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Earth Day 2022 Edit-a-thon - April 22nd - 2PM ESTEdit

You're invited! NYC Earth Day 2022 Edit-a-thon! April 22nd!

Sure We Can and the Environment of New York City Task Force invite you to join us for:

This Edit-a-Thon is part of a larger Earth Day celebration, hosted by Brooklyn based recycling and community center Sure We Can, that runs from 1PM-7PM and is open to the public! See this flyer for more information: https://www.instagram.com/p/CcGr4FyuqEa/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

-- Environment of New York City Task Force

Cancellation of page due to inaccurate informationEdit

Hello Alan,

I am writing to you on this occasion, because I saw that you edited this page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gianpiero_Fiorani

I leave you a request that, for terms of dissemination and maintenance, I consider important, because the page contains inaccurate information:

Dear Wikipedia Team, I request the removal of this Wikipedia page, since point 1 speaks of a negative episode that Mr. Fiorani experienced more than 17 years ago, an episode that has now been overcome, in which he was able to prove his innocence by being acquitted by the Italian justice system. I add 2 links where you can check what I say: https://www.blitzquotidiano.it/cronaca-italia/molise-usura-bancaria-gianpiero-fiorani-assolto-1234056/ https://www.primopianomolise.it/cronaca/giudiziaria/6309/usura-bancaria-assolto-fiorani/ Taking into account technological progress and respect for the constitutional rights of citizens, this request is made by appealing to the Right to be Forgotten (article 17 of the RGPD), which has long been recognized by European and Italian jurisprudence as “The right not to be exposed indefinitely to the subsequent damages that the repeated publication of a news item may cause to honor and reputation, unless, due to events that have occurred, the previous event becomes current and revives a new public interest in information.” In the case of Mr. Fiorani, what happened more than 17 years ago has not generated public interest again. Furthermore, Mr. Fiorani has proven his innocence in the Italian courts, for this reason, this request is also based on the Cartabia reform. The new Cartabia Reform (law 134/2021), approved on June 17, 2022, must be taken into consideration. Which has definitively provided for in article 1, paragraph 25 the right to de-index to citizens who have undergone a judicial proceeding and have obtained acquittal or to suspects who have obtained a decree of dismissal, a sentence of no place to proceed or of acquittal . Mr. Fiorani is not a public figure, it is disproportionate to create an entire Wikipedia page with only negative information. In addition, the two references that are named in the article are already deindexed by the original source, accepting our request for the Right to be Forgotten. It is an obsolete topic, due to the amount of time that has elapsed (more than 17 years) since the news emerged. It is important to remember that the presence of judicial news or this type of information on the Internet can represent an obstacle to the social reintegration of a person, and that the right to be forgotten should also be recognized for those who have been rehabilitated after a sentence, all the more so for a person who has proven his innocence. To finish, I would like to emphasize that, according to the Wikipedia classification, this page has low importance in the Financial Crime ranking. I remain at your disposal for any additional information and/or integration that you consider necessary for the acceptance of this request. Waiting for your response. Best regards, Nathalia Nathalia Rodríguez R (talk) 14:08, 28 July 2022 (UTC)