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My status, 2012-style!

Hey everyone,

I'm still alive and well, although my Wikipedia habits have continued to remain dormant. To those of you still at it after all these years, I applaud you for your efforts.

I have logged in for the first time in months (and edited this page in the first time in years) to proclaim solidarity with the Wikipedia community at large in their efforts to oppose SOPA and PROTECT-IP/PIPA. What you guys are doing is fantastic; bills like SOPA and PIPA are truly evil and oppressive and using Wikipedia's respect amongst the Internet population at large in order to raise awareness is a fantastic idea. A total site blackout is exactly what you guys need to do. Thank you so very, very much for following the example of Reddit.

I have been doing my part to fight SOPA and PIPA as well. I have been active on Facebook as well as offline and have been making all of my friends and some strangers aware of what these bills are and what it means for them. I have contacted my Congresscritters (Sheldon Whitehouse, by the way, is a co-sponsor of PIPA) and have asked them to not support these bills. I also made the front page of the Providence Journal (the date escapes me but it was on a Sunday).

For those of you who want to contact me, you can reach me via email at still.

Good luck guys!!