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Sea anemones from Ernst Haeckel's Kunstformen der Natur (Art forms of Nature) of 1904.

Welcome to WikiProject Biology, a WikiProject for discussing biology-related articles, editing issues, projects, and guidelines. The purpose of this project is to provide common ground for editors working in all biology-related projects, for seeking advice or requesting help from a broader community of biology editors, and for coordinating the categorization of biology articles. Please join us for discussion!


WikiProject Biology serves as a metaproject coordinating multiple subprojects. As a whole, WikiProject Biology and its subprojects maintain tens of thousands of articles, categories, templates, and other pages. However, WikiProject Biology itself only directly tags articles which pertain to the science of biology as a whole, which are relevant across many disciplines, or in some cases those which represent the field of biology as a whole to the public.

Related WikiProjectsEdit

WikiProject Biology is a daughter project of WikiProject Science. We serve as a meta-project with several subprojects under our purview. The organization of these is presented below in a cladogram. WikiProject Molecular Biology is a proposed merger of WP:BIOP, WP:COMBIO, WP:GEN, and WP:MCB and their taskforces into a single project. This and other merges may change this diagram in the future. See discussion here.

To see activity levels and active editors for these projects, see the Wikiproject Directory tool and look for the project in question. Clicking on a project will give further information.

WikiProject Science
WikiProject Biology

WikiProject Anatomy

WikiProject Animal anatomy (dormant)

Wikiproject Molecular Biology

WikiProject Neuroscience

WikiProject Physiology (dormant)


WikiProject Tree of Life (see subprojects)


WikiProject Ecology (dormant)

WikiProject Ecoregions

WikiProject Evolutionary Biology (dormant)

WikiProject Extinction (dormant)

WikiProject Paleontology

Other Science Wikiprojects

Potential projects or work groups:

Related non-biology projects (automated list):


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58 edits List of common misconceptions
39 edits Human overpopulation
19 edits Cambarus hubrichti
17 edits Alexander von Humboldt
12 edits Biology
12 edits The Vital Question
11 edits Autism spectrum
10 edits Linnaean taxonomy
8 edits Abiogenesis
7 edits Animal

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Animal anatomy

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Evolutionary Biology

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Tree of Life

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Computational Biology

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Cell signaling

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Article assessmentEdit

  • Assessment – the assessment unit, which provides information about Biology articles rated by quality and importance, and the project's criteria for article quality grading.

Category maintenanceEdit

(All stats updated June 9, 2019) It is difficult to compile statistics for such a large category and its subcategories: however, PetScan revealed 56527 total articles going down to 3 subcategories (PSID 9644858). There are certainly even more than that, because many subcategories do extend well beyond 3 sublevels. The key is that there are far more articles under the scope of WikiProject Biology than just what is shown by the talk page banner or our stats table.

Many biology categories are in bad shape. They tend to fill up with articles on minor topics that are better placed in subcategories (or sub-subcategories, etc.). A little maintenance of the top category and 30 subcategories would go a long way towards keeping articles properly sorted. These are listed below.

Main category: Biology (30 C, 133 P)

Contains well over 56,527 articles in all as of June 9, 2019.


  1. Biology-related lists (9 C, 95 P)
  2. Category:Branches of biology (40 C, 37 P)
  3. Biologists (13 C, 3 P)
  4. Biology awards (7 C, 121 P)
  5. Biocides (19 C, 22 P, 1 F)
  6. Biological classification (6 C, 40 P)
  7. Biological records (4 C, 26 P)
  8. Biological systems (3 C, 15 P)
  9. Biology education (1 C)
  10. Biology software (5 C, 2 P)
  11. Biotechnology (49 C, 376 P)
  12. Biological censuses (1 C, 14 P)
  13. Biological concepts (7 C, 20 P)
  14. Biology and culture (10 C, 28 P)
  15. Bioscience education (3 C, 11 P)
  16. Eukaryote biology (4 C, 3 P)
  17. Biological evolution (15 C, 38 P)
  18. History of biology (15 C, 48 P)
  19. Biological interactions (7 C, 35 P)
  20. Philosophy of biology (9 C, 72 P)
  21. Biological processes (12 C, 39 P)
  22. Quantum biology (14 P)
  23. Standardized tests for Biology (1 P)
  24. Biological techniques and tools (9 C, 71 P)
  25. Biology terminology (10 C, 134 P)
  26. Unsolved problems in biology (2 C, 4 P)
  27. Biological waste (3 C, 5 P)
  28. Biology stubs (23 C, 238 P)
  29. Biology templates (26 C, 87 P)


Article AlertsEdit

Did you know

Articles for deletion

Proposed deletions

Miscellany for deletion

Good article nominees

Requested moves

Articles to be merged

Articles to be split

Articles for creation

(9 more...)


See WikiProject Biology/Requests for details.

To doEdit

  • Change overview to overview, scope, and goals (still called overview)
    • Fill in scope information
    • Add short/mid/long-term goals
    • Merge with the lede
  • Fill out cladogram with useful info for each project (Talk, Alerts, Activity)
    • Find a nicer way to list non-biology projects
    • consider including GMCB projects in the cladogram with a dotted line and a bar labeled GMCB instead of current layout
  • Sign up for discussions module
  • Set up WPX participant system
    • Port names over
    • Send out some messages
  • Turn see also into resources and flesh out
      • Help finding sources
      • Guides
      • Tools/gadgets
      • Getting started guide
  • Sign up for suggestbot and get task lists
  • Add maintenance schedule to main page
  • Set up main page image rotation WIP
  • Facelift to WPX layout with proper modules
  • Fix template section
  • Add a subsection in statistics for subprojects (html issues currently)


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  • Petrov Russia (talk)PhD in Biochemistry,peer reviewed publications in Biochemistry, Biophysics, Biology and water Research Petrov Russia (talk) 07:30, 10 January 2021 (UTC)[]
  • Single Eukaryote T / C 00:10, 14 January 2021 (UTC) extreme protist nerd | microscopist | defender of under-represented organisms[]
  • User:Iloveguppy, 12:25PM, 26th January 2021 (UTC) Currently doing IGCSE biology. Strong interest in the field of biology and chemistry.
  • New Sheriff in Town (talk) 02:06, 17 March 2021 (UTC)[]
  • Yukōshe Tachyglossidae biology and associated Monotreme research.
  • User:Lystrolaspis



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  • {{Portal|Biology}} provides a direct link to the Biology Portal and is added to the See also section of all biology-related articles, which produces:

  • {{WikiProject Biology}} is added to the top of talk pages of all biology-related articles, which produces:
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