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List of user scripts
User scripts are powerful customisations, authored by the community, that allow registered Wikipedians to change Wikipedia's interface beyond the options available in preferences. This page provides a list of available scripts and instructions on installing them. User scripts are written in JavaScript.
  • Click here to skip directly to the script list.
  • Many of the most popular scripts become gadgets, and are subsequently removed from this page. You can enable them via Preferences – Gadgets. It is recommended that you check there first for any tool you might be looking for, since gadgets have been widely tested and proven useful and reliable.
  • Most scripts are designed and tested primarily with the Vector skin, Wikipedia's current default.

How to install user scripts:

  1. Check the checkbox at Preferences → Gadgets → Editing → check Install scripts without having to manually edit JavaScript files (documentation) and click Save.
  2. Come back to this page.
  3. Click "Install" after each script name to install the script. Some scripts may require additional steps, so be sure to visit the documentation if any.

Alternatively, you may use this link to temporarily view this page with script-installer enabled.

Appearance and behaviorEdit

Scripts that change the appearance or behavior (UI/UX) of the site. Any script that does nothing other than add a link to a page to a menu, panel or toolbar belongs to § Shortcuts. Any script that makes an edit to a page (i.e. increases the user's contributions) or changes the appearance or behavior of the edit form (action=edit/submit) belongs to § Editing.


Scripts that change the appearance or behavior of the site across namespaces.

Name Description Users
Total Active
6 Tabs Vector (source)Shows edit and history tabs for both main and talk pages while viewing either one.N/AN/A
accesskey (source)Display corresponding access keys besides links.N/AN/A
Backlinks from title (source)WhatLinksHere functionality on headline like in original Wiki.N/AN/A
browserStorageManager (source)Manage cookie and web storage items.N/AN/A
Cat next (source)Adds a button to go to a random page in a category.101
Confirm Logout (source)Interrupts logout procedure (via personal navigation link) with a confirmation dialog (except on user preferences pages where user scripts aren't loaded). Created for and only tested with the Vector skin.2715
Confirm Logout (source)Same as the above, except it provides a customizable HTML prompt to confirm a logout. Likely to work with all skins and browsers. If it doesn't, let the author know!129
Float Head (source)Makes the Wikipedia head navigation floating.N/AN/A
Float Side (source)Makes the Wikipedia side panel floating.N/AN/A
GoToTitle (source)Navigate to other pages by "editing" the page title at the top of pages as if it were an input box. Press ↵ Enter to navigate to the page entered.85
goToTop (source)(Handy for phones) Adds a small button to the bottom left of the page which moves to the top of the page when tapped.8413
goToTop (source)Modified version that prevents the button from covering the toolbar.1911
Hide Vector Sidebar (source)Hides the left sidebar in Vector. Can access the sidebar anytime by alt-shift-a.22814
Invert (source)Adds a link to inverts the colour of all Wikipedia pages.N/AN/A
Live notifications (source)Displays notification alerts and messages in a little popup box, live as they happen (or soon thereafter).1811
NeverUseMobileVersion (source)Redirects to the desktop version when Google sends you to the mobile version.3520
nightpedia (source)A dark mode for WMF wikis.2813
noeditredlinks (source)Stops the opening of the editor when clicking on red links.116
PortletLinks (source)A script to manage and create custom portlet links (links in the toolbar, sidebar etc.) without knowledge of JavaScript.117
RedirectNotification (source)Get notified when you are redirected, allowing you to view the redirect page.63
RetroLogoReplace the top-left Wikipedia logo.N/AN/A
scriptManager (source)Selectively run your scripts on the fly.219
Seven Tabs (source)Designed for compactness and the Modern skin, Seven Tabs shows edit and history tabs as above, but also includes an optional section 0 tab. Should work on Monobook as well.N/AN/A
simple-notifs (source)Another notification panel.N/AN/A
SkinSwitcher (source)Allows users to view pages in any of the seven available skins (Vector, MonoBook, Modern, Minerva, MinervaNeue, and ApiOutput).61
superjump (source)Custom keyboard shortcuts to jump to any page, and more!136
Talk to Wiki (source)In-beta script that enables voice-activated functionality for navigation of Wikipedia.N/AN/A
To Bottom (source)Adds a link to the bottom of the page in the right navigation menu.114
To Top (source)Adds a link to the top of the page in the footer.N/AN/A
To Top Button (source)Adds a button to go to the top of the page to the bottom right corner of the page.105
TodoList (source)Adds a todo list link to the head. The link will open a popup that allows you to view, add to, and modify your todo list. The todo list is stored in your user options, so it's private.2514
ToggleSidebar (source)Adds a link to toggle the sidebar (only testing for Vector).N/AN/A
Unslashifier (source)Redirects accidental navigation to a nonexistent page ending in a slash ("Foo/") to the normal page ("Foo").105
up-one-lvl-kbd (source)The "U" keyboard shortcut now goes up one subpage level.535
Update Notifications (source)Updates the alert and notification counts every few seconds.127
User JavaScript and Stylesheet Manager (source)Created for and only tested with the Vector skin.
  • Creates a discrete graphical user interface utilizing intuitive drag-and-drop to manage your user scripts and stylesheets. i.e.
    1. Switch resources (scripts or stylesheets) on/off without editing your common.js or any other page(s).
    2. Temporarily include resources with a simple click and confirm.
    3. Add/remove resources easily with button clicks and/or text entry etc.
  • Additional benefits of a more technical nature including caching of select resources on a per session basis to reduce API calls…
  • Feedback welcomed and encouraged.
UTCclock (source)Adds a clock displaying the current UTC timeN/AN/A
VectorButtons (source)Give those boring gray standard buttons a Vector-like appearance.N/AN/A
VisualEditorEverywhere (source)Displays the Visual Editor "Edit" tab and "Edit" section link on pages that don't normally have them: templates, talk pages, Wikipedia namespace.1610
Watchlist Notifier (source)Notification of changes to watched pages. Changes are checked on each page load, with notifications appearing at the top of the page under its title.18514
Watchlist scout (source)Polls your watchlist when you open any Wikipedia page, and then once a minute after that. When it discovers a new, unread page in your watchlist, creates a user-message informing you of the change, and stops polling. The message contains links to your watchlist, to the changed pages, and to their history page.83
Watchlist-notice (source)Adds a toolbar notice (like the "You have new talk page messages" one) when there are unread changes on your watchlist.2514
Watchlist-watcher (source)Similar to Watchlist-notice, but instead of green bar which links to watchlist page, adds a box similar to "your alerts" and "your messages", with the number of unread pages in your watchlist (grey if 0, blue otherwise), click opens a popup with your watchlist content.62
Wide Skin (source)Hides the sidebar and transfers its links to menus and the footer. Tested with the Vector skin.231


Scripts that change the appearance or behavior of the part that reflects wikitext (#bodyContent) across namespaces.

Name Description Users
Total Active
alwaysEditSectionLink (source)Should add section links to pages where there are sections but no editsection links. (For example, archive pages with __NOEDITSECTION__).116
CollapseSections (source)Adds a button to collapse sections like on mobile.204
copySectionLink (source)Displays a hidden pilcrow (¶) after editable section titles. When you mouse-over the section heading, the pilcrow will appear as a link to that section. This can then be used to more easily get copy/pasteable links in the format of Page#Section.4412
copySectionLink (source)A mod of User:Bility's script (see above) fixed to work on any Wiki and to handle titles with question marks correctly.144
copy-section-link (source)Another mod of User:Bility's script that also shows wikilink syntax, not just an external link.2117
CopySectLink (source)Adds a button to copy the unencoded page title or section path next to each heading.73
EditRedirect (source)Adds a after redirects, allowing the user to edit the redirect.N/AN/A
externals (source)Replaces the external link icon with the corresponding favicon for some sites.N/AN/A
FloatingTOC (source)Collapsible floating Table of Contents.131
FloatingTOC (source)Same thing, but with formatting closer to standard TOC.N/AN/A
fragmentAnchors (source)Visualizes fragment anchors and checks for duplicates.N/AN/A
Green Redirects (source)Makes redirects green.N/AN/A
hideSectionDesktop (source)Enables level 2 sections to be collapsed in the desktop view, like in mobile. Adds a [toggle visibility] link to each section header.73
Highlight recently added text (source)Highlights text that has been recently added or added since you last visited the page.207
highlightSearch (source)Highlights the search key word in the selected article from the search page.183
hover-edit-section (source)A keyboard shortcut to edit the section you're hovering over.92
Link Classifier (source)Colors links on the page to indicate redirects, broken redirects, disambiguation pages, and XfDs by default.629219
NoRedirect (source)Adds a ("no redirect") link to all links to redirects that links directly to the page, skipping the redirect.114
Picture Popups (source)Enlarge images without leaving the page and without disabling the page content. Doesn't work with the Modern skin.513
ProblemImages (source)Marks images (which are either at Commons or on Wikipedia) staying for deletion or maintenance.N/AN/A
searchForSection (source)Allows the user to enter a section name and jump to it.N/AN/A
Section Footers (source)Adds subtle clones of all section headings (including [ edit ] links) to the end of their respective sections; allows section editing from the bottom of all sections. Glitchy (working on it)N/AN/A
section-redir-note (source)When you get redirected to a section, the "Redirected from" note now shows below the section heading.2215
SimpleLightbox (source)Simple lightbox which enlarges images without leaving the page, faster and easier than Media Viewer.341
Subdue Links (source)Adds a button to the tools menu to make content hyperlink text colouration turn-off-and-on-able. Doesn't affect UI links. Created for and only tested with the Vector skin.N/AN/A
svgReplace (source)Replaces all PNG thumbnails for SVG files with their actual SVGs. Downloads SVG files in addition to PNGs, so shouldn't be used by the bandwidth-conscious.N/AN/A
ToggleSmall (source)Enables small and big text to be made default size, as well as unstriking text.N/AN/A
untoclimit (source)Undoes the effects of {{TOC limit}}.N/AN/A
veditLinks (source)Adds an edit beta link to {{Lx}} style toolbars.112
wiktLookup (source)Double-click a word, and go to its definition on Wiktionary.171



Scripts primarily designed to change the appearance or behavior of encyclopedic content (though they may be useful on other pages too).

