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Articles re-workedEdit

Articles I've substantially re-worked
Ahmic Lake American black bear American paddlefish Angling Atlantic salmon Aurora trout
Bass (fish) Biwa trout Black panther Blue walleye Bonytail chub Brook trout
Brown trout Christian Labour Association of Canada Catostomidae Chamois Coastal cutthroat trout Colorado pikeminnow
Cutthroat trout Dudley George Eastern gray squirrel Ed O'Loughlin Effingham, Ontario Elk
European chub Fishing Fly fishing Golden trout Great Lakes Grizzly bear
Heat wave of 2006 derecho series Infraorbital Jellyfish Kinmount, Ontario Komodo (island) Lacustrine
Lake Nipissing Lake trout Largemouth bass Laura Secord Logperch Longnose gar
Moose Muskellunge Northern pike Northern redbelly dace Olga Horak Pink salmon
Ptychocheilus Pumpkinseed Red-tailed Black Cockatoo Salmon Splake Spotted gar
St. Johns, Ontario Steve Sandvoss Sturgeon Falls, Ontario Thorold, Ontario Trivial name Union organizer
Verner, Ontario Walleye Welland By-pass Welland Canal White bass White perch
White-tailed deer Yellow-dog contract Zymurgy

Articles startedEdit

Articles I've started
Chub Dave Fluri (before I realised that starting vanity articles is frowned upon)
Enzootic Epizootic
Morph (zoology) (since subsumed into Polymorphism (biology)) Panzootic

Images uploadedEdit

Images I've uploaded
Blue pike.jpg Clupea harengus.jpg (since removed due to CC with attribution licence)
Fishhook.jpg Logperch.JPG
Pimephalespromelas.jpg (moved to commons)

Edit countEdit

For those who care about this sort of thing, here is my current (wannabe kate) edit count.