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Cao Yu || Johann Gottlob Leidenfrost || Tongoy, Chile || Trabancos River
Foley Square || Glossary of pool and billiards terms || Adler Mannheim
Adrienne Shelly || Vampire's Kiss || John Longenecker
Symbol support vote.svgGeorge Balabushka || Anguish (1987 film) || Symbol support vote.svgJean Balukas
Víctor Domingo Silva || Cordillera de Talinay
Codex Chimalpopoca || François Mingaud
Guanaqueros || Eastern Reef Egret
Straight Pool || Billiards
Printer's devil
Antonio Solalinde
Gregorio López (jurist)
Efren Reyes || Alphonso de Spina
Peñalara || Francisco Martínez Marina
Rack (billiards) || Macroscincus || Siete Partidas
Wikipedia:Wikiproject Horror/Collaboration of the month
Lope de Barrientos || Blue check.pngWikipedia:Notability (books)
Agathis australis || Sierra de Guadarrama
Goodfellow's Tree-kangaroo
The Holy || Portuguese oak
Werder (Havel)
Updated DYK query.pngAlba Bible
Symbol support vote.svgUpdated DYK query.pngIrving Crane
Updated DYK query.pngHonolulu (billiards)
Updated DYK query.pngBalkline and straight rail
Symbol support vote.svgUpdated DYK query.pngCarom billiards || Updated DYK query.pngCowboy pool
Updated DYK query.pngCushion caroms || Updated DYK query.pngArtistic billiards
The Abortion: An Historical Romance 1966
Symbol support vote.svgUpdated DYK query.pngKelly pool || Updated DYK query.pngBaseball pocket billiards || Symbol support vote.svgUpdated DYK query.pngBottle pool
Seven-ball || 52 Pick-Up || Updated DYK query.pngJimmy Wetch
Updated DYK query.pngCribbage || Symbol support vote.svgUpdated DYK query.pngCowboy Jimmy Moore
Symbol support vote.svgUpdated DYK query.pngExploding cigar || Updated DYK query.pngDina Cocea
Updated DYK query.pngDraggin' the Line
Symbol support vote.svgUpdated DYK query.pngYank Adams
Cscr-featured.svgMasako Katsura
Cyrille Dion || Herb Hardt
Kisses || Tony Ellin || Wayman C. McCreery
Cscr-featured.svgHadji Ali || Updated DYK query.pngAdolph Friedländer||Updated DYK query.pngChicken eyeglasses
Updated DYK query.pngGauss' Pythagorean right triangle proposal
Updated DYK query.pngDynasphere || Meanderings of Memory
Updated DYK query.pngCscr-featured.svgPrzevalski's nuthatch
Symbol support vote.svgUpdated DYK query.pngBeautiful nuthatch
Updated DYK query.pngBlue nuthatch
Updated DYK query.pngMagnes the shepherd
World Federation of Rose Societies
L'Assiette au Beurre || Wikipedia:How to create a page
Wikipedia:Scanning an image does not make it your "own work"
Help:Fixing failed pings || Updated DYK query.pngCscr-featured.svgGlossary of bird terms
Wikipedia:Common sourcing mistakes (notability)
Wikipedia:Free English newspaper sources
Help:Maintenance template removal
Help:WP search protocol
Jalgaon housing scam


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Film directors
{{John Carpenter}} ∞ {{James Cameron}}
{{Frank Capra}} ∞ {{Peter Bogdanovich}}
{{Michael Cimino‎}} ∞ {{John Cassavetes}}
{{Brian De Palma}} ∞ {{Jonathan Demme}}
{{Abel Ferrara}} ∞ {{John Frankenheimer}}
{{Howard Hawks}} ∞ {{Tobe Hooper}}
{{Ron Howard}} ∞ {{John Hughes}}
{{Barry Levinson}} ∞ {{Elia Kazan}}
{{Sidney Lumet}} ∞ {{Mike Nichols}}
{{John Landis}} ∞ {{Alan J. Pakula}}
{{Sydney Pollack}} ∞ {{Don Siegel}}
{{John Sayles}} ∞ {{Barry Sonnenfeld}}
{{John Waters}} ∞ {{Stanley Kramer}}
{{Arthur Penn}} ∞ {{Lina Wertmüller}}
{{John Huston}} ∞ {{Otto Preminger}}
{{Joseph L. Mankiewicz}} ∞ {{Billy Wilder}}
{{Luis Buñuel}} ∞ {{George Stevens}}
{{Clarence Brown}} ∞ {{King Vidor}}
{{Arthur Hiller}} ∞ {{George Cukor}}
{{László Benedek}} ∞ {{Fred Zinnemann}}
{{George Pal}}

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