Name Description Users
Total Active
Article Quality (AQ) Fetcher (source)Stylizes article links according to the grade of the target article as based on the assessment team's quality scale.7623
Client-side MathJax (source)Enables MathJax rendering of mathematical notation within <math> tags. You will never have to see grainy images in place of math again! Preferences → Appearance → Math must be set to "LaTeX source". Fast once cached in your browser.228
collapse infoboxes (source)Collapses infoboxes.N/AN/A
Copyvio-check (source)Runs a check inside the NPP reviewer toolset and display the % copyvio violation.7143
Custom GeoHack replacement (source)Use your own custom page with only links you choose, and with whatever formatting you want, instead of the regular GeoHack.N/AN/A
Deletion Finder (source)Adds links to the deletion log and any AfD discussions next to an article's title (only if there are any).15864
div.GoogleMap (source)Block control that allows to display the Google Maps in Wikipedia, as well as to draw markers and tracks on maps.N/AN/A
Duplinks-alt (source)Highlights links that occur more than once in an article (separate for lead and body).442267
FindSources (source)Adds a bar below the page title to find sources using {{Find sources mainspace}}.136
GeoHack replacement script (source)Replace coordinates' external links to GeoHack with direct links to a single mapping provider.145
Google Title (source)Adds a link next to an article's title to search Google for that title in a new tab.6216
SearchHelper (source)A fork of Writ's script, and it adds links next to an article's title to Google (web, image, news, book), Yahoo, Creative Commons, Wikidata etc, and also to an Indian newspapers custom search.1310
idResolver (source)Pops up multiple links for ISBN, DOI, etc.N/AN/A
Imperial First (source)When metric units are listed first, this script re-orders the units to put Imperial first. Opposite of Metric First.N/AN/A
ipareader (source)Adds a button beside all International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) pronunciations to play the text with a speech synthesizer (text-to-speech).2515
Metric First (source)When Imperial units are listed first, this script re-orders the units to put metric first. Opposite of Imperial First.223
PlayAudioNow (source)Makes {{audio}} links playable while staying on the page, without having to open or save the raw file, regardless of the format.119
quick-before (source)BEFORE searches, for arbitrary pages.259
retroambox (source)Circa-2006 styles for templates using the ambox metatemplate.N/AN/A
Serendipity (source)Inserts alphabetically adjacent article content to distract you the way traditional print encyclopedias used to. Also disables newfangled hypertext features.153
showKanji (source)Shows the corresponding Japanese kanji and furigana of a page under the title if any is found.154
Smaller Templates (source)Makes maintenance templates appear smaller, both horizontally and vertically.123
Smart quotes (source)Convert dumb quotes into typographically correct curly quotation marks for reading.N/AN/A
Subject's Age From Year (source)Roll over any year in an article about a dated subject and see the age of that subject that year.3011
Toggle VF (source)Creates a voice-friendly PDF version of any Wikipedia article that can be read aloud by text-to-speech applications such as Voice Dream, TextAloud, etc.4113
WRStitle (source)Adds a link next to an article's title to open a Wikipedia Reference Search for that title in a new tab.106
Name Description Users
Total Active
CitationStyleMarker (source)Show the citation style of a citation beside the citation.128
Cite Unseen (source)Adds icons to citations based on the source's attributes, such as if the source is a news article, an opinion piece, or government-controlled.16295
CiteHighlighter (source)Highlight citations green, yellow, or red depending on their reliability. Pulls from a very large list, including WP:RSP and WP:NPPSG.6043
HarvErrors (source)Displays errors when using Harv templates.396161
RefToggle (source)Enables removal of reference numbers in square brackets.275
ToggleReferences (source)Adds a button to toggle inline references to footnotes.N/AN/A
Unreliable/Predatory Source Detector (source)Identify unreliable and questionable sources used on Wikipedia.399250


Name Description Users
Total Active
AFD age detector (source)Adds a line in the format Page created: 1 wks 0days 0hrs 0mins 1secs ago by Username. to the top of an AFD discussion.167
Old AfD (source)Updated version of the above.135
collapseBots (source)Autocollapse talk pages comments made by bots.N/AN/A
Comment Highlighter (source)Highlights your discussion comments.8121
Comments in local time (source)Displays signature timestamps in your local time, relative to the current time. A replacement for Wikipedia:Comments in Local Time with better language and timezone support.2713
Fold Archives (source)Collapses archived talk page threads to reduce taken screen space.N/AN/A
Nominations Viewer (source)Collapses the nominations on pages like WP:FAC and WP:PR into expandable headers with basic information on the nomination, significantly decluttering the pages.12466
strike-archived (source)Strikes out sections where discussions have been closed.199
TalkHelper (source)Improves readability of long talk pages, highlighting posts from yesterday and today.N/AN/A
TalkHelper2 (source)Version 2 – as above, but also build a table of contents for the posts.N/AN/A
TimestampDiffs (source)Adds a link at the end of every comment, from the timestamp to the diff in which it was added.2111
Unclutter (source)Hides excessive warnings, makes some of the interface collapsible and minimises signatures.408
UserBlind (source)Hides usernames to reduce bias.N/AN/A
Vote Symbols (source)Adds graphical icons to users' !votes in discussions.23545
Vote Symbols Plus (source)Modified version of Ais523's Vote Symbols with new keywords and icons, plus a few bugfixes from the original script.3217
Watching Indicator (source)Adds an indication to your signature of whether you are watching the page.104


Name Description Users
Total Active
WatchDoc (source)Automatically watch/unwatch the documentation page of a template (and its talk page) when you watch/unwatch a template.93

Modules, scripts and stylesheetsEdit

Name Description Users
Total Active
code-link (source)Adds internal and external links to JS, CSS and Scribunto pages.114
CodeLinks (source)Also links template titles and module names in module invocations; only links http and https URLs.N/AN/A
userscriptInterwikiLink (source)If the user is viewing user script, it will show the link that can be copied to other projects.90


Name Description Users
Total Active
file-toggle-transparency (source)Changes the transparent color fill on file description pages.N/AN/A
imageres (source)Provides statistics for files and their sizes.N/AN/A
MegapixelDisplay (source)Displays the number of megapixels (106 pixels) on the image page.136


Name Description Users
Total Active
edits-since-decline (source)Show an [edits since this decline] link on the latest decline banner on an AfC draft.65


Name Description Users
Total Active
Find Unpatrolled New Pages by Subject (source)Thanks to User:InceptionBot by User:Bamyers99, we have subject categorized new page search results listed at User:AlexNewArtBot and sub-pages thereof; if you are interested in Wikipedia:New pages patrolling, adding this script to your account's common.js file before reading these lists will allow:
  • The script to create buttons on these pages, which on use will begin relevant searches to determine which new pages listed remain unpatrolled, and highlight those references/page-links.
  • All links in the page will open by default in a new tab or window (to keep the search results open), and visited pages will have the normal [Mark page as patrolled] option at the bottom right.
  • Created for and only tested with the Vector skin.
Gadgets definition (source)Pretty-prints and adds links to MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition.N/AN/A

Page informationEdit

Scripts that show information about the page you're viewing.

