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Brambleberry of RiverClan

Joined 25 December 2007

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Good day! I'm Brambleberry of RiverClan, but feel free to call me Brambleberry or Bram. Just please refrain from "Bramble", as that's a little too prickly for my tastes. My username comes from a medicine cat in the Warriors series; she was a clever white cat with black spots and blue eyes. I'm usually on every day, but of course there are things such as vacations and computer meltdowns that may prevent that.

I also have accounts activated on Wikidata and Wiktionary.


About meEdit

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My favorite novel is Animal Farm by Eric Arthur Blair (sorry, "George Orwell") and I read it to help deal with my insomnia, which is so frequent some of it is memorized. I like other anthropomorphized animal books, such as the Warriors series, from which I draw my username (see above) and Watership Down. I also love Ireland. It's quite scary, actually. History, culture, everything except for food. And its love of killing wolves. But that's about it.

On Wikipedia, my main work is with animals, media, animals in media, mythology, and the occasional dabble in the Philadelphia Phillies. I'm a WikiPuma, which means that I make large edits but am also obsessed with little details such as misspellings and bad grammar. A page that I will make frequent edits to is Wikipedia:WikiProject Mammals/Missing mammal species, as I like to get that down as low as possible. Obviously my goal is to get everything finished, although the disputed binomial nomenclature of some (particularly the Mongolian saiga) is enough to give anyone a headache, and I already get enough of those.

I'm both an inclusionist and a deletionist. I'm autopatrolled and have written over 50 articles, but I'm a frequent participant at AfD, where most of my votes are delete, redirect, or merge. Therefore, I'm going with the idea that I'm a precisionist.

I also like adding infoboxes to things. I find it very zen. As part of this, I add infoboxes to baseball articles and have found that it seems like many of the baseball players lacking infoboxes were members of the Kansas City/Philadelphia/Oakland Athletics. Has anyone else noticed this?

I speak English as a native language (although many would say sarcasm as well), I'm learning Italian, I know a little Spanish and Lapine, and I know bits and pieces of Irish, Latin, and French.

My favorite species are: the puma (first), gray wolf (second), domestic cat (third), and hooded crow (fourth).

I can and probably will completely screw up my own edits and then quickly revert them with a frantic apology during the time that you know me. Just bear with me when that does happen.

Wiki beliefsEdit

  • In AfD, non-notable songs should always be directed to their albums, non-notable albums should always be redirected to their artist, and non-notable artists should always be deleted. If the album or artist page does not exist, the song or album should just be deleted.
  • Fun is at the heart of Wikipedia and should be employed in the proper situations liberally.
  • It is perfectly fine for reputable users to have many edits in userspace, as it probably means they are either having fun, doing work in their sandbox, or both.
  • Any text that is deleted should have an edit summary explaining why you are deleting the text, even if you are a bureaucrat.
  • In some cases, personal attacks and not assuming good faith are worse than vandalism.
  • In RfAs and RfBs, a user's username should not be used against them unless it is offensive. Therefore, users like User:Σ and User:I Jethrobot should have just the same chance at becoming admins as anyone else.
  • At least 90% of the time in AfDs, it makes much more sense to merge, redirect, userfy, or keep than to delete.


To-do 2015Edit


The WikiPuma Awesomeness AwardEdit

Being the one who created the WikiPuma page, when I see someone who has identified themselves as a WikiPuma and expresses the qualities of one, I feel the need to give them an award for how much they fit the description. That's why I invented the WikiPuma Awesomeness Award.

  The WikiPuma Awesomeness Award
From the founder of the WikiPumas, I present this award to you because I feel like you truly exhibit the qualities of a WikiPuma: creativity and obsession with pointing out that you are one. Meow! öBrambleberry of RiverClan
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