh
  49. ... that the footballer Albert Shepherd was the first player to score a penalty in an FA Cup final?
  50. ... that the 1902 Ibrox disaster was partly blamed on the crowd surging forward in excitement at seeing Bobby Templeton dribble with the ball?
  51. ... that Ivor Allchurch was known as the "Golden Boy of Welsh football"?
  52. ... that footballer Hossam Ashour is the most decorated Al Ahly player in the club's history?
  53. ... that during the 2017–18 season, Moroccan-born footballer Walid Azaro broke the Egyptian Premier League record for most goals scored by a foreign player?
  54. ... that footballer Youssef "Obama" Ibrahim was given his nickname due to his likeness to Barack Obama?
  55. ... that footballer Ali Ghazal was the first Egyptian player to be appointed captain of a top-tier European club?
  56. ... that Welsh international footballer Darcy Blake left the professional game at the age of 25 and later played amateur rugby?
  57. ... that Rashad Sadygov is the most capped Azerbaijani international footballer of all time?
  58. ... that the footballer Kahraba ("Electricity") was given his nickname due to his pace and energy?
  59. ... that footballer Mohamed El-Shenawy declined to accept his man of the match award after Egypt's opening match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup?
  60. ... that footballer Adrian Alston performed the Cruyff Turn at the 1974 FIFA World Cup, before Johan Cruyff made the move famous?
  61. ... that the Egyptian footballer Trézéguet was given his nickname due to his resemblance to former footballer David Trezeguet?
  62. ... that footballer Colin Hudson scored in a 6–1 victory for Cardiff City on the same day he was married?
  63. ... that footballer Eddie Jenkins turned down a move to Tottenham Hotspur because he thought that "there were better prospects in the milk business"?
  64. ... that the footballer Mark Aizlewood once celebrated scoring a goal by flicking the V at fans of his own team?
  65. ... that most of footballer Laurence Abrams's transfer fee for his move from Hearts was never paid, after Chelsea claimed it would force them to fold?
  66. ... that footballer Willie Anderson agreed to join the Portland Timbers despite not knowing where the team was based?
  67. ... that footballer Sandy Allan was the first player to score a headed hat-trick in a European club competition?
  68. ... that the £2,000 fee paid by Blackburn Rovers in 1921 for the footballer Fergie Aitken was the record amount Bury had ever received for a player?
  69. ...that the English amateur footballer Reg Anderson was killed during World War II when his aircraft was shot down?
  70. ... that footballer Óscar Sonejee scored the goal that won the Andorra national football team their first-ever point in a competitive international fixture?
  71. ... that despite playing as a defender, Ildefons Lima is the leading goalscorer in the history of the Andorra national football team?
  72. ... that footballer Bob Jones was signed by Everton as a goalkeeper, despite originally playing as a left half, after the original goalkeeper failed to arrive at a trial?
  73. ... that Welsh professional footballer Stan Griffiths was given a medical discharge during World War II due to injuries suffered during his playing career?
  74. ... that following his retirement from playing, footballer Andy Kerr became a financial advisor in the Far East?
  75. ... that when footballer Wyn Griffiths suffered an injury during a 1945 friendly match for Arsenal, he was replaced by a player from another club who had attended the game as a spectator?
  76. ... that footballer Neil Matthews was the first Rochdale player to win an international cap at any level?
  77. ... that Filipino footballer Neil Etheridge is the first Southeast Asian to play in the Premier League?
  78. ... that Bryn Davies was one of the first footballers to enlist during World War II?
  79. ... that the footballer Ted Gorin scored Scunthorpe United's first goal in the Football League?
  80. ... that the footballer Sammy Ameobi scored the fastest goal by a substitute in Premier League history?
  81. ... that the footballer Wayne Matthews started his own manufacturing business by embroidering sportswear in his bedroom?
  82. ... that Cardiff City lost £200 from a deal signed with Joe Hillier's transfer to Middlesbrough in 1930 after the club's manager wrote down the wrong sum?
  83. ... that Lorik Cana is the most capped Albanian footballer of all time?
  84. ... that Tom Adeyemi turned down a place at Cambridge University in order to become a professional footballer?
  85. ... that the footballer Owen McNally scored eight goals in a single match, which remains a joint record for the Scottish Football League?
  86. ... that actress Naomi Watts is honorary president of the Welsh football club Glantraeth F.C.?
  87. ... that Henrikh Mkhitaryan was the first player to score a hat-trick for the Armenia national football team?
  88. ... that footballer Emiliano Sala is the most expensive signing in the history of Cardiff City F.C.?
  89. ... that footballer Pádraig Amond represented Carlow at hurling under a false name to avoid being discovered by his club?
  90. ... that by winning promotion during the 1920–21 season, Cardiff City F.C. became the first Welsh club to reach the top tier of English football?
  91. ... that during Cardiff City F.C.'s 1921–22 season, trainer George Latham became the oldest player in club history when called into action after members of the first team fell ill?
  92. ... that footballer Chris Summers set a Welsh Premier League record during the 2003–04 season by scoring in 11 consecutive matches?
  93. ... that during the 1923–24 season, Cardiff City F.C. finished as runners-up in the closest title race in First Division history?
  94. ... that in 1948, footballer George Hazlett was punched in the face after fans invaded the pitch?
  95. ... that Leicester City F.C. manager Norman Bullock banned his players from riding motorbikes?
  96. ... that Rhys Griffiths has won the Welsh Premier League Golden Boot more times than any other player, winning for seven consecutive seasons between 2006 and 2012?
  97. ... that during the 1924–25 season, Cardiff City F.C. became the first Welsh team to reach an FA Cup final?