Name Description Users
Total Active
DYK Check (source)Tool for checking Did You Know eligibility. Also known as DYKcheck.1866634
EditWarChecker (source)Adds a traffic-light symbol to the top right of articles that displays the approximate number of reverts and users reverting within the last 24 hours.7631
lastEdit (source)Shows the last person to edit the page and the relative time of the edit under the page title.179
LastEditor (source)Provides links to user, talk and contribs pages of page's last editor, and additionally provides a "diff" link, minor edit marker, and summary of the edit in question.74
Link Redirect Title (source)Modifies the title heading of any redirect destination page, creating a link to the proper destination. Created for and only tested with the Vector skin.N/AN/A
lintHint (source)Displays Lint errors.8345
PageCreator (source)Displays information about a page's creator and links to the first revision of the page.96
Show number of active watchers & monthly views on every page (source)209
Superlinks (source)Quickly view information related to the page.10163
talk-tab-count (source)Shows number of level-2 headings on the talk page tab.7518
talkCount (source)Shows the number of talk discussions for the current page inside the "Talk" tab.118
talklink (source)Colorizes the "talk" tab link to indicate when it is empty or a redirect.208
Wikidata Q numbers (source)Adds Wikidata Q numbers to the article title.145
Word Count (source)Adds a link to the sidebar's toolbox to view various page size statistics. A variant on Prose Size that offers actual counting of words rather than counting whitespace characters, and handles separate counting of references.2310

Search formEdit

Scripts that change the appearance or behavior of Special:Search or the search box on each page.

Name Description Users
Total Active
Custom Search (source)Adds the ability to search using whatever search engine you want.N/AN/A
Open search in new tab automatically (source)Open search results list or suggestions in new tab automatically.N/AN/A
SearchEditLink (source)Adds an [edit] link next to each search result.N/AN/A
Search Engine (source)Adds buttons to search Wikipedia using Google and Bing.N/AN/A
search-links (source)Adds edit links to the search suggestions box.66
search-shortcuts (source)Expand some common shortcuts while typing in the search bar.157
SearchNamespace (source)Adds a pulldown menu next to the quick search bar allowing selection of namespace to search in.378
Search Suite (source)List-friendly search results enhancer. On/off features include sort, single-line results, wikilink formatting, etc.3918


Name Description Users
Total Active
CleanDiffURLs (source)Converts long diff URLs to the short Special:Diff/ form which can be linked in edit summaries.2013
CompareRevisions (source)Adds a button to the diff page to compare the two revisions side-by-side.75
Consecudiff (source)Adds links to diffs of consecutive edits by the same user on watchlist, history, etc.N/AN/A
Diff Time (source)Adds time between diffs and time since each revision.241
diff-context (source)Click a button in diffs to show more lines of context.2010
diff-link (source)Shows links on history and contributions pages to copy a Special:Diff/ link to each diffN/AN/A
diff-permalink (source)Shows a text field at the top of diff pages and oldids that contains the short Special:Diff/ (or Special:Permalink/) format.11954
diffcur (source)Adds a "Cur →" link next to the "Next edit →" link in diffs.74
DiffFontSwitcher (source)Toggle between fonts for diff by clicking on a line number.N/AN/A
DiffOnly (source)Adds "diff only" links to diff pages, and optionally to history pages, recent changes, and the watchlist. Diff-only pages load quickly, so are useful for tasks that involve trawling through lots of diffs.107
ExpandDiffs (source)Loads diffs inline on history, contributions, and recent changes pages.1410
fancy-diffs (source)Links in diffs are now clickable, including template names and external links, and images have expandable previews.3825
In-place diffs (source)Adds buttons to each line on the Recent Changes screen, the watchlist, the contributions screen, and article history screens, allowing one to load (and show/hide after loading) an individual diff without moving to another page and view multiple diffs at once.19031
Link Intermediate Revisions (source)Links the "intermediate revisions" message so it can be clicked to see a history listing of those revisions.132
LiveDiffLink (source)Show a live-updated diff link at the top of History pages while you select revisions, so you don't need to actually load the diff to get a diff link.4013
MoreDiffInfo (source)Adds more information to diff pages such as revision ID, size, and ORES score.105
offset-history-link (source)On diff page, links to the history/contribs starting at that diff.N/AN/A
QuickDiff (source)Quickly view any diff link on a wiki (only work if the diff was also made on the same wiki).N/AN/A
TextDiff (source)Adds a button to diff pages that shows a simpler, text-only diff. It is often difficult to see the actual changes to the text amongst the templates and other markup.2416
User History with in-place diffs (source)Modification of Ale jrb's original UserHist script, which allows filtering of an article's edit history by author name, to add the inline diff functionality, as with the "In-place diffs" script above. (Note that the "In-place diffs" script is not required to use this one, but there is no overlap between the two; this one does not replace the general "In-place diffs" functionality).
  •   Note: does not seem to be compatible with AJAX watchlist. Still works on contributions and history pages. On the watchlist, works until the first Ajax refresh on the page (20 seconds by default, but this time can be adjusted).



Scripts that change the appearance or behavior of multiple types of listings.

Name Description Users
Total Active
12HourFormat (source)Changes occurrences of 24-hour times to 12-hour (AM/PM) times. Works in logs, page histories, file history tables, etc.347
Autolink (source)Makes plaintext [[wikilinks]], {{transclusions}}, and URLs clickable where they normally aren't (i.e. in the History tab and on .js pages).8220
clickDivertimento (source)Open certain links in new tabs.N/AN/A
Convert from 24-hour (source)Changes times in user contributions and history pages to use 12-hour AM/PM clock.335
infiniscroll (source)Adds infinite scrolling to contributions, page histories, and log pages.N/AN/A
live-reload (source)Show history/log entries live as they come in, and update the tab name to indicate new entries.168
pageTeaserHint (source)Displays opening paragraph snippets in search results, categories, etc.N/AN/A
RemoveMarkAll (source)Completely disables the recent Watchlist and History page changes that highlight updates to pages since your last visit.103
Show Revision ID (source)Adds the revision ID to each revision on history, contribution, and watchlist pages.1511
Watchlist mark (source)Bolds watched pages in Category and "User Contributions" listings. Also adds a "Show watchlist controls" link to enable watching and unwatching directly from these listings.62

Watchlist and recent changesEdit

Scripts that change the appearance or behavior of both watchlist and recent changes pages.

Name Description Users
Total Active
CatChangeLinker (source)Completes diff and history links for category additions/removals on Watchlist/RecentChanges.N/AN/A
Enhanced RC expander (source)Automatically expands watchlist/RecentChanges/RelatedChanges links in enhanced RC mode. Also adds a button to collapse all, similar to "Watchlist Links" above, which apparently isn't working currently.61
listPageOptions (source)Auxiliary functions: toggle display options; unwatch; mark as visited; hide certain types of pages and edits.104
Thanky (source)Adds thank links next to diff links on the watchlist, and some other special pages with diff links.3120
Name Description Users
Total Active
Ajax watchlist with in-place diffs (source)Combines Theopolisme's Ajax watchlist script and Writ Keeper's in-place diff script, which are otherwise not compatible.63
ajaxWatchlist (source)Automatically updates your watchlist by displaying new changes as they come in at Special:Watchlist, no reloading necessary.348
Catwatch (source)Shows the addition of pages to specified categories on your watchlist.6213
clear-watchlist.js (source)Clear your entire watchlist over time.N/AN/A
customWatchlists (source)Create and manage your own custom watchlists.5017
Hollis (source)Show a "since last seen" link which gives you the diff of the page since you have last looked at it.144
importWatchlist (source)Import watchlists from other users, provided you have their watchlist token. Useful if you have multiple accounts.N/AN/A
Interwiki Watchlist (source)Adds interwiki watchlists to your watchlist; supports only a few popular wikis.245
LagToMinutes (source)When "High database server lag" message shows up, this script displays the total days/hours/minutes/seconds of the lag, in addition to the default total seconds display.299
ReverseMarked (source)Lets you know which watchlist changes you've already checked by fading out viewed items.295
Smart Watchlist (source)Watchlist customization and organization.6612
unwatch (source)Adds a link to unwatch a page on your watchlist.86
Unwatch (source)Simply adds an 'unwatch' link next to 'diff' and 'history'.N/AN/A
Unwatch deleted (source)Remove recently deleted pages from your watchlist.N/AN/A
W-Ping (source)Set up reminders (pings) for things to do that will appear on your watchlist at the scheduled time in the future.2516
Watchlist Links (source)Adds some useful links to your Watchlist.23052
Watchlist-hideAWB (source)Hide/show option for edits made using WP:AWB. Options appear in the "More" dropdown (Vector skin) or on a tab next to "Special page" (Monobook skin).2814
Watchlist-openUnread (source)Open multiple unread watchlist pages with a single button. Various options can be set, see documentation.2611
watchlist-update-title (source)Updates the HTML title of the watchlist page with a live count of number of new changes (when in live updates mode), which can be seen while working on another tab.N/AN/A
WatchlistLinksNewTab (source)Open all links in the Watchlist in a new tab, even on a normal click. Useful to prevent accidental taps and the like from exiting the watchlist.N/AN/A
WatchlistResetConfirm (source)Adds a confirmation dialogue to the "Mark all pages as visited" button and resets the watchlist much faster without refreshing the page.N/AN/A
WatchlistSorter (source)Sorts your watchlist by namespace, making it much easier to browse.169
WatchlistTidy (source)Minor change to watchlist layout – move the new changes notification out of the active filters block so that it is not lost when the filters are hidden.N/AN/A
WikidataWatchlistLabels (source)Adds labels to P-numbers and Q-numbers (properties and items) for Wikidata edits, e.g. "Created claim: instance of (P31): bus station (Q494829)" instead of "Created claim: Property:P31: Q494829".2613
Recent changesEdit
Name Description Users
Total Active
AjaxRC (source)Automatically refreshes the Recent Changes every 60 seconds using Ajax.101
GlobalRecentChanges (source)Allows you to monitor recent changes across various wikis (*.wikimedia, *.wikipedia, *.wiktionary).N/AN/A
RC Notify (source)Adds in-browser notifications about potentially harmful edits to Special:RecentChanges.N/AN/A
RC Patrol (source)Browse through recent changes in browser for easy patrolling and reversion.6528
RC-links-new-tab (source)Make all links in recent changes open in a new tab.N/AN/A
rc-thanks (source)"Thanks" links for RecentChanges.74
RCWidget (source)Adds a widget to the sidebar allowing for the patrolling of recent changes.N/AN/A


