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Hair Peace SalonEdit

Hello, Iryna Harpy! First of all, a happy New Year and Merry Christmas! (◕‿◕✿)

During the recent month a discussion was taken place in order to delete the Hair Peace Salon article ( Users who took prosecutor roles do not understand neither Russian, not Belarusian, but are striving to make serious takeaways, so if I did’t come with a few admins mainly operating in the Belarusian Wikipedia that kindly chimed in, it would be predominantly deleted.

Unfortunately, these members are not stopping ( doomsdayer520 ( and Bbarmadillo ( are destroying what has been built, removing links on references supporting the subject's notability, the alleged lack of which was being initially handled as a deletion trigger (and large chunks of text with them) by eye in a row, including sites like, appearances on TV shows featured the band on YouTube (so where else videos have to be shown in public?), sources from the record label West Records ( itself,, European Radio for Belarus, (Тузін_Гітоў) (despite this was actually highlighted to them in the deletion discussion that it is a worthy source), the music portal of On top of that, some of the deleted links were used in the text several times to bolster up all of written takes with reliable sources. Given a look on the profiles of the involved participants, it is clear that both are living in the English Wikipedia space and cannot rightfully evaluate Russian and Belarusian sources.

Please give me an advise what to do, cause you have experienced something like that, I believe. I think that to fight with “foreigners” rejecting changes 24/7 in the “real-time” is uselessness. User W from the Belarusian Wikipedia in Taraškievica has advised me to make articles in Belarusian first to be chosen as good articles over there, get a honorary “mark” (★), then to have them at hand to reference as good text examples to. But to make changes into a single article on 3–4 languages (English, official Belarusian, Taraškievica, Russian) at the same time is very difficult, especially when something is being changed on the one side somewhere, handling with keeping all the pages content synchronized, being faced with a task to recover and re-translate edits, and more… So I felt that on Gentleman. So, for example, before making an English Palina article, I became sure, that its Belarusian is pretty dope. It is much easier to just translate an already done and stable article)

Trying to involve into defense even more local wikipedians are a hard one, cause the Belarusian Wikipedia is relatively small compared to the English Wikipedia, the number of its active editors is limited, and the number of members that are good enough to argue in English with its native “juggernauts” from our community here is extremely limited– (〃A〃)ゞ

Thank you for reading this. Have a nice day! ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

P.S. I just kindly want to dive you into context that all articles in the field of rock music in Belarus have to fight for. As we may witnessed, 90% of them are stubs, lacking sources or so. Even the most good written one about Krambambula lacks references on takes, especially for sentences about early years of the band. Internet access was a luxury in Belarus (unlike more richer countries) until the start of the 2010s, so to support text topics about activities in the 90s and the early 2000s is a tough one( At its time we had the music newspaper Muzykalnaya Gazeta (closed in 2007). Since the second part of the 2000s, we were lucky to visit newly opened music portals like Памяркоўны Гук ( (closed in 2013), ( (closed in 2010), (closed in 2009), (became “frozen” in 2013), ( (became “frozen” in 2017),, (both are “frozen” since 2017), etc. often. All of them were facing hosting bills, weak ad revenue, and more problems that caused all that general oblivion. Some works of their contributors have been archived by the Wayback Machine, some din't– Nowadays, just aforementioned (this one mainly covers the music being sung in the Belarusian language) and (this one is like a tabloid “everything about everything” and only a part of it involves into covering the local music scene) operate in the music field here. It's unfair to be punished just for the fact that a primary country is not wealthy(

