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About me

Hi, I'm Chamal. I joined Wikipedia in April 2008, and became an administrator in August 2009. I had to take a long break from wikipedia due to studies in early 2010, resumed editing in April 2011 and went off again after a few months. After about a year, I'm back and am hoping to contribute more regularly again.

Things have changed a bit since I was last here so if you're looking for assistance with anything here in Wikipedia, I might not be the best person to ask, although I'm always ready to help. I try to avoid drama and maintain neutrality in my editing and discussions, but if you spot a problem with my contributions, please don't hesitate to point it out to me.

I sometimes use a shared IP to edit from work, but I will always be logged on to my account and will never edit anonymously. I'm not aware of anybody else editing through the same IP, but I'm declaring this just in case. I also use an alternate account – Chamal N (alternate) (talk · contribs) – with no special permissions for editing from public computers etc.

Active areas
You might see me regularly at the Did You Know project, the help desk and the Teahouse. Occasionally I spend some time reverting vandalism or copy editing, but now that I just got back from a long break I'm trying to focus more on article writing. Most of the articles I work on are related to the Military history and cricket wikiprojects. I used to work on articles related to Wikiproject Sri Lanka, but I rarely edit them now since I don't have much spare time for the research needed for them.

Chamal N is not an administrator or an account creator.
Therefore they have been disallowed the use of adminstats.