Name Description Users
Total Active
ActiveWatchers (source)Adds a link to History pages, next to the "Number of watchers" link, to show the number of Active Users watching the page ("active" defined as users who have logged in within the last 30 days).
  • The button "Active" no longer works.
Compare link (source)Makes the "compare selected versions" button into a link (diffs can be in new windows, tabs, etc.).72
DynaThank (source)Hides "thank" links on History pages until you choose to display them.133
hide-reverted-edits (source)Shows a sanitized version of page history by hiding reverted edits and the reverts themselves. Activated by a button next to "Compare selected revisions".1812
HistComb (source)Combines consecutive edits by same editor into a single entry on history pages, replaces size with increment (like in watchlist/recent changes), shortens talk, contribs and undo to single letter, highlights own edits with light green background, redirects link «Contributors» under heading to toolserver.14420
histFilter (source)Adds a button to filter the page's history to only show revisions of blocked users.86
History button links (source)Similar to the above, but accounts for the new style and also works for the sysop revdel links.N/AN/A
historydiffselect (source)Adjusts the radio buttons to select the last viewed revision.N/AN/A
HistoryGraph (source)Generates and displays an SVG line graph of a page's size over time, at 1-month intervals.N/AN/A
HistoryHelper (source)Add two buttons which wrap selected history entries on the View history page into a list of {{diff2}}/<table>...</table> entries. This may be used on the talk page to refer to changes. See screenshot here.98
HistoryHighlight (source)When clicking on a "hist" link from a user contributions page, the resulting page history has all edits by that user highlighted. Customizable highlight colour! 16,777,216 colours to choose from!84
HistoryView (source)Changes the display of history pages.105
MoveHistory (source)Lists the past moves a page has gone through.1713
Remove thanks (source)Removes all "thank" links from History pages.N/AN/A
responsiveHistoryCompare (source)Dynamically moves Compare selected revisions buttons next to the selected revisions on action=history pages.72
Undo move (source)Changes the undo link of page moves to Special:MovePage to undo the move.156


Name Description Users
Total Active
ContribsByPage (source)Script to sort contributions by page.N/AN/A
endlesscontribs (source)Provides for endless scrolling of contributions pages.2114
Hide Top Contribs (source)Does the opposite of the "Only show edits that are latest revisions" checkbox. (There is also an version, which has some "special" problems with some skins, but it still displays somewhere!)8635
Mark Reverted (source)Highlights reverted edits. Also works on histories, recent changes, and other pages.1910
Top Contributions (source)Color-codes lines according to who has the top contribution for a page.7614
Top Contributions Aesthetic (source)A modified version of the above, with lighter more readable colours. Color-codes lines according to who has the most recent contribution for a page.N/AN/A
user-tabs-on-contribs (source)Adds "User page" and "Talk" tabs to the user contribs page. (Vector)2813


Name Description Users
Total Active
CatChangesViewer (source)Lists recent category additions/removals on a category page.1512
Category Page Links (source)Adds individual Talk, Edit and History links to every article listed in a category, similar to {{pagelinks}}.129
CatListMainTalkLinks (source)Adds a link to each page's associate Talk: or main page.4213
Megawatch (source)Watch or unwatch all pages in a category (for large categories, restricted to the top 50 pages only).156
Gigawatch (source)Fork of Megawatch. It now allows you to watch up to 500 articles in a category. Requires a modern web browser.N/AN/A
shortdescs-in-category (source)Shows the short descriptions of pages in the category (can be toggled on/off).4228

What links hereEdit

Name Description Users
Total Active
SortWhatLinksHere (source)Sorts the links displayed by the What links here page.107
What Links Here link filter (source)Adds an additional filter on What Links Here pages allowing you to, in effect, exclude pages linking to the page through given templates (i.e. only linking pages not having the templates will remain).3713
WhatLinksHere action links (source)Shows edit and history (and delete if user is a sysop) links on Special:WhatLinksHere.N/AN/A
WhatLinksHereSnippets (source)Shows snippets of code for transcluded templates where they are used.N/AN/A


Name Description Users
Total Active
Log swap (source)Provides a button on Special:Log to swap actions performed by a user with actions performed on that user.85

User informationEdit

Scripts that show information about users.

Name Description Users
Total Active
Admin Highlighter (source)Highlights administrators in all listings and signatures; a rewrite of User:Amalthea/userhighlighter.js that was based on User:Ais523/adminrights.js.12862
Admin Highlighter v3.0 (source)Fork that caches the list of admins for faster highlighting.2715
Crat Highlighter (source)A modified version of the above, with caching and custom ordering and coloring of: bureaucrats, checkusers, oversighters, interface admins, arbitrators, and stewards (in addition to admins).3220
Admin Tagger (source)Fork of this script, but it uses emojis to denote the user groups. Multiple usergroups are displayed instead of just the 'highest rank' one.96
User Highlighter v2.0 (source)A modified version of the above, which highlights other user groups as well.258
User Highlighter v3.0 (source)Combines the highlighting capabilities of the 2 above scripts.93
User Highlighter 4.1 (source)All of the above, including mouse hover tooltips in case you forget the color and heavy optimizations to narrow loading times down to a few seconds on first load and a split second on subsequent loads.1510
UserHighlighterSimple (source)Simplified color scheme and bug fixes. New feature: users with more than 10,000 edits get their own color.104
markAdmins (source)A fork of the commons equivalent of the above scripts, this script shows letters (not colors) next to admins, crats, CUs, OSers, stewards, and many more user groups. Very customizable.2314
Display Contributions (source)Displays your edit count next to Contributions link in the top bar.4926
ip-ext-info (source)Adds an icon next to IP addresses in signatures, links, and page histories, hovering over the icon will show the IP's country, range, and ISP.2923
IPLabeller (source)Set permanent labels and colors to anonymous IP address contributors.N/AN/A
IPtoEmoji (source)Shows an emoji representation of IP addresses for easy visual recognization.76
mark-locked (source)Marks globally locked users with a dashed red underline.2924
Pages created (source)Lists all the pages created by a user.4210
ShowUserGender (source)Shows the gender of a user beside their name.185
SortCentralAuthByEditCount (source)Sorts the list of local accounts on CentralAuth by edit count.N/AN/A
Status Check (source)Displays whether a user is on- or offline when viewing their user page, user talk page and contributions.11326
Sysop Detector (source)Shows user rights groups.3612
User identifier (source)Marks, using graphical icons, users with user rights in all listings and signatures.10629
User Info (source)Shows user groups, edit count, and time registered.463139
User Info (source)Tweaked version of the above, also displays on all user subpages as well as special pages like contributions or logs. Option to disable when viewing yourself.3620
userinfo (source)Another tweaked version, abbreviates user group names.2112
usergroups (source)Adds user groups and information about current blocks underneath the username.86

Non-Vector onlyEdit

Name Description Users
Total Active
Chouette (source)JS script designed to make it easier to edit Wikipedia using the mobile web interface known as Minerva. It adds links to Wikidata, Reasonator, Whatlinkshere, Move, Infos, Pageviews, etc.179
MobileMoreLinks (source)A more updated version of Chouette. It has more links than it's parent script such as links to Copyvio detector, Page logs, etc.62
editthispage (source)Changes the "edit this page" label of the edit tab used in Monobook to show just "edit".N/AN/A
Just a click away (source)JS script, designed for Timeless, which brings useful links directly accessible in the main page and remove useless links.N/AN/A
mobileUndo (source)Adds an undo button to the mobile diff interface.3617
RC Patroller (source)Adds a portlet to the sidebar that shows a regularly updated list of recent changes.936
Timeless New Message Highlight (source)Highlights your username in yellow when there are new messages on your user talk page, since the talk page link is hidden in a dropdown in Timeless. This script should only be used with the Timeless skin: add it to your timeless.js, not your common.js!N/AN/A


Scripts that do nothing other than add a link to a page (internal or external) to a menu, panel or toolbar. Any script that does anything more belongs to another section.