  98. ... that footballer Alice Griffiths represented Wales for the first time after playing as the only girl in an otherwise all-boys league?
  99. ... that Lauren Price was the first Welsh woman to win a Commonwealth Games boxing medal?
  100. ... that Alice Evans was the first British female professional futsal player?
  101. ... that Welsh international footballer Peyton Vincze discovered she was eligible to represent the nation only when a Welsh football club visited her town in the United States?
  102. ... that Hubert William Lewis was awarded the Victoria Cross after capturing three enemy soldiers and carrying an officer to safety despite being wounded twice?
  103. ... that footballer Rachel Rowe made her international debut for Wales while still working as a guard in the prison service?
  104. ... that footballer Craig Bellamy has scored for seven different teams in the Premier League, more than any other player?
  105. ... that Agnes Twiston Hughes was the first woman in Wales to qualify as a solicitor?
  106. ... that Andi Herzog is the most capped footballer in Austrian history and the only player to win more than 100 caps?
  107. ... that footballer Jordon Garrick nearly gave up the game as a teenager to pursue a career in rugby league before being persuaded to change his mind by his mother and his coach?
  108. ... that footballer Carrie Jones made her international debut for Wales despite being too young to play for her club side?
  109. ... that footballer Megan Wynne played for Tottenham Hotspur while also working full-time in the club's human resources department?
  110. ... that footballer Josh Yorwerth received what is believed to be the longest doping-related ban in English football history?
  111. ... that footballer Sean Morrison was described as being "45 minutes from death" before undergoing emergency surgery?
  112. ... that Cardiff City F.C. founder Bartley Wilson's headstone was discovered in bushes near his grave, which had lain unmarked for more than 40 years?
  113. ... that footballer Tom Farquharson was believed to carry a gun in his kitbag?
  114. ... that the Racecourse Ground, which has hosted more Wales home international matches than any other stadium, is the oldest stadium in the world still hosting international football fixtures?
  115. ... that Aneurin Bevan led the establishment of the National Health Service, which was inspired by the Tredegar Medical Aid Society in his hometown?
  116. ... that Neil McLaughlin started boxing "by mistake" after an argument with his gymnastics coach?
  117. ... that Ralph Evans is the first Welshman to win an Olympic medal in boxing?
  118. ... that Ugandan boxer Leo Rwabwogo is the only athlete in the nation's history to have won more than one Olympic medal?
  119. ... that Fred Evans is the most successful Welsh boxer in Olympic history?
  120. ... that sprinter Judith Ayaa, the first Ugandan woman to win a Commonwealth Games medal, later lived in poverty, begging on the streets of Kampala?
  121. ... that Uganda's delegation at the 1972 Summer Olympics included both the nation's oldest and youngest athletes ever to compete at an Olympic Games at the time?
  122. ... that Uganda's delegation at the 1968 Summer Olympics included boxers Leo Rwabwogo and Eridadi Mukwanga, who won the nation's first Olympic medals at the Games?
  123. ... that boxer Charles Lubulwa is the youngest Ugandan athlete ever to compete at the Olympic Games?
  124. ... that field hockey player Avtar Singh Bhurji was shot in the leg during a robbery in 1996?
  125. ... that Ted Robbins was the longest-serving secretary in the history of the Football Association of Wales?
  126. ... that the residents of Ely, Cardiff, rioted over the sale of bread in 1991?
  127. ... that Welsh boxer Steve Sims has trained for fights by running up and down the 290 steps of the Newport Transporter Bridge ten times a day?
  128. ... that the Merthyr Mawr Sand Dunes in Wales doubled for the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula during the filming of Lawrence of Arabia?
  129. ... that the Aberbargoed Grasslands in Wales were designated a Special Area of Conservation primarily due to their population of marsh fritillary butterflies, which had been threatened by an arson attack?
  130. ... that Lluest-wen Reservoir was once dubbed "the wettest place in Wales"?
  131. ... that Laura Knight's painting Ruby Loftus Screwing a Breech Ring was painted at ROF Newport in Wales and features one of the factory's workers?
  132. ... that the history of the Wales national football team includes the first substitution ever used in international football?
  133. ... that boxer Johnny Owen was so dedicated to his career that he never drank alcohol nor dated?
  134. ... that after his side defeated Leeds United in the FA Cup, Cardiff City chairman Sam Hammam had two BBC reporters forcibly removed and had an altercation with the opposing manager?
  135. ... that the 1925 FA Cup Final was the first in the competition's history to feature a Welsh team?
  136. ... that during their 1925–26 season, Cardiff City suffered the heaviest league defeat in the club's history, losing 11–2 to Sheffield United?
  137. ... that, during their 1928–29 season, Cardiff City F.C. were relegated from the First Division of the Football League despite conceding the fewest amount of goals in the league?
  138. ... that the 2008 FA Cup Final between Cardiff City and Portsmouth holds the record for the highest attendance for a football match at the new Wembley Stadium, with 89,874?
  139. ... that footballer Billy Hardy is Cardiff City F.C.'s record appearance holder, having played in 590 matches between 1911 and 1932?
  140. ... that, during his time in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp, footballer Ernie Curtis would obtain extra food by teaching his captors how to play with a ball made of paper?
  141. ... that when Fred Stewart was appointed the manager of Cardiff City F.C., he paid the transfer fee of his first signing himself?
  142. ... that, such was his popularity with the club's supporters, when footballer Hughie Ferguson was sold by Motherwell F.C., the local steel works closed to allow workers to wave him off?
  143. ... that water polo player Jack Ferguson performed in a circus throughout Britain as a child?
  144. ... that, at the 2002 Commonwealth Games, Jamie Arthur became the first Welsh boxer to win a gold medal for more than 40 years?

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