Pr12402 | January 6, 2018

Could you try to write this piece again, User:Pr12402, but then in a polite and matter-of-fact way? So without the attacks and accusations? The Banner talk 22:43, 6 January 2019 (UTC)
Dear The Banner, thank you for visiting here! My bad for letting you feel attacked( There are not many editors from the Belarusian Wikipedia who can step up and speak up in fluent English to participate in various discussions across the English Wikipedia which already has many co-workers. Otherwise, their number could let me bring up more opinions from who is native in Belarusian and Russian. Recent Hair Peace Salon cuts were made by a single person, highlighted “not trusted sources” like band’s website, label’s pieces, TV appearances on the CTV channel,, and more as minor edits are not worth a discussion upon them on page’s talk page to gain consensus while the sources of such kind are actively used in the similar Nickelback, Motörhead (Roadrunner Records and bands' websites) articles, for example. Given that into consideration, the official website reference and the text piece it bolsters up shall be deleted from the page Noel Hill you were contributed to making its subject even less notable. It’s frustrating to read long stories. That’s long story short. More can be seen just compared page revisions to dive into the matter of a fact way by yourself. Have a nice day! Pr12402 | January 7, 2018
Common policy is indeed Wikipedia:Reliable sources and that is asking for independent (not in any way related to the subject), reliable (no social media like YouTube and Facebook etc., no other Wikipedia-pages), prior published sources. But every language is permitted.
Given what you stated above, that editor is right to shoot down the own website as a source as it is clearly not an independent source. Sources provided by their label are more tricky. For basic info it is okay but you should be aware that labels list bands for reasons of marketing. I hope this info helps for the improvement of the article. The Banner talk 09:43, 7 January 2019 (UTC)
Ow, and that you know go after the article Noel Hill (where I only added an infobox) is a bit childish. You better start improving your own article. The Banner talk 12:18, 7 January 2019 (UTC)

The Signpost: 31 March 2019Edit

You are missedEdit

I am surely not the only one who hopes for your return to generous employment of your intellectual and moral powers. Jim.henderson (talk) 21:53, 3 April 2019 (UTC)

Thank you so much, Jim.henderson! I've had (and, well, technically still have) Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, but if survival rates were contingent on a positive attitude, a sense of humour about personal mortality, and having been extremely fit (and keeping my fitness levels up), I've kicked the cancer out the door and it's history. I have to say that it's uplifting to receive messages of this ilk from impartial, talented long-standing editors I have great respect for (i.e.; such as yourself, my friend). I'm still keeping my eye on articles, and am about a week past hitting the nadir after radiotherapy to the lymph glands in my neck and under my left armpit. At the end of last year, I went through an autologous stem cell transplant (more information about the process can be found here and here). Chemotherapy can leave one addled for some time, so I'm building up my mental fortitude in order that I can feel confident that my analytical skills and ability to be as NPOV as possible are in reliable working order before I do more than stick to rolling back obvious vandalism and other non-Wikipedian behaviour... but I'll be back in full swing soon enough! Again, my thanks for thinking about me. I hope that all is going well in your life, and that both your own health and that of those you love is top notch. First world or third world, there is nothing more important than health. Cheers for now! --Iryna Harpy (talk) 16:18, 7 April 2019 (UTC)
Sorry to hear this. I wish you to get better soon.--Ymblanter (talk) 08:13, 8 April 2019 (UTC)
Spasibo, Ymblanter. I'm so glad to see you're still around Wikipedia. I know you've been disenchanted, annoyed - well, just plain frustrated - after so many years of good work here and have thought of retiring. It would be a big loss Wikipedia in general, and controversial 'not quite the news' articles (Eastern European & Middle Eastern ones in particular) in particular if you weren't around to deal with the usual POV-ers, nationalists, and 'right great wrongs' crowd. I've been doing a lot more lurking over the last few days, so I fully anticipate getting back on track within a few months. --Iryna Harpy (talk) 13:20, 8 April 2019 (UTC)
I wish you a speedy recovery, Iryna. I see that your wit is as sharp as ever. RGloucester 13:31, 8 April 2019 (UTC)
I too had been wondering why I had not seen any of your sensible contributions on contentious issues. Best wishes for a total recovery. LynwoodF (talk) 13:43, 8 April 2019 (UTC)
Thank you both, RGloucester and LynwoodF. Given that, only a moment ago, a shadow cast by my hand across the bathroom basin had me convinced I was looking at a scuttling cockroach, until I stuck my face up close to the little blighter and realised what it actually was, I don't believe I'm in a position to comment on the subject of the extent of my wit; nevertheless, I would love to believe that I have my wits about me. It's not Plato but... meh, who am I kidding? Not even close, but does Adam Sandler actually believe himself to be a comic genius?
As to my own philosophy regarding life, I've ensured (as best I could) that I've had a fantastic journey, done completely irresponsible, wonderful 'stuff' spontaneously, and have tried to do what I could to help others. I'm not writing my own epitaph, but whatever the outcome, I've ensured that I had a diverse, slightly mad and slightly productive ride. It's certainly not over yet because I intend to go down swinging... even if it is at cockroaches. Love to you both. --Iryna Harpy (talk) 16:42, 8 April 2019 (UTC)

Try some seaweed for your glandular health. (talk) 06:51, 30 April 2019 (UTC)

The Signpost: 30 April 2019Edit

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