Name Description Users
Total Active
admindash (source)Adds a link to Template:Admin dashboard to the toolbar.3810
Common.js.js (source)Fork of User:Lourdes/PageCuration.js, and adds a link to your common.js in the top toolbar.N/AN/A
Dashboard (source)Adds a link to the dashboard.146
Did You Know (source)Adds a Did You Know link in to the top toolbar.62
EditRequestLinks (source)Adds links to tables of unanswered edit requests.93
New Pages (source)Adds a link "Patrol New Pages" link in the toolbox.214
New pages link (source)Adds an easy link to the new pages feed, directly below the "recent changes" link in Vector.148
No Vandalism (source)Catches edits with Repeating characters filter on them.195
NPPLinks (source)Adds WP:BEFORE, copyvio check, duplicate article check, and other useful New Page Patrol links to the left menu.1311
Page Curation (source)Adds a "Page Curation" link (that points to Special:NewPagesFeed) to the top toolbar, primarily designed for new page reviewers.639242
Pending changes (source)Same thing as User:Omni Flames/PendingChangesLink.js, except on the toolbar.187
Pending changes link (source)Adds an easy link to Special:PendingChanges, directly above the "recent changes" link in Vector.2414
Pending Changes Link (source)Adds a "Pending Changes" link on the top toolbar, primarily designed for Pending Changes Reviewers.4022
Recent Changes Link (source)Adds a recent changes link to your toolbar when logged in.N/AN/A
Special:NewPages (source)Adds a "Special:NewPages" link to the top toolbar, primarily designed for new page reviewers used to the Special:Newpages old feed.3210
TFA History Link (source)Adds a "TFA History" link to the top toolbar, primarily designed for featured article contributors and recent changes patrollers to view recent changes to today's featured article.114


Name Description Users
Total Active
AfC Today (source)Adds an "AfC Today" link to the top toolbar that opens a random AfC submission opened 0 days ago.N/AN/A
AfDs All (source)Adds an "AfDs All" link to the top toolbar, primarily designed for AfD regulars who wish to directly view all deletion discussions.3111
AfDs Closing (source)Adds an "AfDs Closing" link to the top toolbar, primarily designed for AfD regulars who wish to directly view deletion discussions closing today.2917
AfDs Started (source)Adds an "AfDs Started" link to the top toolbar, primarily designed for AfD regulars who wish to directly view deletion discussions opened today.2013
CfD Started (source)Adds a "CfDs Started" link to the top toolbar, primarily designed for CfD regulars who wish to directly view category discussions opened today.N/AN/A
DRV Started (source)Adds a "DRVs Started" link to the top toolbar, primarily designed for DRV regulars who wish to directly view deletion reviews opened today.N/AN/A
FfD Started (source)Adds an "FfDs Started" link to the top toolbar, primarily designed for FfD regulars who wish to directly view file discussions opened today.N/AN/A
MyCSD (source)Adds a link to the toolbar for your CSD log.3421
MyXfD (source)Adds a link to the toolbar for your XfD log.N/AN/A
Page Info (source)Adds options to the 'Tools' section to see things about the article e.g. subpages, FA nominations, RFA (on user pages) etc.175
RfD Started (source)Adds an "RfDs Started" link to the top toolbar, primarily designed for RfD regulars who wish to directly view redirect discussions opened today.N/AN/A
TeahouseSidebar (source)This tool adds a link to Teahouse in toolbox.103
TfD Started (source)Adds a "TfDs Started" link to the top toolbar, primarily designed for TfD regulars who wish to directly view template discussions opened today.N/AN/A
VPpanel (source)This script adds links to different sections of Village pump in toolbox.70

Page informationEdit

Name Description Users
Total Active
Logs link (source)Adds an easy link to a page's logs, to check for previous deletions, move-to-drafts, etc.2714
Possible backlinks (source)Adds a link titled "Possible backlinks" to the left-menu toolbar; clicking on the link searches out articles where possible backlinks may be created for the current page.7445
Sidebar History Tools (source)Brings the History page's Toolserver links (plus the Page logs link) to the sidebar, so you don't need to navigate to the History page first to see them.6316
Source links (source)Like "What Links Here" but only searches for links in a page's source and not from a transcluded template.3827
Subpages (source)Add a "Subpages" link to the toolbox, which shows subpages of the current page.3413
Subpages (source)Adds a sub pages link in the personal toolbar.179
SubPages (source)Adds a Subpages button to the page menu.N/AN/A
What Links Here (source)Adds a WhatLinksHere link in the personal toolbar (Note: There's one in the left toolbar already).N/AN/A

User informationEdit

Name Description Users
Total Active
centralAuthLink (source)Adds links to the Central Auth for a user from in their: userspace, contributions, or logs.93
Contribs Tab (source)Adds a contributions "More" entry on user and user talk pages. For a Vector tab, try User:Equazcion/ContribsTabVector.js.5812
ContribsTabVector (source)Adds contribs and stats tabs to user and user talk pages.6914
ContribsTabVector (source)The above, but the tabs have configurable keyboard shortcuts.N/AN/A
ContribsTabVector (source)Still the above, with a CentralAuth tab.N/AN/A
Edit Count (source)Adds a quick link in the toolbar for checking one's edit count. (Especially for those who have editcountitis!)427
moremenu-proxy (source)Extra links for MoreMenu to help with proxy hunting.97
UserLogToolbar (source)Replaces the Logs link on user page with Logged actions (like the old Logs link) and Target logs (logs where the user or main user page is the target).N/AN/A
Whois Sidebar (source)Add a "Whois" link to the toolbox, which shows a whois lookup from


Name Description Users
Total Active
Common Links (source)Adds links to your common.js and common.css pages.61
My Links (source)Allows the use of WikiText to put links (and other text) into the sidebar.86
My subpages (source)Adds a "My subpages" link, next to your "Preferences" link in the personal toolbar.12827
No Edit Sandbox (source)Changes the "My sandbox" link to a regular page link, instead of loading the sandbox's edit page by default.217
Personal Dashboard Link (source)Adds a link to a dashboard of your choice (default: User:YourUserName/Dashboard).N/AN/A
Quick Links (source)Adds a "Quick links" link on the top toolbar that links to a personal page containing links.N/AN/A
Sandbox 2 (source)This adds a link to an extra sandbox, if you want more.N/AN/A
ShinyButtons (source)Adds buttons to the user menu for navigation to the TODO and WIP user subpages.N/AN/A
Tasks (source)Adds a "Tasks" link on the top toolbar that links to a page containing your tasks.62


Name Description Users
Total Active
addUploadsLink (source)Adds a "User file uploads" link to the toolbox, under "User contributions", providing access to a thumbnailed listing of files uploaded by the user whose userspace, talkspace or contributions list you are viewing (as is available at Commons).139
BetterTwinklePrefs (source)Adds a link to the Twinkle preferences page in the personal toolbar.123
Bookmark Navigation (source)Add links to your Wikipedia interface for easy access. Adds 3 new areas of links: Horizontally across the top bar, and two new sections to the side navigation panel. Use the links that I've set by default or easily customize it to your personal preference.222
Bookmarks (source)Adds a bookmarks section underneath the tools section on the right navigation panel.N/AN/A
CopyvioChecker (source)Add a tab that will submit a query to copyvios.toolforge when triggered to p-cactions menu. Vector only.N/AN/A
errors (source)Adds a link to WP:ERRORS on the main page and associated pages.62
Global Preferences (source)Adds a link to edit global preferences.95
GOCE (source)Adds a link to the Guild of Copy Editors to the "Navigation" menu. Check the docs for other options.N/AN/A
MMSLink (source)Adds a "Send mass message" link to the toolbox. Does not give non-mass message senders the ability to send mass messages.N/AN/A
MoreMenu (source)Extends the "More" menu by adding two more drop-down menus to your menubar.N/AN/A
Mobile View (source)Adds a link to view mobile version of page.104
PageDetails (source)Adds useful links to the side bar (list here).2911
QuickLinks (source)Adds links to the toolbar for the following pages: Articles for deletion, Pending changes, New pages, and Random AFC.216
Random Rootpage (source)N/AN/A
RandomRedirect (source)Adds a "Random redirect" link below the "Random article" link.N/AN/A
Raw Source Link (source)Adds a portlet that links to the raw source of a js/css page.N/AN/A
SandTab (source)Adds a link to the sandbox subpage of a template (only tested in Vector).N/AN/A
SNA (source)A new article or draft can be started easily from navigation bar.N/AN/A
Wikimap (source)Adds links to other wikis in your navigation bar. Also is smart and doesn't show the link for the current wiki.N/AN/A


Scripts that make edits to pages (i.e. increase the user's contributions) or changes the appearance or behavior of the edit form (action=edit/submit). Other scripts belong to other sections, even if they are for editors.

