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WP:CIVIL - Civility guidelines
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Talk page ABCs

  • Sign your comments with four tildes. ~~~~
  • To address another user, you can (but do not have to) use one of these templates: {{ping|Username}} or {{u|Username}}. (Case and spelling sensitive) These templates will notify the user that you're addressing them, but only if you sign your comment with four tildes, and only if you don't edit the comment after saving.
Example: "Hi, {{u|Username}}, how are you?"
  • Indenting replies makes it easier to follow discussions. Use colons at the beginning of the line to indent. Each colon indents one time, like so:
I'm tired.
:Why are you tired?
::I didn't get enough sleep last night.
:::Get some sleep tonight!
::::Good idea, thanks!
  • Be civil.


Corruption in Indian cinema

  • Article at - "Why Indian box office collections depend on who you ask. For the 103-year-old Indian film industry, there is no single authentic source that reports box-office collections of movies"
  • Times of India - "Box Office column discontinued"
  • The Caravan - "Counting Crores: Why Indian films’ box-office figures do not add up"
  • The New Indian Express - "Bilingual films: The big, bilingual scam"


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