Edit formEdit

Scripts that change the appearance or behavior of the edit form (action=edit/submit), e.g. modify an unsaved source.

Name Description Users
Total Active
Advisor (source)Fixes common formatting and stylistic issues.4428
Advisor (by PC-XT) (source)A modification of the above.3012
auto-watchlist-expiry (source)Automatically watchlist a page for a customisable duration when editing a page that is not yet watchlisted. Source editor only.N/AN/A
autoBackup (source)Backs up the editing source at a regular interval.N/AN/A
Autocomplete (source)Offers a popup suggestions menu whenever you start typing a link or template in the main edit box.6818
autocompleter (source)Tab-based, context-sensitive autocompletion of usernames, page titles, and more, directly in the edit window.437
AutoEd (source)Cleanup various problems with markup, headlines, templates, and ISBNs.N/AN/A
autoFormatter (source)Semi-automatically fixes more than 200 common errors in wiki markup.N/AN/A
BulletSort (source)While editing, allows lexicographical sorting of bulleted (unordered) lists.167
Charinsert names (source)Show tooltips with the names of the characters in the Charinsert box below the editing area.75
CodeEditorAssist (source)Allows customizing the code editor, e.g. changing the color theme and enabling live autocompletion.N/AN/A
codeEditWindowSize (source)Allows you to change the starting size of the code editor.N/AN/A
deCapitalizer (source)Decapitalizes the selected text when the button is pressed.2313
DiffPreviewFindLine (source)Enables clicking on any affected line on the diff preview ("show changes") screen to quickly find that line in the editing textbox.N/AN/A
DisableDragDrop (source)Clicking and dragging on selected text will only modify the selection, rather than accidentally moving the selected text to a different position.N/AN/A
Edit Box Expander (source)Removes left navigation menu and makes the edit area bigger so there are fewer distractions when editing.100
editorContent (source)Turns on/off advanced text editor depending on page content model and user preference.N/AN/A
Force summary & preview (source)Forces you to preview your changes first, then asks for an edit summary.N/AN/A
InsertShortcuts (source)Inserts user-defined text with keyboard shortcuts.N/AN/A
intropreload (source)Shows links next to page title to the edit intro and preloaded content (if they exist).92
Math editor (source)Adds math editor for enhanced editing toolbar, which provides online preview while typing equations.143
readonly.js (source)Adds a Forced view source link to the personal toolbar which allows a user to view the source code of a page without the risk of accidentally clicking Publish Changes.86
RETF (source)Applies typo-fixing RegEx from WP:REGEX.N/AN/A
s&r persistence (source)Teaches "Search and Replace" box in "Advanced" edit toolbar to remember its content.158
SafetyEdit for all pages (source)Adds a check box for all pages during editing, which must be clicked before saving is enabled.62
Save Draft (source)Adds a button that saves a draft of the page you are currently editing to your computer browser's storage so you can return to editing later.N/AN/A
Save&Edit (source)Adds a small button to save the actual content and goes directly to the edit page again.335
Simple Keyboard Layout Changer (source)Change just a few characters on your keyboard or set up complete keyboard layouts for typing in other languages (works in both the editing area and the search box).N/AN/A
Smart Linking (source)Helps linking to the correct articles by letting you preview the linked articles while editing (see the screenshots).5315
Table Editor (source)Add table editing helpers to the toolbar.5015
ToggleEditNotices (source)Allows toggling of edit notices.142


Name Description Users
Total Active
Ajax Preview (source)Adds a button to the edit form to preview the current section, with a references section included.8626
ajaxPreview (source)Allows editing preview and changes without page reloading.17627
Preview: Template Last Modified (source)When previewing changes, sorts list of called templates by date last modified and displays the latest edit summary for each; useful for debugging complex templates.3910
previewAndDiff (source)Adds a button to the edit form to show preview and changes (diff) at the same time.2311
Private sandbox (source)Creates a sandbox for wikitext with a preview option. Unlike TestWikitext below, stores it in mw.user.options, which allows for access on multiple devices.73
Split Preview (source)Shows editing previews beside the edit box instead of above or below.122
TestWikitext (source)Adds a page that quickly parses/previews, loads, edits, and saves wikitext. Good as a quick page to test some code. Unlike Private sandbox above, uses the browser storage.N/AN/A

Edit summaryEdit

Name Description Users
Total Active
AutoSectionLink (source)Adds or refines the /* section link */ every time you hit "Show changes" so only the modified section will be linked in the summary.N/AN/A
Custom Summary Presets (source)Adds a menu below the edit summary line where you can choose from your own preset edit summaries. 3011
EasySummary (source)Use the last summary you used or load and save a summary.105
NewSectionSummary (source)Allows for a custom edit summary when using the "New Section" tab.N/AN/A
NoEditSummary (source)Warn if about to publish changes when the edit summary is blank.N/AN/A
NoSubmitSummary (source)Prevent the form from being submitted when hitting enter in the edit summary box.229
enterInSummaryPreviews (source)A mod of User:Anomie's above script.N/AN/A
Split Edit Summary Box (source)Creates a separate edit summary box for the name of the edited section, making the browser's autocomplete function more useful. Also plays nice with wikEd.N/AN/A

Automated editingEdit

Name Description Users
Total Active
JavaScript Wiki Browser (source)Has similar functionality to the downloadable AutoWikiBrowser, but loaded within the web browser.321162

In-place editingEdit

Name Description Users
Total Active
DisamAssist (source)Assists in quickly fixing ambiguous links.543287
diffedit (source)Enables editing directly from viewing a diff.N/AN/A
Heading editor (source)Allows for one-click editing of section headings while reading an article.7028
quickcreate (source)Create pages in-place without leaving the page. Useful for creating multiple pages from a special page list or from the categories list on a page.N/AN/A
QuickEdit (source)Edit a section of a page without leaving the page.5223
SectionRemover (source)Removes selected section(s) from a page.2414
Wikignome gadget (source)For minor edits to individual sentences.337
WikiplusEdit a page's source code in a popup window.N/AN/A

Copy editingEdit

Name Description Users
Total Active
Common Terms (source)Delink common terms.26099
dashes (source)Fixes hyphens, dashes, and minus signs per MOS:DASH.8854
Dumb quotes (source)Replaces curly "smart" quotes with straight "dumb" quotes per WP:Smart quotes.4026
Curlies (source)Same as the above.109
EN-IN (source)Indian English spelling consistencies per WP:ENGVAR.2210
EngvarB (source)British and Canadian spelling consistency per WP:ENGVAR.337138
flagcruft (source)Strips out flag icons that may be in violation of MOS:FLAG.6229
formatgeneral (source)Formatting fixes per WP:MOS, MOSCAPS, etc.347139
ListSorter (source)Adds a link to sort all bullet lists on a page alphabetically.2113
MOSNUM Dates (source)Cleanup dates per WP:MOSNUM.990453
Words to watch finder (source)Scans article for words to watch when editing.3112


Name Description Users
Total Active
AutoShortDesc (source)Quickly adds short descriptions to articles.93
EasyDesc (source)Fixed version of AutoShortDesc.N/AN/A
redlinks (source)Removes red links from an article.4021
SDlinkBuilder (source)Generates a list of links from a page with their short descriptions.94
Wiki Translation Tools (source)Helps you find categories, automatically fills the {{Translated page}} template, etc., based on an article in another Wikipedia. You have to install it in the Wikipedia you are translating from.232
Zeusmode (source)Somewhat deprecated tool which is still useful for fixing links to disambiguation pages from within an article, without going through the edit page.N/AN/A


Name Description Users
Total Active
Automatic Referencing Assistant (source)Aids users in correcting referencing errors.8334
Autoref (source)Allows for the inserting of auto generating refersuing using wp:Citoid in the 2010 wikitext editor, like you can in the visual editor.117
Citoid (source)Generates references from URL's and doi's using the mw:citoid server. This server is normally used by the Visual Editor and this script adds a toolbook link which allow the same server to be accessed from the normal wikitext editor. When installed, this tool can be accessed from the "Tools" section in the sidebar.16159
editRefs (source)Adds a link to the toolbox which, when clicked, searches the article references and presents them in textboxes for ease of editing. More basic but faster and less intrusive alternative to ProveIt.15345
Footnote Cleanup (source)Moves references, footnotes, and citation needed tags after punctuation.239
Format Citations (source)Add a link (accessible in the drop-down menu in Vector and as a tab in Monobook) to harmonize whitespace in citation templates, and another to convert them to the vertical format.128
Tidy Citations (source)Fork of Format Citations, with slight tweaks. Links appear in the toolbox upon editing, with a choice between vertical tidying and 3 variants of horizontal tidying (crammed, tidy, and roomy).8034
RefCruncher (source)While editing, allows 'crunching' of <ref>s into cute, unobtrusive tags. Useful for prose editors who should probably be using the visual editor.82
Reference Organizer (source)Presents all references in graphical user interface, where you can choose whether the references should be defined in the body of article or in the reference list template(s) (list-defined format). You can also sort references in various ways (and optionally keep the sort order), and rename references. When installed, this tool can be accessed from the "More" menu.N/AN/A
ReferenceExpander (source)Expands references that are a link to a expanded reference using {{cite ..}}.2515
RefMan (source)Allows you to edit and merge references.2713
ReviewSourceCheck (source)Simplifies source reviews by flagging 16 types of errors when using Harv templates. Display can be toggled on/off.1511
SnipManager (source)Toolbar with forms to fill in references.8711
Sources (source)Aims for compliance with Help:Citation Style 1, WP:ITALICS: ensures consistency of source names, and general tidying within the reference section.237102


Name Description Users
Total Active
Ajax Rollback (source)Turns rollback links into AJAX rollback links.82
Ajax Rollback with summary (source)Changes the [rollback] link to Ajax rollback links, prompts for edit summary.N/AN/A
Ajax Rollback, with summary (source)Adds AJAX rollback links next to the ordinary, offers edit summaries.106
Ajax Undo (source)Adds an Ajax undo link next to the normal undo link on page histories and on diff pages.190
AJAXUndo (source)Similar to above, but has a smaller more inline interface and automatically reloads the history page after an undo is performed.72
confirmationRollback-mobile (source)Requires confirmation before performing rollback on mobile devices.83
ConfirmRollback (source)Adjust rollback link behaviour by page and device type.7125
confirmwatchlistrollback (source)Pops up a confirmation dialog when rollback link is clicked from Watchlist.198
Mass Rollback controlled (source)Rollback selected contributions of a user or all contribs of a user.6626
Remove Rollback (source)Disables the rollback feature.N/AN/A
Restorer (source)Adds a link beside the undo link in page history to restore a revision of an page.5325
Rollback "in place" (source)Changes the behavior of "rollback" link: instead of jumping to the diff page, leaves you in the same page. Together with Gadget popup, this can make vandalism-fighting slightly more efficient. In addition, right-clicking the "rollback" link will let you enter a summary, instead of the standard rollback summary.176
Rollback All (source)Revert all contributions of a user.238130
Rollback No Leave (source)Does same as above with much simpler code.N/AN/A
rollbackSum (source)Rollback summary.254
rollbackTouch (source)Hides all rollback links on mobile devices.169
steamroller (source)Requires confirmation before performing a rollback, and then automatically opens the user's contributions page after performing the rollback (similar to the global gadget, but prefills the Article field in Twinkle when warning the user from the user's contributions page).92
undo-last-edit (source)Adds an option to the "More" menu that undoes the last edit made to the page.8716

Anti-vandalism and user warningEdit

Name Description Users
Total Active
Arbritration Requests Buddy (source)Adds a Twinkle menu for discretionary sanction notices, as well as more Arbcom-themed functions.5733
quicknote (source)Adds a "quick note" button to diffs that allows for leaving personal messages to editors regarding an edit that an editor has made.N/AN/A
RBK-assist (source)Combined version of different anti-vandalism user script. Asks for rollback summary, shows the details of page creator, last editor, add links to anti vandalism noticeboards in toolbar, etc.N/AN/A
RedWarn (source)The user friendly JavaScript anti-vandalism and recent changes revert tool.646316
SRGL (source)Adds a link to request user accounts be globally locked.N/AN/A
Vandal warning toolbox (source)Quick links to standard warning messages in the Toolbox when editing a user talk page.16823
WikiLoop DoubleCheck (source)Adding a convenient link to the counter-vandalism tool WikiLoop DoubleCheck.N/AN/A

Tagging and flaggingEdit

Name Description Users
Total Active
cv-revdel (source)Quickly add {{copyvio-revdel}} to a page.272157
De-Stub.js (source)Remove stub templates from pages.2315
deOrphan.js (source)Remove orphan tags from pages.3117
One Click Deletion Script (source)Allows for nominating articles for deletion more quickly with only two clicks.84
Rater (source)Provides a dialog interface to add, remove, or modify WikiProject banners, including class and importance assessment. Accessible from either the page itself or its talk page.860462
UnassessedArticleLinks (source)Rater extension for assessing articles from WikiProjects' unassessed article categories faster.1612
Stub search (source)Adds a stub search button to tag articles as stubs, supports searching and a hierarchy.9339
Stub tag tab (source)Adds a link accessible in the drop-down menu in Vector and as a tab in Monobook that adds {{stub}} tags per WP:Stub sorting.12926
StubSorter (source)Add or remove stub tags from articles. Provides a simple search field that dynamically fetches stub template names (like in HotCat) when the user types.213133
TagsManager.js (source)Manage the tags in an article (add or remove tags).118

Template insertionEdit

Scripts that assist in editing template transclusions.

Name Description Users
Total Active
Aligner (source)Automatically aligns infobox parameters.1913
Auto CSS image crop (source)Tool to make the {{CSS image crop}} template easier to use.72
CopiedTemplateEditor (source)Graphically edit a talk page's {{copied}} templates.109
CSSImageCrop (source)A utility to visually use Template:CSS image crop.N/AN/A
Family Tree Editor (source)Creates Family Trees with Chart Template.2810
findargdups (source)Finds duplicate template arguments.269132
IllWill.js (source)Searches for foreign-language sitelinks, to populate {{ill}} and replace plain red links.N/AN/A
infoboxJournal (source)Adds/standardizes {{infobox journal}}.N/AN/A
IPAInput (source)Type in IPA symbols by directly looking at an IPA key like Help:IPA/English and clicking on the symbols.N/AN/A
KmlToJson (source)Converts KML files into GeoJSON, for use in mapframe maps.N/AN/A
ParameterSpacing (source)A utility to manage the spacing around the = for parameters of a template.N/AN/A
Template parameters wizard (source)Helps fill parameters of templates.5910
VisualEditor Citation Needed (source)Adds a button (under "Insert") in VisualEditor to insert a citation needed tag.N/AN/A

Template editingEdit

Scripts that assist in editing templates themselves.

Name Description Users
Total Active
addcheckforunknownparameters (source)Adds Module:Check for unknown parameters.N/AN/A
advancedtemplatesandbox (source)Enables TemplateSandbox on all pages, and allows previewing with a template other than the current page being edited (e.g. preview as Template:Foo when actually editing Template:Foo/sandbox).2011
AutoTestcases (source)Autofills "Preview page with this template" with the most relevant /testcases page that exists.N/AN/A
Bracket Match (source)Check matching for template and variable brackets.528
IncrementParameters (source)Utility to easily increment numbered parameters.N/AN/A
Infobox gap (source)Assists in renumbering infobox parameters.3118
SafetyEdit (source)Adds a check box to template-protected pages during editing, which must be clicked before saving is enabled.95
sync-template-sandbox (source)Adds a link to synchronize template sandboxes with their main versions.2010
TemplateData Editor (source)Adds a link in the toolbox for editing <templatedata>...</templatedata> tags in templates.226
TemplatePreviewGuard (source)Warns when you try to use "Preview page with this template" with a page that doesn't transclude the template.N/AN/A
UniversalTransclusionPreviews (source)Preview transclusions from any namespace.92


Name Description Users
Total Active
Cat-A-Lot (source)Extremely powerful category editing tool from Commons. Recently this tool learned how to work with regular articles, not just files. This is a wrapper that set the setting variable to enable non-file categorization, and loads the latest cat-a-lot from Commons.14481
categoriessort (source)Sorts categories in an article alphabetically.1714
CatMan (source)A category manager (similar to HotCat) powered by OOUI.N/AN/A
HotCat edit summary warning (source)Removes no summary entered warning for HotCat.85
HotDefaultSort (source)Adds buttons beside the default sort key to add/modify/remove the default sort key.8768
Sort categories (source)Sorts categories alphabetically, with an article's eponymous category listed first. Based on User:Alex 21/script-categoriessort.js, but does not require any additional scripts to run.1610


Name Description Users
Total Active
CommonsHelper link (source)Adds c:CommonsHelper to the toolbar to make file moves to Wikimedia Commons easier. The file name is automatically prefilled upon clicking the link.93
Image Size (source)Converts image sizes in pixels to upright (scaling) values, as pixel sizes are officially discouraged by WP:IMGSIZE except when absolutely necessary.229
ImageMapEdit (source)Adds a tool on image pages that allows the user to create and organize imagemaps much more easily.161
QuickImgDelete (source)Tools to make image patrolling easier.13422


Name Description Users
Total Active
domainRedirect (source)Helps create redirects from domain names to their subjects, such as nytimes.comThe New York Times. Automatically determines a candidate for the domain and links to a pre-filled redirect form.74
Redirect Creator (source)Allows for the two-click creation of redirects from any search page and allows for the fast creation of multiple redirects.2218
Sagittarius (source)For editing redirects.5115
Capricorn (source)A modified version of Keφr's script with more Rcats.7953


Name Description Users
Total Active
Draft no cat (source)Convert categories to links in drafts.9351
Draft re cat (source)Convert links back to categories in accepted draft submissions.2117
Draft Sorter (source)Allows easy adding of WikiProject banners to drafts, using both manually entered subjects and subjects suggested by mw:ORES.N/AN/A
draft-sort-burst (source)Sort drafts by adding WikiProject tags, has a burst mode to sort drafts quickly one after the other.145
Draftify (source)Allows you to a move a userspace draft to the draft namespace, tag it with a draft template, and notify the user of your action.10940
MoveToDraft (source)Move undersourced articles to draft space, including cleanup and author notification. Useful for New Page Reviewers. page mover rights increase the usefulness of this tool.617324
SummaryBrute (source)Bypasses "no edit summary" reminder when submitting drafts (helps if draft has no references).N/AN/A

Moving and mergingEdit

Name Description Users
Total Active
easy-merge (source)Automates the auxiliary steps associated with merging articles: the script redirects the page to the merge target, adds the merge attribution templates to both the talk pages, and resets WikiProject banner parameters.4026
LuckyRename (source)Streamlines requesting file moves and moving files.1714
pageswap (source)Allows administrators and page movers to swap the histories of two pages, also known as a "history swap", or sometimes or a "round-robin move".16290
pageswap (source)Modified version designed for easier usage in answering requested moves.6537
submitRMTR (source)Adds a button to Special:MovePage to submit the move as a technical request at Wikipedia:Requested moves/Technical requests.87
SubpageMover (source)Adds a button to move a page and its subpages to Special:MovePage.1710
Mass Move (source)Allows batch adding and removing prefixes and suffixes from page names.N/AN/A
MassMover (source)Allows batch renaming of pages using regexesN/AN/A


Name Description Users
Total Active
AFCRHS (source)Tool for reviewing WP:AFC/R requests.3421
ANRFC lister (source)Script to list discussions at WP:ANRFC.1812
Answer Edit Requests tool (source)Adds a page where you can process and answer edit requests.2111
BDC script (BDCS) (source)Birthday Committee script assisting in wishing users a happy birthday, first edit day, or adminship anniversary.3614
closedrv (source)Script to close nominations at WP:Deletion review (from the edit box).7721
closemrv (source)Script to close nominations at WP:Move review (from the edit box).228
closeRM (source)Script to close nominations at WP:Requested moves (from the edit box).4418
COI Request Tool (source)Adds responses to COI requests, with template responses. Will format correctly if using 2020 vector skin (fixed width).3323
communicator.js (source)Allows a person to give feedback to the creator of a page using lesser number of clicks than that which would have been needed to do it manually.N/AN/A
Convenient Discussions (source)Enhances user experience with the existing MediaWiki discussion system.1210
delsort (source)Performs deletion sorting.272142
Discussion Closer (source)Closing discussions easily.179106
DYK claim (source)Tool for "claiming" Did You Know reviews more easily.117
DYK-helper (source)Tool for easily creating new DYK nominations.286182
easy-brfa (source)Tool for filing new requests for bot approval.6833
Edit Request Tool (source)Adds responses to all edit requests levels, with template responses. Allows changing of request protection level and edit request target pages. Will format correctly if using 2020 vector skin (fixed width).3221
editProtectedHelper (source)Quickly respond to edit requests with a form added to the bottom of request banners.437186
FFUHelper (source)Helper script that is designed to work with Wikipedia:Files for upload.137
GAN-helper (source)Tool for easily creating new GAN nominations.2420
GAR-helper (source)Tool for easily creating new GAR nominations.N/AN/A
Notifier (source)Notifies other talk pages of a discussion on the current page.2712
OneClickArchiver (source)Archives sections in one click, unmaintained.19759
OneClickArchiver (source)Newer version, but now unmaintained.633277
OneClickArchiver (source)Fork of the above, active maintainer.10064
Archy McArchface (source)Similar script allowing archivation of multiple sections at once, active maintainer.22884
orcp-helper (source)Tool to give ratings at WP:ORCP.178
PageMoverClosure (source)Closes RM discussion, includes (page mover nac) in the closure.3618
req-helper (source)Tool for Wikipedia:Requested articles.1710
rmCloser (source)Helps with closing and relisting requested moves.3122
SetupAutoArchive (source)Adds an option to the More drop-down that enables automated archival for talk pages.5019
Signing (source)Automatically underwrites your posts (and some more gimmicks).N/AN/A
sMirC Emoticons (source)Adds an emoticons bar to the WikiEditor.N/AN/A
Source Assess Table Generator (source)Assists users in generating a source assess table. Useful for AfD regulars.8448
Talkback (source)Adds a link for creating talkback notices remotely, and a contributions link.N/AN/A
Unsigned helper (source)Adds {{unsigned}} to the Edit tools box to assist in signing unsigned comments.12672
XFD Voting tool (source)Makes it easier to vote to keep/delete/comment on XfDs.10763


Name Description Users
Total Active
Edit counter (source)Adds a link to the toolbox to calculate your edits by namespace and write them to a table in your userspace.N/AN/A
editcounter (source)Completely overhauled version.337
editcounter (source)Same as above script but no annoying alerts when not on userpages.112
Page Collector (source)Buttons to add a link to the current page to predefined "todo" list.236
Status Changer 2 (source)Allows a user to quickly change their displayed online status in a couple of clicks.948
Status updater (source)Click on a status from a list visible to you or everyone to change your status.112
StatusChange (RhinosF1) (source)Modified version of Enterprisey's script designed to work with this template.N/AN/A
StatusChanger (source)Compatible with the {{UserStatus}} template; allows user to change their displayed status in one click.62
StatusChanger (source)Adds all the available status updates!N/AN/A
StatusChanger (Vukky) (source)Modified version of Enterprisey's script to add a UI. Requires Twinkle to be enabled.N/AN/A
ToDoLister (source)Links to view or add a page to a personal todo list, and links on that todo list to easily remove items (no need to open the edit window). There are also various options you can set to customise your experience.7429


Name Description Users
Total Active
AutoPurge (source)Similar to standard null edit/purge buttons, this script automatically purges certain cache problem pages listed in a user-defined window.AutoPurgePages variable array.N/AN/A
masspurge (source)Allows you to purge multiple pages at once by listing them at Special:MassPurge.137
NullEdit (source)Adds a link to perform a null edit on the current page.77
Purger (source)Purge (with options) or null edit pages.N/AN/A
refresh (source)Makes null edits on all pages in a category, all pages transcluding a template, or all pages linking to a target page.N/AN/A

Edit filtersEdit

Name Description Users
Total Active
Batch Test Plus (source)Adds an option to Special:AbuseFilter/test allowing testing of a pattern against past filter hits.N/AN/A
EFFP-Helper (source)Helps respond to Wikipedia:Edit filter/False positives reports.3312
Filter Highlighter (source)Adds highlighting and tooltips to links to edit filters.168
filterDiff (source)Adds a "Show changes" button to Special:AbuseFilter pages.74
filterNotes (source)Makes the "notes" sections of Special:AbuseFilter pages easier to deal with.116
filterTest (source)Adds a button to AbuseFilter pages to test the modified pattern.63

For adminsEdit

Name Description Users
Total Active
CSDH (CSD Helper) (source)Allows to easily handle speedy deletion requests, both deleting and declining, with multiple customizing options.24888
cuStaleness (source)Staleness checker for sockpuppet investigations.5439
deleted-metadata-link (source)Adds link to deletedrevisions API output on deleted pages.1611
EasyBlock (source)Adds a "block" tab to user pages, contribs pages, and diff pages. Comes with built-in block rationales and expiry times, as well as a "custom block" option.17870
EasyBlock Modern (source)Same as the above, but tweaked to work properly with the Modern skin.N/AN/A
link-deleted-revs (source)On the error page for deleted revs, links to Special:Undelete so you can view them.4436
massdelete (source)Allows you to delete multiple pages at once by listing them at Special:MassDelete.4114
massprotect (source)Allows you to protect multiple pages at once by listing them at Special:Massprotect.N/AN/A
quickViewDeleted (source)Shows the last revision of a deleted page.119
responseHelper (source)Adds links to your sidebar to quickly insert administrator notation templates at WP:RFPP, WP:AIV, WP:ANEW, WP:UAA and WP:PERM, and supply an informative edit summary.245130
RFUD-helper (source)Easily process requests at WP:RFUD: automates the undeletion and performs other auxiliary actions.1610
spamublock (source)Expedites the all too common {{uw-spamublock}} and WP:G11 user page scenario157
SpamUserPage (source)Deletes a user page, blocks the user, and issues them with a block notice.4421
spihelper (source)Helper script for Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations.6949
undelete-backlink (source)On the Special:Undelete pages for diffs and revisions, show a link back to the main Undelete page with the list of revisions.N/AN/A
userRightsManager (source)Helper script for closing Wikipedia:Requests for permissions.8252

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